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    September 30th, 2006HARTHART

    Our LYRICS Database is now “live”


    Welcome .. We have a database of 166,899 song lyrics — growing daily. Our database of lyrics consists of several popular genres and ages of music, including several that are also a little less popular or less well known. To start browsing our database, you can enter your search keywords above, or select a letter ….

    I have almost 3700 mp3 files in my own personal library on my computer .. and I often want to just play my music library in a random and shuffle-play style. Although I might sing to every one of these songs .. I know that sometimes I just don’t get it and worry what would happen if I were to sing it aloud in public ….. would I be ridiculed? would I be a laughing stock?

    That’s why I like searching for lyrics on the internet .. so I can save face! And – now that I have a music related site (The-Singers.com) .. I also wanted my own lyrics database in this network!

    So – do you need to find some music lyrics? Check out The-Singers.com/lyrics/ … 😀

    Yes – I know the template sucks .. but I will get around to integrating it into the site over the next few months …

    I would be honoured to learn how it works for you … and where I need improvements to be made. You can leave a comment either in this post or on The-Singers.com entry linked in the preceding paragraph. Thanks.

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    September 29th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    UPDATE #2: October 1, 2006 >> I apparently missed these sites – and they are down right now:

    1) http://CatLvr.com >> There is no database
    2) http://FishLvr.com >> Site destroyed
    3) http://DogLvr.com >> Site Destroyed
    4) http://HorseLvr.com >> Site Destroyed

    I will try to get these up and double check all my sites before the weekend is over. // Sorry for inconvenience

    Update: October 1, 2006 5:00PM CST
    >> All sites are now working and restored. There was a database with CatLvr, however on one of the restoration files was damaged – and it was a plugin called Adhesive file that made it look like everything was missing. File was deleted and everything came back. The other 3 sites had to be restored from the backups and are now working O.K.

    UPDATE: September 30, 2006 >> All sites have now been recovered or restored .. // HART


    There’s been some issues with my entire reseller account .. Here’s the latest ticket I just received ..


    This is our full report of the mishap that occurred last night.

    Yesterday evening (09/28/06) the server your website is hosted on suddenly went offline. Usually such an issue is quite easily resolved and causes only a minor inconvenience of a few minutes downtime and nothing more. Unfortunately, this particular case resulted in a partial drive crash. Due to the failures and data inconsistencies on the drive, a ‘fsck’ was required (FileSystem Check).

    After ‘fsck’ had completed on the drives it was apparent that virtually all data on the /home and /backup partitions of the server were at least corrupted to some extent from the crash. We had continued working on the issue and reviewed what data was available to us. Fortunately, we were able to restore the majority of the accounts on the server to at least some capacity. Many accounts were fully restored, others were missing only a few files which had been corrupted, and unfortunaetly others were completely lost in the drive crash. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this undoubtedly will be presenting to you.

    At this time our backups located on our /backup partition (Which was also affected) do not seem to be in a usable state due to the corruption. We have already investigated the drives to the fullest extent and recovered all usable data possible.

    Unfortunately if your site is still empty or is still missing some files then these files were not recoverable and were lost in the crash.

    Please note that the only site content affected was /home data — MySQL databases are fully intact and unaffected. If you have any databases on the server that need to be reattached to a script install, please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

    Again, please accept our apologies. At this time you can reupload any site content that you may have backed up. If you have any backups on your local computer that you would like assistance in restoring to your account, or simply have any other inquiries or issues, please let us know.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

    – Brian O.
    Assistant Technical Manager

    Well. There are at least 5 major sites destroyed and lost ..

    * Battling-Addiction.com
    * Battling-MS.com
    * 62-151.com
    * Medieval-Site.com
    * www.planetearthresearchfoundation.com/

    Plus at least this phpBB forum and all it’s content

    * Battling-Forums.com

    Honestly .. while there may be hope in the knowledge that the mysql database might be intact .. I don’t know if I have the latest files and template structures xcopied to my hard drive. Especially on the last three sites that most of my time this past week has been working on ..

    What a bummer. Ouch to me.


    September 29, 2006 – noon – CST
    http://Battling-Addiction.com >> recovered

    September 29, 2006 – 11:59pm – CST
    http://Battling-MS.com >> recovered

    * NOTE: THere are some irregularities and some error messages with both the “Battling-Series” sites that I’ve restored .. although, I believe it might have something to do with my Ultimate Warrior Tag and 2 more plugins .. I will first try to recover the others before fine-tuning these little messages .. // Sorry for inconveniences.

    September 30, 2006 – 2:00am CST
    http://62-151.com >> Recovered
    http://62-151.com/links/ >> Restored

    September 30, 2006 – 2:30am CST
    http://Battling-Forums.com >> Recovered

    September 30, 2006 – 3:00am CST
    http://PlanetEarthResearchFoundation.com >> Recovered

    September 30, 2006 – 3:15am CST
    http://Medieval-Site.com >> Recovered

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    September 29th, 2006HARTHART

    Ugh! I need help and need an “angel”

    I have a lyrics database, but no script. I do not know PHP and can’t seem to find a script. The tables from the .sql database are:

    — Table structure for table ‘admin’

    CREATE TABLE admin (
    id int(3) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    user varchar(30) NOT NULL default ”,
    pass varchar(40) NOT NULL default ”,
    PRIMARY KEY (id),
    UNIQUE KEY user (user)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    — Table structure for table ‘corrections’

    CREATE TABLE corrections (
    id int(5) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
    title varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    artist varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    album varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    lyrics text NOT NULL,
    comment text NOT NULL
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    CREATE TABLE lyrics (
    id int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    title varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    artist varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    album varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    lyrics text NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (id)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    An entry might look like ..

    INSERT INTO lyrics VALUES (271,'A Day In The Life','Beatles','N/A','I read the news today oh boy
    About a lucky man who made the grade
    And though the news was rather sad
    Well I just had to laugh
    I saw the photograph.

    He blew his mind out in a car
    He didn\'t notice that the lights had changed
    A crowd of people stood and stared
    They\'d seen his face before
    Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords.

    I saw a film today oh boy
    The English Army had just won the war
    A crowd of people turned away
    But I just had a look
    Having read a book I\'d like to turn you on...

    Woke up, fell out of bed,
    Dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs and drank a cup,
    And looking up I noticed I was late.

    Found my coat and grabbed my hat
    Made the bus in seconds flat
    Found my way upstairs and had a smoke,
    Somebody spoke and I went into a dream

    I read the news today oh boy
    Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    And though the holes were rather small
    They had to count them all
    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
    I\'d love to turn you on.

    ©1967 Lennon & McCartney

    That was entry 271 .. my database goes up to 167,121 entries..

    I was hoping to implement or embed a search capability (or something) on every post at The-Singers.com .. based on the category – to pull out links of all references to a category (which I use as the artist name) ..

    I have no idea if that’s possible .. or where to find a script .. or a person who can write a script or code…. Ideas? comments? Suggestions? All welcome


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    September 28th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Plugins That I Use

    Holy Smokes! I’m using all of these plugins .. although, not all of them are being used on any single blog … but for every plugin listed below – I really do have it “activated” somewhere on a blog in this network. For the later series of blogs .. (the “Battling-Series”, the “LVR-Series”, etc) … I started to create a separate folder on my hard drive called “Common Plugins” that I just copy over each time I create a new blog. For the earlier and other random blogs in the network, I also have many plugins that are deactivated .. either I decided that I did not want it, or it didn’t work properly once I upgraded the wordpress version.

    Maybe you will see something you never heard of before, and want to check it out – it’s up to you … I’m not going to give you the schpiel .. “Top blah blah plugins Ever Needed” or crap like that. You can try activating something, and if you don’t like it – deactivate it and delete it from your plugins directory (so you won’t be tempted to re-activate it in the future). But, I have placed an asterix after the ones I will add to any newly created blogs. It would have to depend on what the new blog needs .. before I add any more plugins now. Also, I’ve noticed that some of the newer templates are starting to embed certain plugins directly into the template or the higher versions of WordPress .. (like recent comments, recent posts, etc)

    * Adhesive *
    * Ad Rotator
    * Adsense-Deluxe
    * Akismet
    * Audio Player *
    * Auto-Hyperlink URLs *
    * Boakes Most Wanted
    * Bunny’s Technorati Tags
    * Chitika’s Eminimall Plugin
    * Clean Archives Reloaded *
    * Code Auto Escape
    * del.icio.us – Bookmark this!
    * Democracy
    * Digg This
    * Do Follow
    * Drop Down Categories
    * Evermore *
    * Exec-PHP *
    * Extract Terms *
    * Feedburner Feed Replacement *
    * Frame Buster
    * Fuzzy Recent Comments
    * Get Recent Comments
    * KG Archives
    * Live Comment Preview *
    * Next to Last
    * Random Excerpt
    * Recent Comments
    * Related Entries *
    * Related Entries for Feeds *
    * Related Posts *
    * Related Searches *
    * Related Tags *
    * RumWall
    * Search History
    * Sociable
    * Spam Karma 2 *
    * SRG Clean Archives *
    * StatTraq
    * Submit It Plugin
    * Subscribe2
    * Subscribe to Comments
    * Terms2Posts *
    * Terms2Search *
    * Terms2Tags *
    * Text Link Ads v2.0
    * Textile1
    * Time Capsule
    * Translator
    * Ultimate Tag Warrior (legacy) *
    * Ultimate Tag Warrior: Tag Archive *
    * Ultimate Tag Warrior *
    * Useronline
    * VideoPop
    * Votio
    * WordPress Database Backup *
    * WordPress Mobile Edition
    * WP-Admin Bar 2 *
    * WP-Amazon *
    * Wp-Cache
    * WP-Contact Form *
    * WP-Cron *
    * WP-Cron Mail *
    * WP-ShortStat
    * Zap NewWindow

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    September 27th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Looking for a free wordpress template?

    Whenever I create a new blog, I try to look for a “FREE” wordpress template that will look good with some of the content that I hope to display. There are several places to find new templates .. so I thought I would just link the ones that I use.

    * http://www.alexking.org/software/wordpress/theme_browser.php

    >> I used to start with Alex King’s browser, because it was the simplest way to get view the template and get the download. But, I am not sure it is being updated

    * http://www.emilyrobbins.com/how-to-blog/comprehensive-list-of-615-free-wordpress-15-and-20-themes-templates-available-for-download-266.htm

    >> Emily Robbins was my original source of free wordpress themes, by taking Alex Kings 200+ themes back in 2005 and maintained a new list .. almost 1000 themes. Unfortunately, her decision to sort it alphabetically makes it much harder to see what’s new and improved out there (although there are some icons to indicate). I know some of the newer themes for the newer versions of wordpress works best with the latest programs and not quite so well on the older versions.

    * http://themes.wordpress.net/

    >> This site seems to have the most organized list of templates out there, where you can visually scan the list quite easily and by seeing a small thumbnail of the design. It helps makes it easier when looking for something specific

    * http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes/Theme_List

    >> I like to browse the WordPress.org site as well for new themes – except that I hate the fact that it is NOT Internet Explorer v7 friendly, and always seems to screw up the view while browsing it. But, I just load it up in my Firefox or alternative browser

    * http://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/category/wordpress-themes/

    >> I like to check out Blogging Pro for listings of newer templates .. just in case! I found a really nice one through this site just recently

    Free Templates and Giving Credit To The Author

    Naturally, you should leave the credit due to the author. It’s one of the best ways to keep templates being offered free on the internet. The author takes time to design, write and code a template .. and does so to help get the referral link back to him or her. I normally add a ‘cutesie’ little add-on to the credits in the footer .. and link back to my 1-800-HART site or another site of mine … but I know I am guilty somewhat. The Spam Karma plugin has been embedding some code into my footers that sometimes overwrites or displaces what I originally place in my footers. I have to fix still fix a few sites.

    But – I came across something different yesterday – the way a designer embedded its link back to its site. It was through a call in the functions.php file .. and encoded .. so if you mess up the code, the template

    The source looked like this:

    The code below contains the link attribution and altering it will result in theme breakage.

    Of course, at the bottom of the page .. it looks like this:

    Deep Blue Business theme courtesy of College Financial Aid

    (with links to the wordpressdiva site and the collegefinancialaidguide sites)

    Is this what the world is coming to? That designers have to embed these secret codes? I think that some designers are losing sight of offering free templates out to the world of wordpress users. I’m not much a stickler of sites that embed secret codes to keep the referral links back to the author – or the template will fail – although I’ve picked the above site for one of my newer sites. And I would have kept the link anyway … I think when designers try to embed stuff like links back to their sites .. it will create more opportunities for designers to embed other stuff in their template designs .. and worse yet – create competition by users to remove the embedded links and make sure the templates do not crash as a result.

    But – that’s not the worse thing that designers offering templates out the the wordpress user communities are doing, they are assigning some creative commons license .. That’s bad in my humble opinion.

    You can bet that I will not be using templates with these extra conditions attached to it .. Sorry. Thanks but no thanks. There’s not one blog template that I am using that I haven’t modified with extra unique design adjustments or additions to make the free template just a little unique in some little way.

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    September 18th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    I just updated our network code a few minutes ago, to add the new blogs that have joined the HART-Empire Network and to delete one blog. To alleviate network member tensions, I have removed the old colorful orange RSS graphic and link to the feeds of all our sites because the code just didn’t work on all blogger templates. Now they all do.

    As an immediate benefit, starting tomorrow you should be able to see the combined net results of our network traffic et al .. by clicking on the Sitemeter graphic on any sidebar throughout our network. 17 of these existing blogs did NOT have the code, and every site should have the updated code by morning. As such, I’m curious to see how the Sitemeter shows our traffic by uniques and page views. My own personal statistics (and Ruth’s) obtained by our servers also includes our non-blog sites .. it would be interesting to get a clearer picture of our blog traffic – without the effort we go to figure this out.

    By the way .. we’re not a Web Magazine .. and we’re not a Blog Network – we’re just a “Network of Blogs”!

    I also thought I would clarify our “Join-Network” policy … new members don’t REALLY have to co-contribute to my PetLvr.com/blog/ .. unless you really want to 🙂 PS: .. if you have any partnership ideas that may be of interest or curiousity, don’t forget that it never hurts to ask *cough, nudge, say no more*


    HART-EMPIRE NETWORK – We know .. some need to be a little more current …

    01) 1 – 8 0 0 – H A R T
    02) 1-800-HART’s Picks
    03) 62-151 Media Group
    04) Amish Furniture
    05) And You Retire
    06) Battling Addiction
    07) Battling Cancer
    08) Battling Depression
    09) Battling Heart and Stroke
    10) Battling M.S.
    11) Battling Obesity
    12) Battling Schizophrenia
    13) Battling Stress
    14) BBQ Expert
    15) BirdLvr.com
    16) Break Free – Health & Fitness
    17) Build A Profitable Business
    18) call HART crazy
    19) CatLvr.com
    20) Corydon Clock Repair
    21) Country Club Golf – Golf
    22) Curling Blog
    23) Curling Blog’s Team Gushue
    24) Curling Blog’s Team Kleibrink
    25) DogLvr.com
    26) FishLvr.com
    27) For Love Of Our Pets
    28) HART-Empire.com
    29) HART-oscope.com
    30) HARTandYVONNE.com – Blog
    31) HorseLvr.com
    32) Makeup Beautiful Colors
    33) Mentors In Motion
    34) Natural Vision Improvement
    35) New Moon Scribbles
    36) PapillonLvr.com – Blog
    37) PetLvr.com – [The Blog]
    38) Planet Earth Peace Party
    39) Planet Earth Research Foundation
    40) Retire Debt Free
    41) Ruth’s Blog Board
    42) Sedu Hot Look, Cool Styles
    43) Stop Cyber Terrorism
    44) Stuff About My Dogs
    45) Tell Us The Whole Story
    46) Thanksgiving – Autumn Leaves
    47) The Health Cafe: Let’s Get Fit
    48)The Singers
    49) Wonders of Nature

    (you can look at the sidebar for topical sortment)

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    September 18th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Are You Using the Democracy Plugin?

    If you understand the title .. you must have a WordPress blog, and have probably tried the Democracy plugin by Jalenack. Now .. I can’t really show you this in action here, at HART-Empire.com, because – well – I have not activated this plugin – plus, this wordpress blog is only 1.5.2 version. (I should upgrade soon I guess).


    * That you can have multiple polls running on your blog?
    * I didn’t – that is – until last week.

    I knew you can have at least one poll going on in your sidebar .. see 1800HART.com/blog/ – because I am asking businesses what accounting software they are using. I’m also using it at PetLvr.com/blog .. asking what type of animal lover people are …

    * But – Now go and look at my third site using the plugin – 62-151.com/polls/

    I just created 3 crappy polls .. feel free to answer them all 🙂 There may be more in the future, if I can think of something nice worth polling readers about.

    And how did I do that?

    * You should be on the latest wordpress version 2.0+
    * You need the latest Democracy plugin version (see above link)
    * You need the Exec-PHP plugin to allow PHP code directly inside your wordpress blog.
    * Create pages – In my 62-151.com template, the pages shows up in the header automatically, so I created subpages to keep them separate. Ideally, I think that is the best way to go i.m.o. .. although I suppose you can place all your polls on one page, or embed them on certain daily postings, etc etc.

    As you know – in your template .. the code would end up something like this in your sidebar … (NOTE: replace [ with the lessor than < sign)

    That selects the ACTIVE poll that you create.

    But – for each of my sub-pages having polls, I don’t care which one is active because I am not selecting it .. my code would be:

    – for my poll #1

    – for my poll #2

    – for my poll #3

    The numbers, of course, correspond to the numbers in your dashboard .. MANAGE / DEMOCRACY / details.

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    September 17th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    I came across a really nice wordpress template design the other day and used it for my 62-151.com domain … and my Blog Went Live.

    But that’s not all .. I created that domain to be used as an outlet, or aid, to help me better promote the blogs in HART-Empire Network .. But in the course of setting up the template and stuff like that – I finally felt a good purpose for this blog …

    Direction of this Blog in the Scheme of Things

    In general terms .. this blog is to promote the Free-For-All Directory Listing we have created to enhance linking of sites within our HART-Empire Network and have made available to the public.

    The script allows us to ping Google with the sitemap of all sites listed in our directory, and we plan to do that on a semi-regular basis.

    Basically .. in a nutshell .. if we aren’t promoting our Link Directory here in this blog .. we will be posting Ezine Articles about Link Directories and Search Engine Optimization techniques. Personally, I’ve been a little weak on that aspect of my online activities .. and I hope to not only become proficient at it – but if I can, help pass along the knowledge of what I’m doing right and what works and doesn’t work – here on this blog.

    In my sidebar, as time passes on .. I will try to place links out to SEO sites and Link Directory sites.


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    September 17th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * I’ve done NO WORK this weekend (of my offline dayjob work). We were going to go to the beach this weekend, then decided to just go do a “Day-Trip” on Saturday .. but then friday night it started to pour here and it was probably raining up at the beach too .. so – we stayed home. All I’ve been doing in my spare time is .. researching and posting for the blogs. I have a deadline on Wednesday for my offline work, but I’ll just continue today (Sunday) with my day of rest = aka blogging. I’ve done about 35 pre-posted articles for my “LVR” series of blogs so far 🙂

    * What’s going on with ROJO?

    According to recent news

    Six Apart, makers of popular blog hosting software Movable Type, has bought RSS aggregator Rojo.

    Under the deal, Rojo executive Chris Alden will head up the Movable Type team, while Aaron Emigh will become Six Apart’s general manager of core technologies.

    “Rojo will continue and be better than ever. The Rojo leadership team will continue to be involved with Rojo.com [and] NooZ.com,”

    Hmm.. Well all that means to me is that since the beginning of this weekend – I’ve noticed that all my ROJO graphics in all my sidebars of all my blogs (about 33 of them) that had the ROJO link for my FEEDBURNER feed .. is – not working.

    What should I do? Wait? Remove the link? I know that over time .. with new chicklets have been constantly being added (you can only see in this HART-Empire Network sidebar that I don’t have them all) .. I should be going around to all my template sidebars and give it an update.

    I’ll wait until early this week though – just in case the ROJO graphic comes back.

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    September 15th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    I post this message on all those five affected blogs this afternoon …

    TITLE: Server Glitch?

    My apologies ..

    Five of my sites were down since yesterday .. although some of the RSS Feeds were still working, and I’ve been getting comment spam .. most have not been able to view the site. I believe it was a “Permissions” issue, as a result of some migration of my account to new host servers.. But, I’ll never know for sure – because I’m not asking .. I’m just glad we’re back online! WooHoo!

    Sorry for any inconvenience!!

    Take care.

    Truth in the matter is .. I know exactly what happened.

    When I renewed my plan with my first host service provider, the deal actually gave me more space and more options and a cheaper price. The reduced plan, however, resulted in me being taken off a dedicated server and I can only suppose .. now on a shared server. That’s okay, with all the new technology in hard drive space .. I think since the upgrade my sites have been working faster! At least, when I make changes and modifications to the template .. there was a delay for a few minutes before the changes took place – now there’s no delay.

    Well, the plan took place July 18th or something like that .. but yesterday they moved my files over finally to the new servers.

    The unofficial reason why all my sites were down … (listed on the previous posting) is as follows…

    The ownership of some of the files on the new server needed to be modifiedo to fall in line with the new version of apache


    If your site starts giving you a blank page .. WAIT before playing with permissions .. and just ask if your host / service provider upgraded their APACHE software lately.

    It could be the answer! / Just a thought.

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