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    April 8th, 2010HARTPlugins

    I’ve recently added a new wordpress plugin to my blogs … called “AmazonFeed“. You need to be an affiliate of Amazon, and get the Amazon API code and the Amazon Secret Access Key from Amazon Web Services .. plus your server requires the module “MCRYPT” which allows AmazonFeed to encrypt communication with Amazon as per Amazon regulations.

    Check out the bottom of any post!

    I have set up the plugin to find either (1) Books or (2) All options .. books, videos, electronics, and software and appear at the bottom of each post, search based on my existing tags used in the post. Check out my tags, and the “Related Amazon Items” below … are they relevant? I didn’t check before posting….

    Here’s some information from the Plugin Author’s website but, all you have to do is search in your dashboard under Plugins / Add new / search for “AmazonFeed”.

    I installed it on Tuesday, and already I have had over 65 clicks and earned $2.30 commissions on my BFH site (yeah, i know doesn’t sound like much but, it’s greater that $0.00). I’ve had less luck on my PetLvr site, but only because most posts recently are about WHS and tags include dog names, instead of pet rescue, or pet adoption etc. I’ve modified my usages sinced Tuesday on that :D. As for this blog, I just activated it prior to publishing this post.


    This plugin will allow you to turn your WordPress website or blog into a money making machine while at the same time offering valuable additional related materials to your visitors. It will automatically search for and display products from Amazon.com which are specifically related to the topics you write about. Once you install the plugin, you simply have to decide if you want to show products related to your Categories or Tags and the plugin can do the rest. All you have to do is continue writing about your favorite subjects and the plugin will offer related products to your visitors.

    Even though it is capable of being fully automatic in this way, it also includes powerful controls to tailor exactly how it functions. You can customize the keywords used for searching on any given post or even disable the plugin completely. You can also customize the heading that is shown, the number of results shown and many other aspects of how it functions.

    * Automatically load category or tag related products from Amazon.com.
    * Earn rewards as an affiliate, simply by entering your affiliate tracking code.
    * Provide valuable additional content to your visitors on the topics of your posts.
    * Total control to tailor results for any given post.
    * Excellent content caching for lightning fast response times.
    * Ability to disable related products from being displayed at all on any given post.
    * NOT JavaScript based, meaning it is not hidden from users with no JavaScript capability.
    * Easily managed sidebar widget support.
    * Many more great features you’ll just have to explore.

    More Information:

    For more information about this plugin, visit the plugin homepage at: www.warkensoft.com/products/amazonfeed-wordpress-plugin/

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