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    July 7th, 2012HARTHART-Empire Network, Hmmmm Things

    In anticipation of HART’s New Computer expected to arrive July 17, 2012 … I hope to resume with “The HART Podcast” series! My first podcast #000.1 was June 18, 2008 and my last podcast was #000.4 March 4, 2010. I know that doesn’t sound like a “series” but, I hope to get this going again, since I have purchased a new microphone, headphone, and web camera and an *awesome* Dell Computer with 16GB RAM memory!!

    PS Thanks for visiting, and here are a few gratuitous French Maid pictures I found on Flickr

    French MaidsAnyway … I figured rather than include music I do not have the rights to include in a podcast, and have no sound … I thought I would try and pick some “sexy” background music to make ME more interesting! Thanks to google search, and me being an economical type of Future Podcaster … I did find and purchased two different tracks from MelodyLoops.com that I plan to incorporate into each and every podcast. Maybe I’ll put one at the beginning and one at the end? Or, maybe just loop them over and over until the podcast is over? They only cost me $10.00 USD each, and I thought that was a reasonable price for a “Melody Loop”. What do you think?

    Let Me Know In The Comments Which You Prefer Best!

    1. ‘Only Trust Your Heart’ by Mike Nowa

    This track is 00m:31s and is looped into a 10 minute track below:
    [audio: melodyloops-only-trust-your-heart-10m.mp3]

    Single Loop
    [audio: only-trust-your-heart.mp3]

    2. ‘Mountain Blues’ by Pavel Svejentsev

    This track is 01m:12s and is looped into a 10 minute track below:
    [audio: melodyloops-mountain-blues-10m.mp3]

    Single Loop
    [audio: mountain-blues.mp3]

    You can listen to my previous Podcasts here: The HART Podcast” series //

    – Which one was your favorite?
    – I looped them into 10 minutes to be sure to give you a listen to how it would sound over and over and over again! Did you get sick of one or both or none of the above?
    – What if the first (without loop) started each of my podcasts, then the second looped over and over until the podcase was over?
    – comments? suggestions?

    PS – do you podcast? What do you do for background and/or intro music? // Thanks 😀

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