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  • Switching Host Providers – We Have Moved!

    January 11th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    In the past week I have moved two blogs from my old host provider #2 to my new host provider #3 … these blogs include:


    Blogs that will be moved in the next two days are ..


    It should be noted, that I have been experiencing quite difficulties with my host provider #2 in as much that the speed and efficiency and downtime kept worsening in the mornings, when most of the readers are looking for information and updates (i.m.o.)

    It was at some point in time that I had decided to obtain a new host provider #3 … But it should also be noted that since that decision, my old host provider #2 has completely fixed their problems and the sites have been working at peak speeds and efficiencies .. I hope the new servers will prove to be just as reliable and fast .. we haved moved away to a new server with more ram, dual xeon 3Ghz processors, and more diskspace. Our new host provider #3 is also a “Reseller” account, where the option to create new accounts and add a multitude of domains and new blogs will available to the HART-Empire Network and myself.

    I have documented my move procedures in an article at http://1800HART.com/blog/ that will be up and published once the move is complete …

    If there are any problems on YOUR end, with the access, speed and/or downtime of this site – I hope that you please bring this to my attention at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

    And .. what about host provider #1? That’s the one that is up to about the limit on domain and domain aliases, housing the PetLvr.com domain and personal HARTandYVONNE.com domain and the business 1800HART.com domain and related websites listed on the network, and unlisted. The account comes up for renewal on June 15, 2006. I’ll probably keep it – they have been good to me and everything works great!


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