• 2016 Migration Is Now Complete

    February 8th, 2017HARTHART-Empire Network, reorganization

    All my sites are completely hosted in Canada now. Woohoo!

    Last June 2016 I moved one of my hosting accounts from Bluehost (affiliate link) to SKGOLD (affiliate link) Hosting, here in Canada. I documented this and mentioned which sites were moved in this blog post www.hart-empire.com/2016/06/24/tip-how-to-fix-an-error-occurred-while-processing-this-directive/.

    Well .. I had 4 other accounts at Hostgator (affiliate link) that were expiring all around the same time at the end of the year December 31, 2016, and my goal to move them to Canada was the same. Beginning November 15, 2016 I started to move each of these account to the Canadian hosting company SKGOLD finalizing my choice on Black Friday November 24, 2016 when they were offering a 2-for-1 hosting sale for the first year! Since the move .. I haven’t really done anything, except clean up the four accounts with respect to plugins, loading times, and other fix other issues that may have come up after moving .. since, one of the accounts was my bloated “PetLvr” (LVR) group of sites that have been going on since May 2005 and has over 6,700 posts and a huuuuuuuge database!

    I am also in the process of converting most of the sites from blogs – which, my blogging hasn’t really really much to talk about in the past few years – to “E-commerce Stores with Blogs”. I have been testing platforms and cleaning up old stores in my “Shops of HART Market” stores, and testing new themes. I also noticed that in doing many of my clean up and changes that some (or, all of a few certain regular themes that I have been using) appear to be broken. My plan is to first decide on the BEST theme to use, that mimick’s my entire HART EMPIRE NETWORK philosophy, and standardize one theme for everything! At least, that is my plan.

    In the meantime .. I hope you are patient with me … my goal is to have everything ready by “Back To School” time … (I am an accountant during the day and gearing up for income tax season and year ends).

    PS: And, speaking of moving 100% of my 57 sites and domains from Bluehost/Hostgator to the Canadian Server SKGOLD HOSTING … if you are looking for some helpful advice on making the move yourself .. here’s a site and person that got in touch with me and has a site just willing to do that! His guides and reviews are very helpful or, at least gives you something to think about when pursuing more information.

    One caution, as pointed out in the disclaimer of his website:

    Disclosure: Our website receives compensation from the companies whose products we recommend and because of it, we are able to provide Free help with setting up your blog. We tested and used most of the web hosting sites and domain registrars recommended here.

    ( i.e. most links related to hosting and domain reviews are affiliate linked, and they will make a commission if you sign up through their links, and will generally override previously clicked links or referrals from other sources before you click over here. Don’t get me wrong – this is common around the internet to help support bloggers and website to providing and maintaining information, like this, that is generally helpful and useful and around when you need it!)

    Check them out! If you chat with anyone from that site, or with their Social Media accounts … tell ’em HART sent you!


    “…. the guide intended for web newbies to explain the terminology, issues and procedures they need to know in order to successfully transfer their website from one host to another.

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