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    July 16th, 2006HARTHART

    I am currently in negotiation and reorganization and downsize of accounts with my “host service provider #1” … moving the majority of my accounts to my “host service provider #2” .. this includes blogs, domains, websites, ecommerce sites, and a few other pages … not to mention a vast redudancy amount of Megabytes of data of pictures, videos and other stuff that I have been accumulating since I’ve first created a website in November 1995.

    Some may have experienced some downtimes as domains, data and MySQL databases are being moved .. beginning July 16, 2006. All should be well before the end of the week. The affected domains are as follows:


    .. plus two other domains that are not part of this HART-Empire Network .. nor contain any blogs.

    I have not bothered to post messages on any of the individual sites or blogs, figuring .. well, if it’s not down – who cares?! and if it’s down – who’ll see it anyway?

    In all likelihood, the main site www.PetLvr.com and subsidiary sites and blog will remain with #1 provider, and all the rest will be the ones affected.

    As mentioned in earlier posts – sites already moved to my “host service provider #2” (including this one) are not affected by the move.

    There may be issues relating to emails … however, this might actually help me clean up the spam a little. More details to come.

    Take care.

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