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    July 16th, 2007HARTHART

    For some reason, my wordpress MySQL database for The-Singers.com is damaged. If you click on a link in the sidebar’s tag cloud, you can access the posts .. however, for all intent and purposes, wordpress does not recognize that there is a single post in this blog.

    I’m almost sure it has something to do with a plugin, but you know what? I don’t care.

    I plan to delete this blog on the weekend and start over from scratch. I have managed to export all of the information, and I haven’t decided if I will import it back into the newly re-created blog .. (I might) .. and the backup is clean and fullly complete.

    I am getting a new toy next week, for my birthday .. and I thought I would play with that for a while.

    What do you think?

    I have some keyboard/synthesizers in my basement getting dusty. I miss playing the keyboards and just jamming away playing as much stuff as I can remember how to play. Soon, I will be able to just plug my keyboards into this UM-3EX device via MIDI, and connect to my laptop computer using USB. Then, with software I already have – I should be able to instantly record what I play into an .mp3 song.

    Then, I will just fill that blog with songs of me playing (or trying to play) my favorite music – or the classics!

    Does that sound LAME? or, interesting enough to listen to?

    I figure .. THE-SINGERS.com … Although, I am ~much~ better than any American or Canadian Idol contestant~ (at least singing in the shower, eh!) I can’t sing – and this site should be music oriented. I’m sick of most of the YouTube and other stuff I have // HAD on that site has been removed from its original source, and there were a lot of dead links in there anyway.

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    February 7th, 2007HARTHART

    * The-Singers.com Interview Page

    I have uploaded a 15-question “Self-Interview” document that can be downloaded over at The-Singers.com.

    Anybody that prepares this and returns it back to me will be published in both The-Singers.com blog and the blog over at the MySpace.com/1800hart blog.

    If that interests you .. download the document, complete the interview .. and email it back to me at .. hart (at) The-Singers (dot) com … or even copy/paste into a contact form such as this one:

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    September 30th, 2006HARTHART

    Our LYRICS Database is now “live”


    Welcome .. We have a database of 166,899 song lyrics — growing daily. Our database of lyrics consists of several popular genres and ages of music, including several that are also a little less popular or less well known. To start browsing our database, you can enter your search keywords above, or select a letter ….

    I have almost 3700 mp3 files in my own personal library on my computer .. and I often want to just play my music library in a random and shuffle-play style. Although I might sing to every one of these songs .. I know that sometimes I just don’t get it and worry what would happen if I were to sing it aloud in public ….. would I be ridiculed? would I be a laughing stock?

    That’s why I like searching for lyrics on the internet .. so I can save face! And – now that I have a music related site (The-Singers.com) .. I also wanted my own lyrics database in this network!

    So – do you need to find some music lyrics? Check out The-Singers.com/lyrics/ … 😀

    Yes – I know the template sucks .. but I will get around to integrating it into the site over the next few months …

    I would be honoured to learn how it works for you … and where I need improvements to be made. You can leave a comment either in this post or on The-Singers.com entry linked in the preceding paragraph. Thanks.

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    September 29th, 2006HARTHART

    Ugh! I need help and need an “angel”

    I have a lyrics database, but no script. I do not know PHP and can’t seem to find a script. The tables from the .sql database are:

    — Table structure for table ‘admin’

    CREATE TABLE admin (
    id int(3) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    user varchar(30) NOT NULL default ”,
    pass varchar(40) NOT NULL default ”,
    PRIMARY KEY (id),
    UNIQUE KEY user (user)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    — Table structure for table ‘corrections’

    CREATE TABLE corrections (
    id int(5) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
    title varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    artist varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    album varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    lyrics text NOT NULL,
    comment text NOT NULL
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    CREATE TABLE lyrics (
    id int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    title varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    artist varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    album varchar(250) NOT NULL default ”,
    lyrics text NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (id)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    An entry might look like ..

    INSERT INTO lyrics VALUES (271,'A Day In The Life','Beatles','N/A','I read the news today oh boy
    About a lucky man who made the grade
    And though the news was rather sad
    Well I just had to laugh
    I saw the photograph.

    He blew his mind out in a car
    He didn\'t notice that the lights had changed
    A crowd of people stood and stared
    They\'d seen his face before
    Nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords.

    I saw a film today oh boy
    The English Army had just won the war
    A crowd of people turned away
    But I just had a look
    Having read a book I\'d like to turn you on...

    Woke up, fell out of bed,
    Dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs and drank a cup,
    And looking up I noticed I was late.

    Found my coat and grabbed my hat
    Made the bus in seconds flat
    Found my way upstairs and had a smoke,
    Somebody spoke and I went into a dream

    I read the news today oh boy
    Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    And though the holes were rather small
    They had to count them all
    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
    I\'d love to turn you on.

    ©1967 Lennon & McCartney

    That was entry 271 .. my database goes up to 167,121 entries..

    I was hoping to implement or embed a search capability (or something) on every post at The-Singers.com .. based on the category – to pull out links of all references to a category (which I use as the artist name) ..

    I have no idea if that’s possible .. or where to find a script .. or a person who can write a script or code…. Ideas? comments? Suggestions? All welcome


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    August 13th, 2006HARTHART

    HART-oscope.com officially replaces the old HART-oscope.blogspot.com site in the network code, under the “Entertainment” channel.

    This is my personal website .. with a tagline .. “Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just wondering how my day will be“. I have paid a subscription for a daily horoscope (for all zodiac signs) and they will be emailed directly to this new blog, unedited. I am leaving all advertisements from the original email and have added a few extra recommendations in the sidebar.

    Other than reading this site every day myself .. there won’t be much posting and intervention from me. Horoscopes will be added the night before for weekdays only.

    Here is the RSS Feed for this site: HART-oscope.com RSS Feed

    You may click on the above graphic and obtain other syndication options ..

    My subscription will expire one year from August 11, 2006. So, feel free to join me in reading our daily horoscope!

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    August 12th, 2006HARTHART

    I just happened to purge all my 8000+ unread articles in my bloglines account of 1298 feeds after I came back from vacation August 5, 2006. I have about 1000 articles that I have been saving and ticking the right corner box called “KEEP NEW” for future posting and thoughts and links for my own blog articles around the HART-Empire Network… imagine my surprise when THERE WEREN’T BEING KEPT ANYMORE!

    Crap! Yes they look like they are there .. there are numbers next to the feeds show saved feed count .. but, none of them are accessible.

    I emailed Bloglines on August 7, 2006 and let them know, and they claimed that they were already aware of this issue and suggested that I watch their news site for an announcement.

    Well, August 11, 2006 – they posted an announcement .. .. that it’s still not fixed.

    Working to Make Things Better

    Bloglines recently experienced software difficulties that affect a small number of members who use some of our advanced features. For example, you may have saved some articles by clicking on “Keep as New” and found that it doesn’t link back to the saved posts. We have isolated the issue in a system that manages the data for Bloglines blogs and clippings (resulting in the interruption of those features as well for a few users) and our engineers are working to resolve this problem.

    We sincerely apologize for the disruption and we’re working to make things right. We know how important these personalization features are to Bloglines fans (we all love them, too), and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

    – The Bloglines Team

    Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:01:23 PDT

    So .. I wait … as PetLvr.com blog slows down … from all the great articles that I have been accumulating.

    But .. the wait has helped me speed up the process of getting 2 of my 3 new sites up early … I will give a formal announcement during the week, once all the template format and blog stuff and coding and ads and feedburner and blah blah stuff has been finalized.

    Meanwhile .. here they are if you are curious. The content is still in the development stage.

    AndYouRetire.com – AND YOU RETIRE … Are You Ready?

    HART-oscope.com – HART-OSCOPE … Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just wondering what my day will be like

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    July 16th, 2006HARTHART

    I am currently in negotiation and reorganization and downsize of accounts with my “host service provider #1” … moving the majority of my accounts to my “host service provider #2” .. this includes blogs, domains, websites, ecommerce sites, and a few other pages … not to mention a vast redudancy amount of Megabytes of data of pictures, videos and other stuff that I have been accumulating since I’ve first created a website in November 1995.

    Some may have experienced some downtimes as domains, data and MySQL databases are being moved .. beginning July 16, 2006. All should be well before the end of the week. The affected domains are as follows:


    .. plus two other domains that are not part of this HART-Empire Network .. nor contain any blogs.

    I have not bothered to post messages on any of the individual sites or blogs, figuring .. well, if it’s not down – who cares?! and if it’s down – who’ll see it anyway?

    In all likelihood, the main site www.PetLvr.com and subsidiary sites and blog will remain with #1 provider, and all the rest will be the ones affected.

    As mentioned in earlier posts – sites already moved to my “host service provider #2” (including this one) are not affected by the move.

    There may be issues relating to emails … however, this might actually help me clean up the spam a little. More details to come.

    Take care.

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    May 2nd, 2006HARTHART

    HART was bored.

    HART is still crazy.

    call HART crazy .. but

    call HART crazy – The Blog!

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    February 3rd, 2006HARTHART

    Here are our picks for the period since we’ve last did this, up to January 29, 2006 – as determined by ourselves …

    HART’s “sweet-HART” Picks

    (1) 1-800-HART

    * I talk a little about how Petty Cash Funds and using them in your business, with my “top five tips” about it


    (2) PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

    * Looking for a new dog treat recipe? Here’s a nice little chicken recipe that serves 5, takes 10 minutes to prepare and only takes 15 minutes cooking time …


    (3) The Singers

    * The Tale of the Giant Stone Eater .. by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band … need I say more?


    RUTH’s “sweet-HART” Picks

    (1) The Country Club Game Site

    * No time to go out and play golf? Play from the comfort of home – You can install the game in minutes and start playing in tournaments and having fun


    (2) The Health Zone Cafe



    (3) My Ebay: Enter The Magical World of Trade

    * Ebay! Get Addicted, come in and bid…if you want it, you will find it. Getting Started: Join eBay TODAY, and Earn Profits by Tomorrow!”


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    January 4th, 2006HARTHART


    * The Singers of all Times

    Start with a list of female singers of all time … add a list of male singers of all time … plus affiliation with Amazon.com and Amazon.ca .. and what do you get? Well .. according to the “ABOUT” page ….

    Greetings and Salutations ..

    My name is HARTLEY B. SINGER aka “HART”.

    I was going to register my first name as a website, but http://HART.com was taken .. so was http://Hartley.com ..

    >> I did manage to register http://callHART.com and http://1800HART.com though

    I was unable to register the domain for my initials .. http://hbs.com .. as it was taken too

    >> I did manage to register http://HBSMC.com which, is my business website HBS Management Consultants .. I thought that was great to be able to find a free 5-letter domain name, with your initials in it!

    Obviously, I couldn’t register the domain http://singer.com … which has been around for a long time ..Well, D’oh! That really sucked! I think I would have really enjoyed owning that domain!

    >> But I did manage to register The-Singers.com … and you are here now!


    I’m sure all my relatives and people with last names of “Singer” have the same story .. the story of having a wooden sign with burnt etched lettering titled “The Singers” and used for the cottage, or fence or mailbox sometime during their lives. I am no different. We still have that sign and my parents even have a Neon light sign with “The Singers” in italic writing on it.

    If that wasn’t enough, I can remember at least 5 different instances in the past 5 years that is either ongoing, or from a previous host that my immediate family (either my folks or siblings) had an EMAIL address that included “the-singers” as the first part of the email address.

    It only seems fitting that I use The-Singers.com for something to honor ME or, my family!

    About This Blog

    Sure – it may be fitting, but I already have a personal blog with over 1,000 pictures and about 300 MB of video files, that started with our Medieval Wedding August 31, 2002 .. at HARTandYVONNE.com ..

    So this is how this The-Singers.com will be proceeding



    >> We’ll start here and see where we go!

    I think this site might be more geared to be a ‘Product’ blog, because with every post I plan to give the reader option of some of the CD albums that are available on either Amazon.com or Amazon.ca which, (surprise surprise) I am affiliated with both of them.

    Enjoy ..
    Take care.


    .. yah .. that’s right .. Another Product Blog! 😀

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