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    August 29th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    update #1 September 6, 2006 .. // see end of this post
    update #2 December 3, 2006 .. // see end of this post


    The first blog that I created is the PetLvr.com/blog/ … It was created (if memory serves me correctly, on version 1.12 of WordPress. I have updated it three times in the past … first to the next version 1.13 and then the more stable version 1.5. It was upgraded after a few bugs were fixed to the version 1.5.2 and has been this version since summer of 2005.

    Well, as with all new blogs that I am adding to our HART-Empire Network .. I will have created them with the newest version 2 software. The latest version is now 2.0.4.

    I’ve been meaning to upgrade blogs as I go along – and have been doing so in the past summer 2006 – but I’ve been dreading upgrading the PetLvr blog for two basic reasons:

    * According to the upgrade page

    The latest version, WordPress 2.0.4 (wordpress.org/development/2006/07/wordpress-204/), has been released to the public. If you just need to upgrade from WordPress 2.0.3 to 2.0.4, a special instruction section, Upgrade 2.0.3 to 2.0.4, is presented below. For other upgrade paths, such as 1.5.2 to 2.0.3 or 2.0 or 2.0.1 to 2.0.3, please see the Detailed Instructions or How to Upgrade in Five Steps.

    * I have a lot of plugins! You can see the original list BEFORE upgrade .. HERE

    PetLvr blog is the one with most traffic, although mostly from search engines .. and has the most feedburner subscribers. Most of my monetization techniques with Adsense is received from this blog – although, it is not much. Nevertheless .. when I finally got around to upgrading this blog .. I did not want to risk ruining my database and blog and starting from scratch.

    Despite the above blockquote .. where it appears that you are not able to upgrade from 1.5.2 directly to 2.0.4 and have to go to 2.0.3 first – then upgrade from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 … I’m here to say it IS possible, and I have finally upgraded my PetLvr blog today. It was not a perfect upgrade, because I lost 4 plugins and my bookmarklet script from 1.5.2 does NOT work with 2.0.4. I’ve been meaning to test out other options and even have programs like BlogDesk installed .. but that will be a post for another day.


    By far, this is the longest task to do .. because with my PetLvr blog .. I have almost 1700 posts and tons of pictures. It literally took me 2-1/2 hours to copy via FTP all of the files on my server .. PetLvr.com/blog/*.* to my local drive. As with all my other domains – I keep a copy of all the files on my hard drive to mirror what is on the internet. On my computer, I keep a folder called PETLVR.com and I’ve got everything on my computer that is on the internet server. I make FTP Backups every Friday of all my domains .. although whenever I do any template modifications I make a backup folder of the current template files “just in case” my modifications do not work out.

    I made it a point to be sure that I FTP’ed over my .htaccess file in the root folder to my harddrive, and even made a backup copy and renamed it 20060828.htaccess.copy.


    I used to do this religiously every Friday, with the FTP’ing of my files over to my hard drive .. but as more and more blogs were created .. this became quite a challenge to make the time to do a full backup. Thanks to Skippy .. my backups are all made daily now on every blog. Here’s how to do it:

    1) You should get a GMAIL.com email account (they give you lots of space!)
    2) Go to Skippy’s Plugin Page and get the following WordPress Plugins:
    * WP-DB-Backup and WP-Cron
    3) Schedule a full backup of all your tables daily to your GMAIL account in the middle of the night!

    Today, I made two extra precautionery backups of MySQL Database … because of the importance of the PetLvr blog to me, and the uncertainty of waiting too long between version 1.5.2 and 2.0.4 to finally upgrade. First, I used the WordPress plugin by Skippy to make a backup “right now” .. and then I went directly into my cPanel and phpMyAdmin and database and made a backup copy manually that way. If you don’t know how to do that .. perhaps you might want to check out an older post on my other blog that documented a move between two host providers that I did … HERE.

    >> Don’t underestimate the importance of backups – things CAN go wrong and you just never know! Make the Backups.


    I felt it important to print out, from my browser (File/Print/) a clean list of all plugins that I currently had installed and activated BEFORE I do any upgrading (From Dashboard/Plugins/). I had about 25 more plugins that had been deactivated than I actually had activated ..which was 49. I will delete them some day from my /wp-content/plugins/ folder one day. But for now, I just crossed off all the ones that were NOT activated.

    I then went to the WordPress Plugin Compatibility page and checked every single plugin .. first to see which ones were NOT compatible. On my printout, I hilited those with a blue hiliter .. to remind me NOT to reactivate them – for now.

    Also, on the wordpress page, it tells you the minimum version number of each plugin that is required for the wordpress 2.0 upgrades .. and when that differed from my printout, I went to each page and downloaded a NEW version .. which I keep in a folder called .. /INSTALLEDPROGRAMS/WORDPRESS/PLUGINS/. I create new subfolders with the version number included in the folder name for reference. As I mentioned on my PetLvr.com blog and earlier .. it turned out that 4 plugins were not compatible, I had 25 useless plugins that I tried and decided not to use anymore, and I had to upgrade 18 plugins to the latest versions.

    I should note, that not all plugins were listed on the above page inside wordpress. For those plugins, I hilited them on my printout with my yellow hiliter and put a question mark (?) next to it.


    I know from my Bloglines .. that even if your site is down, my RSS feeds through Feedburner will get through to my readers. So, ?I decided that I would make a “heads up” post and warning to let my readers know that I was planning an upgrade, and just in case there was a problem – not to panic.

    I also posted an entry to let them know that I was done .. as a courtesy.


    In my Dashboard of my blog, in the Plugins page .. I went down the list and deactivated every single plugin. By the way .. that took time too, as I had 49 activated, and it takes time to deactivate and reload that page. I had a few extra tabs and windows open in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and was hitting Refresh after each time I deactivated a plugin (while I was reloading) to see if something of the plugin affects my site. The answer is obviously yes .. even if you deactivate the Wp-Admin-Bar2 plugin .. it hangs up the page because of the code in the header. The translation plugin deactivated halted my entire sidebar. I was finally doing this! I had to hurry.

    I went into my FTP program and copied over all the newer versions of the 18 plugins that I needed to upgrade. I basically just overwrote the old files. While I was doing this, I would glance over the Readme.Txt files included – just in case there were special requirements. For instance, some plugins require that you place files in folders other than the main /wp-content/plugins/ folder.


    I already had the version 2.0.4 of wordpress in my /INSTALLEDPROGRAMS/WORDPRESS/2.0.4/wordpress/ folder on my computer, and I FTP’ed that entire folder onto my server directly to the proper location at PetLvr.com/blog/. I did NOT delete any files on my server, and just overwrote all existing files of the new version over the older version.

    When that was done, while in my FTP program, I copied over my WP-CONFIG.PHP in my root wordpress directly from my mirror backup (step one) at c:\PETLVR.COM\blog\ over the existing one on the server. Actually, this wasn’t really necessary, because there is no WP-CONFIG.PHP file on any of the latest download versions of wordpress .. because it’s included as a file called WP-CONFIG-SAMPLE.PHP. I just did that for peace of mind really.


    After all of the files were copied over, I went to the upgrade link that every blog has .. mine being PetLvr.com/blog/wp-admin/upgrade.php … and ran the script. Afterwards, I hit F5 to refresh my pages.

    Also, out of habit, in my FTP program, afterwards I rename my upgrade.php file to .. well, I’m not going to tell you what I rename it .. so nobody can go and upgrade my blog besides me! Although, I think if it’s the same version – nothing should happen. It’s just a piece of mind thing for me again.


    Naturally, I ignored all of the blue hilited plugins on my printout, because they were just incompatable. That left the yellow hilited plugins on my list (unconfirmed if they would work or not) and the rest of the activated plugins. I just started from the top of the page and started to activate all of the non-hilighted plugins.

    After those were hilighted, I was lucky – because when I hit refresh on my pages – I saw my blog. I was worried that there might be some code embedded somewhere on my templates that associated with the yellow hilited plugins that I was unsure, and would halt my view.

    So, after that .. I just activated all the yellow hilited plugins. I did this one at a time, refreshing the pages and seeing if something happened (actually to see if something DIDN’T happen, like loading the pages) .. until all the plugins were activated.

    I then went into my dashboard for both my MANAGE and OPTIONS menues, and double checked that the information was properly formatted and configured correctly. Thankfully, most everything carried forward from the version 1.5.2 into the version 2.0.4 except for 2 plugins that were completely re-written for the new 2.0+ version.


    Just hitting refresh on the main page is not enough to see if everything works – you have to click on stuff. For instance, as soon as I first clicked on the last permalink aka blog entry .. that I noticed that I forgot to go into my OPTIONS/PERMALINKS and reset those automatically through the wordpress. So, I upgraded my permalinks. Then, I started to click on permalinks. I started to click on EDIT links. I started to click on COMMENT links. I even tested a comment just to be sure.

    Now, everything seems to work – although, I did notice some formatting that I need to take care, or twiddle dee my CSS file .. but, I’m comfortable to leave that “AS IS” until I get around to this.

    I was quite disappointed that my Bookmarklet doesn’t work anymore. I actually used this alot on all my blogs. On any page or URL around the internet, all I had to do in Internet Explorer was right click and select “Post to WP: PetLvr Blog” .. and a new page with the title, description, code to link to the particular page and all of the categories popped up – so I could write my blog entry. When I click the “OK”, it sent the post as a DRAFT into my PetLvr blog itself to be posted later when I got around to it. Now, with this new version, it doesn’t work at all.


    I gave a courtesy post to let everybody know that I was finished, but just in case – asked for reader assistance to help me and to email me if they found anything unusual after my upgrade. You just never know.

    Of course, This is how I did it – and it worked directly from 1.5.2. to version 2.0.4. Had something not worked, my process would have been to just delete everything from the server, and start with a fresh installation of the new version, copy over my wp-config files and all the pictures and themes and plugins, and put everything back. And, if that didn’t worked … I would have just went over to the wordpress support forums and do a little more research and not sleep for a few days until it was fixed!

    UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 6, 2006 …

    It turned out today that my RSS Feed was NOT working – and has not been working since I upgraded to version 2.0.4 on August 28, 2006. From what I can tell .. there is a 95% chance the cause of this was because I upgraded to the OL-FEEDBURNER plugin version 2.01 that was supposed to work for wordpress 2.0+ versions. I noticed today that there were bugs in this version and a version 2.02 was available. After upgrading the plugin version, my RSS Feed became clear and worked again. I’m not sure if this was the REAL reason – but, it would seem so. I could be 5% wrong :p

    UPDATE: DECEMBER 3, 2006 …

    I have successfully updated my 1800HART blog directly from version 1.5.2 to the latest version 2.0.5. There was one casualty .. I have lost my data for my DEMOCRACY poll and results. Oh well. I would suggest that if you have this – take a snapshot picture to remember what the results were PRIOR to upgrade and deactivate/activate the plugin. It could be that my plugin needed to be completely upgraded – previously using version 1.2 and upgrading to version 2.0.1

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    August 24th, 2006HARTAnnouncements

    I posted the following at The-Singers.com

    I’m looking for BANDS, PROMOTERS, REVIEWERS, and ANY MUSIC RELATED SITE that offers subscriptions via email … to provide me and this blog with periodic content updates via email.

    This could be …

    * news of up and coming concert dates ..
    * reviews of bands and their music
    * interest stories about the music industry and people in it
    * I’m open to suggests for other stuff ..

    What I am looking for is something like this …

    * Bands, promoters, and webmasters would be able to email this blog directly to post articles, reviews and other music related content immediately
    * I would like to find ezines articles that is music related .. the email address would be directly to this blog and get posted immediately
    * Royalty free (i.e. I do not want to pay for any services to receive the content) – content becomes content of this blog but can contain as many links to as many blogs, sites, affiliate products, or to sites that you want to promote (email receipts of content, generally will not be modified). The public will be seeing the content, RSS feeds will be available, and there is monetization on this blog.

    I hope that was obvious … even if you are a local band and send out a monthly newsletter .. I hope you consider the above.

    If you are interested .. drop me a line .. to:
    hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

    with the subject line:
    The-Singers.com / Sign Me Up!

    And I will provide you with the special email address to use.

    Take care
    HART (1-800-HART)

    PS: the-singers.com is currently a PR6 ,, if that matters ,, although as you know – that can always change.

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    August 22nd, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    I must have spent about two hours today cleaning up our two forums ..

    * PetLvr.com/forum/
    * Battling-Forums.com/

    … deleting spam, banning IPs, deleting spam, deleting spam …

    I seem to have two types of problems.

    (1) Spam registrations .. I guess to promote their website? These people aren’t posting ..

    (2) Guest spam postings .. over and over with relatively the same spam sites with different names ..

    I “X” the spam post, click YES to delete, and YES to return to previous topic where more spam is. It is time consuming. I’m not sure what to do yet .. but, obviously leaving it alone and hoping it would take care itself – is not the answer! I see that now.

    Any forum users out there want to leave me some tips on control and moderation? Are there some good plugins or mods out there to make things easier?

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    August 13th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    HART-Empire Network has renamed our “Small Business” Channel to “Small Business & Finance” Channel in our code in all of our sidebars. This was done to accomodate our latest blog .. AND YOU RETIRE.

    AND YOU RETIRE is written by me (HART) and has a tagline .. “Are You Ready?

    AND YOU RETIRE will focus on articles and strategies that can help individuals focus on their retirement planning and financial wealth strategies. Life is too short to sit back and wait for your retirement to enjoy life .. but, if you enjoy life – you still need to save and plan for your retirement! Don’t spend it all now and have nothing later. Don’t work all your life and have nothing later. This topic has great meaning to me, if you read the “about” page.

    When You Retire .. Will You Be Ready?


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    August 13th, 2006HARTHART

    HART-oscope.com officially replaces the old HART-oscope.blogspot.com site in the network code, under the “Entertainment” channel.

    This is my personal website .. with a tagline .. “Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just wondering how my day will be“. I have paid a subscription for a daily horoscope (for all zodiac signs) and they will be emailed directly to this new blog, unedited. I am leaving all advertisements from the original email and have added a few extra recommendations in the sidebar.

    Other than reading this site every day myself .. there won’t be much posting and intervention from me. Horoscopes will be added the night before for weekdays only.

    Here is the RSS Feed for this site: HART-oscope.com RSS Feed

    You may click on the above graphic and obtain other syndication options ..

    My subscription will expire one year from August 11, 2006. So, feel free to join me in reading our daily horoscope!

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    August 12th, 2006HARTHART

    I just happened to purge all my 8000+ unread articles in my bloglines account of 1298 feeds after I came back from vacation August 5, 2006. I have about 1000 articles that I have been saving and ticking the right corner box called “KEEP NEW” for future posting and thoughts and links for my own blog articles around the HART-Empire Network… imagine my surprise when THERE WEREN’T BEING KEPT ANYMORE!

    Crap! Yes they look like they are there .. there are numbers next to the feeds show saved feed count .. but, none of them are accessible.

    I emailed Bloglines on August 7, 2006 and let them know, and they claimed that they were already aware of this issue and suggested that I watch their news site for an announcement.

    Well, August 11, 2006 – they posted an announcement .. .. that it’s still not fixed.

    Working to Make Things Better

    Bloglines recently experienced software difficulties that affect a small number of members who use some of our advanced features. For example, you may have saved some articles by clicking on “Keep as New” and found that it doesn’t link back to the saved posts. We have isolated the issue in a system that manages the data for Bloglines blogs and clippings (resulting in the interruption of those features as well for a few users) and our engineers are working to resolve this problem.

    We sincerely apologize for the disruption and we’re working to make things right. We know how important these personalization features are to Bloglines fans (we all love them, too), and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

    – The Bloglines Team

    Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:01:23 PDT

    So .. I wait … as PetLvr.com blog slows down … from all the great articles that I have been accumulating.

    But .. the wait has helped me speed up the process of getting 2 of my 3 new sites up early … I will give a formal announcement during the week, once all the template format and blog stuff and coding and ads and feedburner and blah blah stuff has been finalized.

    Meanwhile .. here they are if you are curious. The content is still in the development stage.

    AndYouRetire.com – AND YOU RETIRE … Are You Ready?

    HART-oscope.com – HART-OSCOPE … Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just wondering what my day will be like

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    August 11th, 2006HARTSponsor Appreciation

    You might have noticed that this site is monetized to defray some of the hosting costs of all my blogs. For your information, you may now advertise on this site in the form of Text Link Ads. I should note that the link in the previous sentence is an affiliate link, and if you do sign up for the first time through this link, I may earn a small commission. I should also note that if you are a new client, you can receive $100.00 worth of FREE Text Link Ads by entering “new client” into the promotion code at their checkout. That means you can basically spend maybe $125 worth of advertising this month – and only pay $25! (You don’t have to spend it here – don’t worry!)

    But if you do want to spend it here .. I am currently offering eight (8) spots for text link ads per month, and they will appear on every page in our sidebar, under the SPONSORS section. At this moment, there are seven (7) available spots.

    Our site is currently available at Text-Link-Ads at this URL ..

    This is my plan: On the second monday of every month I will be providing “THANK-YOU” post, like this one, to all the advertisers of the previous month. That’s a permanent link in our blog, under a new category heading which I call .. “Sponsor Appreciation”. I know it’s hard out there trying to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars .. and well .. THANKS for considering the HART-Empire Network last month.

    Please Support Our Sponsor From July 2006

    Cool Baby Stuff

    Thank-You Sponsor!

    For those of you still with us this month … see you in our Next Month’s Sponsor Appreciation post!

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    August 9th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    Round #1 – The “Battling” Series of Blogs

    “Battling” Series – Forums

    The “Battling” series of blogs were created out of personal reasons. It was to be a joint “health and fitness” section with postings from the two existing members of the HART-Empire Network. Ruth’s husband is battling with Multiple Sclerosis. My mother-in-law was battling with cancer (and eventually passed away May 26, 2006). My brother is schizophrenic. We all battle stress and obesity. My father had stokes in 2000 and also has diabetes and heart attacks and strokes are a risk – for him, and for me as his son. It is my attention to add another four (4) blogs to this “Battling” series of health and fitness blogs .. but, I’m neglecting the eight existing now – there’s no reason to neglect another 4 blogs! A Forum domain was created to somehow tie all of these blogs together, and get some community participation happening.

    >> These blogs will be updated more frequently closer to the end of Summer and beyond .. most likely due to my non-online business activities and my fondness for the Beach and Cottage Life during this dry and hot summer 2006 .. i.e. short work weeks!

    Round #2 – The “LVR” Series of Blogs

    Pet “LVR” Series – Forum

    I just finished setting up Part II of the “LVR” Series of blogs (for bird, fish and horse lovers). Part I was putting up the dog and cat lover sites. The Papillon lover sites will continue to remain to be known as the “Dogs’ Websites”. All the other sites are meant to replace existing categories found within the PetLvr blog itself, mostly relating to Breed Information and Selection Criteria. The long term goal is to better help the pet lover in making a decision in purchasing and choosing the right cat, dog, bird, fish or even a horse .. for their needs.

    >> For now, I will be basically just catching up in my spare time duplicate posting on the subsidiary blogs content originally placed on the PetLvr site. Once I am current with that, new Breed Information and selection-criteria-type of articles will be posted directly on the newer and smaller blogs.

    Round #3 – New Series of Blogs in Development

    Besides all of the existing blogs that I have ..

    * 1-800-HART – This Blog
    * 1-800-HART’s Picks – Product Blog of Affiliated Sites
    * HARTandYVONNE.com – Our Wedding and Family Blog
    * call HART crazy – Random Thoughts and Opinions
    * Corydon Clock Repair– Father-in-Law’s business
    * The-Singers.com – Music Site and Meme participation

    .. I currently have three (3) blogs in the development stages (open September 1, 2006):

    * HART-oscope.com – My old HART-Oscope on Blogspot was last year’s daily Cancer Horoscope .. believe it or not, it ended up having as many subscribers as my PetLvr site! It expired June 30, 2006 and I am resurrecting it on it’s own domain.

    * AndYouRetire.com – This will be my foray into finance, as I try to cover important wealth building, investing and the many other retirement issues that most of us face .. that being .. “Will we have enough money to retire when it comes time to retire?”. There may be some spin-off from this 1-800-HART blog as well.

    * 62-151.com – This domain name is derived from my home address .. and I’ve got an idea and concept that is quite unique and actually useful .. if I can implement it correctly. I’d rather not say what it’s about at this time.

    Why Am I Telling You All This?

    Because of the HART-EMPIRE NETWORK .. It’s time for an Update

    1) I am now officially accepting application for new membership into our HART-Empire “Network of Blogs”. If you are willing to place the network code in your sidebar .. then you pretty much qualify. Perhaps you applied in another blog network and got rejected .. or you have a blog or several blogs that might fit under one of our channel headings. Even if it doesn’t, I am willing to create new channels. The network code is java based, and I don’t think it will improve your pagerank (if that’s what you are hoping for) but, we currently have been experiencing cross-blog traffic as a direct result of having the code on all of our blogs in the network, for those (like me) who like to channel surf blogs and sidebars!

    2) Or, if you have an idea for a blog but do not want to spend time doing the development, creation and maintenance and hosting of your blog .. I would be willing to consider options to host and maintain a blog for you = where all you basically have to do is just blog and post articles. I will probably take a ‘piece of the action’ and some type of agreement would be made that is fair to both of us, similar to what is out there in other similar situations.

    3) Or, if you just want to co-contribute and write on any of my blogs .. we can come to some arrangement. Honestly, I am poor and broke and will not be offering payment for writers, but will offer unlimited reciprocal linking and you can definately cross link and promote any of your own sites in any articles that you write or E-Books etc etc. If that appeals to you to help get your name known and increase visibility of your work, I am interested in seeing what you have. For these blogs, I am only currently considering this on any of the “Battling” series of blogs .. if you or a family member are battling one of the diseases above .. or the PetLvr group project .. any story that is pet related.

    If interested … contact me at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com


    * PS This post is duplicated on 1-800-HART

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    August 9th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    PetLvr.com – [The Blog] proudly introduces Part II of our new Breeder series of blogs .. finishes off with:

    HorseLvr.com – All About Horse – For Horse Lovers

    In a nutshell, this site will be storing all HORSE related information found in our “BREED INFORMATION” category and “PET HORSE” category. We expect this site to grow into a site that will become home to one of the largest lists of horse information on the internet, plus introducing many horse related websites to the public, in a blog format.

    Our long term goal is to better help the pet lover in making a decision in purchasing and choosing the right horse for their needs.

    For HorseLvr.com .. If you wish to subscribe to its RSS Feed …click on the following link and add it to your favorite RSS feed reader program:


    If you have a related site and wish to be featured in the above site … feel free to Contact me at HorseLvr.com and I’ll try to post details of your website and business under its appropriate category. Please include very specific details and copy of what you would want to appear in our website.

    Take care / HART

    Meet Our Pet “LVR” Series of Blogs


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    August 9th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    PetLvr.com – [The Blog] proudly introduces Part II of our new Breeder series of blogs .. continuing with:

    FishLvr.com – All About Fish – For Fish Lovers

    In a nutshell, this site will be storing all FISH related information found in our “BREED INFORMATION” category and “PET FISH” category. We expect this site to grow into a site that will become home to one of the largest lists of fish information on the internet, plus introducing many fish related websites to the public, in a blog format.

    Our long term goal is to better help the pet lover in making a decision in purchasing and choosing the right fish for their needs.

    For FishLvr.com .. If you wish to subscribe to its RSS Feed …click on the following link and add it to your favorite RSS feed reader program:


    If you have a related site and wish to be featured in the above site … feel free to Contact me at FishLvr.com and I’ll try to post details of your website and business under its appropriate category. Please include very specific details and copy of what you would want to appear in our website.

    Take care / HART

    Meet Our Pet “LVR” Series of Blogs


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