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    August 9th, 2006HARTHART-Empire Network

    Round #1 – The “Battling” Series of Blogs

    “Battling” Series – Forums

    The “Battling” series of blogs were created out of personal reasons. It was to be a joint “health and fitness” section with postings from the two existing members of the HART-Empire Network. Ruth’s husband is battling with Multiple Sclerosis. My mother-in-law was battling with cancer (and eventually passed away May 26, 2006). My brother is schizophrenic. We all battle stress and obesity. My father had stokes in 2000 and also has diabetes and heart attacks and strokes are a risk – for him, and for me as his son. It is my attention to add another four (4) blogs to this “Battling” series of health and fitness blogs .. but, I’m neglecting the eight existing now – there’s no reason to neglect another 4 blogs! A Forum domain was created to somehow tie all of these blogs together, and get some community participation happening.

    >> These blogs will be updated more frequently closer to the end of Summer and beyond .. most likely due to my non-online business activities and my fondness for the Beach and Cottage Life during this dry and hot summer 2006 .. i.e. short work weeks!

    Round #2 – The “LVR” Series of Blogs

    Pet “LVR” Series – Forum

    I just finished setting up Part II of the “LVR” Series of blogs (for bird, fish and horse lovers). Part I was putting up the dog and cat lover sites. The Papillon lover sites will continue to remain to be known as the “Dogs’ Websites”. All the other sites are meant to replace existing categories found within the PetLvr blog itself, mostly relating to Breed Information and Selection Criteria. The long term goal is to better help the pet lover in making a decision in purchasing and choosing the right cat, dog, bird, fish or even a horse .. for their needs.

    >> For now, I will be basically just catching up in my spare time duplicate posting on the subsidiary blogs content originally placed on the PetLvr site. Once I am current with that, new Breed Information and selection-criteria-type of articles will be posted directly on the newer and smaller blogs.

    Round #3 – New Series of Blogs in Development

    Besides all of the existing blogs that I have ..

    * 1-800-HART – This Blog
    * 1-800-HART’s Picks – Product Blog of Affiliated Sites
    * HARTandYVONNE.com – Our Wedding and Family Blog
    * call HART crazy – Random Thoughts and Opinions
    * Corydon Clock Repair– Father-in-Law’s business
    * The-Singers.com – Music Site and Meme participation

    .. I currently have three (3) blogs in the development stages (open September 1, 2006):

    * HART-oscope.com – My old HART-Oscope on Blogspot was last year’s daily Cancer Horoscope .. believe it or not, it ended up having as many subscribers as my PetLvr site! It expired June 30, 2006 and I am resurrecting it on it’s own domain.

    * AndYouRetire.com – This will be my foray into finance, as I try to cover important wealth building, investing and the many other retirement issues that most of us face .. that being .. “Will we have enough money to retire when it comes time to retire?”. There may be some spin-off from this 1-800-HART blog as well.

    * 62-151.com – This domain name is derived from my home address .. and I’ve got an idea and concept that is quite unique and actually useful .. if I can implement it correctly. I’d rather not say what it’s about at this time.

    Why Am I Telling You All This?

    Because of the HART-EMPIRE NETWORK .. It’s time for an Update

    1) I am now officially accepting application for new membership into our HART-Empire “Network of Blogs”. If you are willing to place the network code in your sidebar .. then you pretty much qualify. Perhaps you applied in another blog network and got rejected .. or you have a blog or several blogs that might fit under one of our channel headings. Even if it doesn’t, I am willing to create new channels. The network code is java based, and I don’t think it will improve your pagerank (if that’s what you are hoping for) but, we currently have been experiencing cross-blog traffic as a direct result of having the code on all of our blogs in the network, for those (like me) who like to channel surf blogs and sidebars!

    2) Or, if you have an idea for a blog but do not want to spend time doing the development, creation and maintenance and hosting of your blog .. I would be willing to consider options to host and maintain a blog for you = where all you basically have to do is just blog and post articles. I will probably take a ‘piece of the action’ and some type of agreement would be made that is fair to both of us, similar to what is out there in other similar situations.

    3) Or, if you just want to co-contribute and write on any of my blogs .. we can come to some arrangement. Honestly, I am poor and broke and will not be offering payment for writers, but will offer unlimited reciprocal linking and you can definately cross link and promote any of your own sites in any articles that you write or E-Books etc etc. If that appeals to you to help get your name known and increase visibility of your work, I am interested in seeing what you have. For these blogs, I am only currently considering this on any of the “Battling” series of blogs .. if you or a family member are battling one of the diseases above .. or the PetLvr group project .. any story that is pet related.

    If interested … contact me at … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com


    * PS This post is duplicated on 1-800-HART

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