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  • i had Tweetmeme button and then moved over to Twittley. I think Twittley will be the next big thing, go have a look at it.

    It depends solely on you which one you would like to use though 🙂
    .-= ** Check out George Serradinho´s last blog .. Serious Monday Roundup #1 =-.

  • Thanks George for the suggestion .. will definitely take a look!

  • I just looked at Twittley (and retweeted your last post) ..// actually – don’t like it.

    I like that this TweetMeme STOPS after it fills your twitter box with what to post, and gives you an opportunity to edit it, than to just post it automatically like that. For a tweeter, it’s nice to be able to modify that .. maybe add an opinion, or mini-review if possible.

    But, as a publisher, I can see that it’s also nice to maintain the correct URL, add hashtags or @replies as you indicate I suppose.

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