• Quickies – September 17, 2006

    September 17th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * I’ve done NO WORK this weekend (of my offline dayjob work). We were going to go to the beach this weekend, then decided to just go do a “Day-Trip” on Saturday .. but then friday night it started to pour here and it was probably raining up at the beach too .. so – we stayed home. All I’ve been doing in my spare time is .. researching and posting for the blogs. I have a deadline on Wednesday for my offline work, but I’ll just continue today (Sunday) with my day of rest = aka blogging. I’ve done about 35 pre-posted articles for my “LVR” series of blogs so far 🙂

    * What’s going on with ROJO?

    According to recent news

    Six Apart, makers of popular blog hosting software Movable Type, has bought RSS aggregator Rojo.

    Under the deal, Rojo executive Chris Alden will head up the Movable Type team, while Aaron Emigh will become Six Apart’s general manager of core technologies.

    “Rojo will continue and be better than ever. The Rojo leadership team will continue to be involved with Rojo.com [and] NooZ.com,”

    Hmm.. Well all that means to me is that since the beginning of this weekend – I’ve noticed that all my ROJO graphics in all my sidebars of all my blogs (about 33 of them) that had the ROJO link for my FEEDBURNER feed .. is – not working.

    What should I do? Wait? Remove the link? I know that over time .. with new chicklets have been constantly being added (you can only see in this HART-Empire Network sidebar that I don’t have them all) .. I should be going around to all my template sidebars and give it an update.

    I’ll wait until early this week though – just in case the ROJO graphic comes back.

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