• Quickies – September 18, 2006

    September 18th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Are You Using the Democracy Plugin?

    If you understand the title .. you must have a WordPress blog, and have probably tried the Democracy plugin by Jalenack. Now .. I can’t really show you this in action here, at HART-Empire.com, because – well – I have not activated this plugin – plus, this wordpress blog is only 1.5.2 version. (I should upgrade soon I guess).


    * That you can have multiple polls running on your blog?
    * I didn’t – that is – until last week.

    I knew you can have at least one poll going on in your sidebar .. see 1800HART.com/blog/ – because I am asking businesses what accounting software they are using. I’m also using it at PetLvr.com/blog .. asking what type of animal lover people are …

    * But – Now go and look at my third site using the plugin – 62-151.com/polls/

    I just created 3 crappy polls .. feel free to answer them all 🙂 There may be more in the future, if I can think of something nice worth polling readers about.

    And how did I do that?

    * You should be on the latest wordpress version 2.0+
    * You need the latest Democracy plugin version (see above link)
    * You need the Exec-PHP plugin to allow PHP code directly inside your wordpress blog.
    * Create pages – In my 62-151.com template, the pages shows up in the header automatically, so I created subpages to keep them separate. Ideally, I think that is the best way to go i.m.o. .. although I suppose you can place all your polls on one page, or embed them on certain daily postings, etc etc.

    As you know – in your template .. the code would end up something like this in your sidebar … (NOTE: replace [ with the lessor than < sign)

    That selects the ACTIVE poll that you create.

    But – for each of my sub-pages having polls, I don’t care which one is active because I am not selecting it .. my code would be:

    – for my poll #1

    – for my poll #2

    – for my poll #3

    The numbers, of course, correspond to the numbers in your dashboard .. MANAGE / DEMOCRACY / details.

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