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    May 13th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    I actually created an account today over at “The Good Blogs” but, after I was limited to adding only 3 of my blogs .. I decided to just delete the blogs, and the account, and don’t bother with the widget. I couldn’t figure out how to delete my account though – oh well.

    I joined “Blog Catalog” a few years back, but it’s only recently that this site seems to be trying to mimick MyBlogLog with the communities, neighborhoods and widgets. I was all for this community .. and started to load up my sites and widgets in my sidebar – then one of my sites was ‘DECLINED’ .. // Thanks! But no thanks. I removed all widgets from my sidebars. That really pissed me off for some reason. However, it’s quite hard to delete my username here as well! So, I left two sites up there that have been there for a long time anyway, and seem to have made friends and a neighbourhood all of their own. If people on Blog Catalog add me into their neighbourhood or as a friend, I will receive notification and add that person as my friend. Other than that, I don’t go to this site AT ALL.

    Except for the annoying limit of only being able to join 15 communities per day – WHICH IS FREAKING STUPID MYBLOGLOG (and I’ve mentioned that many times in email, on their blog, in MyBlogLog, etc) – It’s still the coolest social community in my opinion. Every time I see a new reader, I try to join his/her community. It’s better than adding bookmarks to your favorites .. because when I’m in the mood to surf pages .. I come here and surf the sites of people actually reading my sites. For instance, today I started to surf pages of members joined into my PetLvr community. There’s a lot of great talent out there on the www.


    So there you have it – I’m quite busy with my offline work, with my blogging, and my every day life … but for online social communities .. I don’t see the point in me joining a gajillion of other social communities that I don’t get some benefit out of it .. which is to somehow promote my own sites while I am promoting and joining the community. Sorry! I know that sounds bad and like “Me-Me-Me-Me” .. but, that’s the way I feel today.

    Curiously enough, I am joined into many other ‘social bookmark’ type of sites, which really was a result of a paid plugin I am using that posts each post I make on every blog at the time of posting, to a random 4 sites out of 20+ possible social bookmark sites .. furl, blogmarks, spurl, simpy, delicious, blinklist, rawsugar, blogmemes, linkagogo, feedmelinks, magnolia, backflip, google, jots, linkroll, looklater, markaboo, myweb, smarking, wink and a couple scuttle sites here and there. I selfishly just post my own stuff and really don’t participate or read other people’s bookmarks – except for simpy .. (believe it or not).

    I do occassionally add my own posts that I think contribute to the betterment of society (just like some might DIGG stories) .. to Reddit – from my SHARE THIS option that is on every post. When I do – I spend time reading new stuff, and most popular stuff. It’s the same with Outpost-Earth graphic in my sidebar. I have signed up and my RSS feeds go through that site. Occassionally, I start reading other Canadian blogs, and seeing if any new ones were created from Western Canada and see what people are writing in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

    Other than that – How much reading and social interaction can one person get with a full time job?!

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  • Hart,

    Don’t leave blogcatalog. We love a community made of characters.

    Email me your username and I will check out why your third blog didnt get in. Two out of three isnt bad. We hand review each blog with the goal of creating a quality community of bloggers.

    Check out the new discussions…. you’d be a welecome addition blogcatalog.com/discuss

    All the best,


  • Hi Tony .. thanks for the personal response ..

    My username is PetLvr .. feel free to check my history from your point of view.

    But from my point of view .. it’s your “hand review” policy of each blog that made up my decision not to promote Blog Catalog. The community should be in charge of that – unless of course, it’s the obvious three type of losers (porn, splogging, and racial) – where, the community shouldn’t have to even see that crap.

    I just don’t believe any of my sites should be classified as one of those three.

    take care

  • PS: Tony .. Blog Catalog still has potential though, i.m.o. .. to be another great community. It really has grown to that next level in the past 3-4 months since you guys bought this back in mid January 2007 from the bloggy guys.

    I might come back at a later date .. nothing’s ever written in stone .. even blog entries can be edited 😀

  • I checked your submissions and you only submitted 2 blogs so far to BlogCatalog.com.

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