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  • How does one do this on WP 6.2.1 or higher? There isn’t a “files” management area. 🙁

  • Thanks! I have this problem, I’ll try it and see if it works. 🙂

  • Hi Shellz .. Let us know how this worked for you!

    Generally, I think the numbers have to be exponential or something .. like 2M .. 4M .. 8M .. 16M … 32M ..

  • I coulden’t install my theme because of a file size error. I found lots of forum questions about this error but not many answers. Thanks for the easy to follow tip. files size problem solved!

  • I have this error but when I log into my admin i don’t appear to have a manage -> files option. I’m using 3.3.1 . I’m guessing things might have changes since 2007???

    • Dan … if you have FTP access, you can just edit the .htaccess file and include the line. My values range between 4M and 64M php_value upload_max_filesize but, mostly 8M in my network.

      If you don’t have FTP access … you probably shouldn’t be doing this. If you have FTP access but want an easier way to do this, go to Plugins, and search for “edit .htaccess” and temporarily activate for use.

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