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    May 31st, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * I keep forgetting .. CLICKBANK RIPPED ME OFF!

    * I signed up in September 2005 and during the few months following around Xmas 2005, I earned $40.58 USD commissions.

    * But my threshold level was set to $100 minimum before payout was to be made.

    * I still can’t believe that I did that – and am under the impression that $100 must-have-been the minimum level for payout back then (I’m not an idiot) but, now it clearly allows a minimum of even $10 before there is a payout.

    * At first I thought CLICKBANK were THIEVES by stealing money owed to me, but they are not thieves .. they just RIPPED ME OFF ..

    * Because clearly .. their terms are clear on their websiteAccounts with a positive balance but no earnings for an extended period of time are considered dormant. Dormant accounts are subject to a $1 charge per pay period after 90 days of inactivity. A $10 per pay period charge applies after 365 days.

    * That’s why I have to scour all of my templates and non-blog websites … to make sure I get rid of ClickBank codes … I’m obviously not making *ANYTHING* from them .. and there’s no more sense in gearing up this summer and Xmas 2007 trying to sell ClickBank products .. they just don’t work for me anyway.

    * Good Luck to you if you are earning revenues from selling and promoting Clickbank products as affiliates!

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    May 29th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    I’ve decided to move all of my accounts .. to a new ISP#3.

    I wrote about some of the issues I was having in my Crossroads post .. and it’s time to just take the leap.

    For my ISP#1 … (aka the mega plan) .. renewal is July 15th, but May 2007 has proven to reach double my bandwidth limits .. using 29.71 GB traffic to this morning’s date for May 2007 alone. The option provided to me, to cover this level of bandwidth – is to upgrade to the level where I was last year. I downgraded and reorganized my accounts last year … from the very plan they suggest I upgrade to. Thanks, but I do not need this stress every year.

    For my ISP#2, my annual renewal was May 28, 2007 – and I renewed this “reseller” account for 1 month only. I’ve got 39 blogs and MySQL databases there, I hope this is enough time to move everything.

    The biggest problem of choices to make is with the mega plan at ISP#1. Once I close down and transfer everything out of ISP#2 .. I will tackle ISP#1. And, I will be watching the bandwidth in June very closely. ISP#1 has 5 domain aliases as part of my PetLvr.com domain and back in May 2005 when I created the first five MySQL databases .. I just used different table names inside the same MySQL database. When I begin to move these accounts .. if I can .. I want to segregate the database tables into unique databases for each blog. I’m also debating whether or not to move the blogs back to the root .. (e.g. PetLvr.com/blog/ to PetLvr.com/)

    Time will tell!

    So .. what should you expect?

    * Well .. for starters, I will be posting all the information on this blog and my progress
    * I will give warning before each move on the individual blogs to warn readers
    * At the same time (shortly after the move that is) I will also be upgrading all of my plugins.
    * Then .. I think it might be time for a network-wide makeover!

    Afterwards, I will try to document the entire move and of any issues that might arise during the process.

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    May 23rd, 2007HARTHmmmm Things

    My ISP#2 (the reseller PRO account) renewal becomes due on May 28th. Currently .. I’m allowed to create an unlimited number of sites, within my monthly combined allocation limit of:

    * Disk Space 20,000 MB >> I have 1,500 MB unallocated
    * Bandwidth Monthly 200 GB >> I have 15 GB unallocated

    Of the allocated 185 GB of monthly bandwidth, the sites created on this ISP only used 10GB in the month of May 2007 – so far to date … and that’s on 36 hosted sites. My annual cost is $479.40 USD.

    My ISP#1 (the mega PetLvr account) renewal becomes due July 15th. Currently .. I’m on the NOVA plan which allows me up to 15GB of traffic per month. There are a five sites included in this one site as domain aliases (1800hart.com, Papillonlvr.com, cordyonclock.com, petlvr.com, hartandyvonne.com) and unfortunately, like an idiot – I created one MySQL database that houses all these blogs and its growing.

    I was just informed that my ISP#1 has reached almost 21 GB of traffic for these 5 sites for the month of May 2007, and is expected to reach about 28GB for the month. They are requesting that I move UP two plans, to the VORTEX plan, which allows up to 35GB traffic per month. Last year, I was going to move everything away from ISP#1 because I *HAD* the Vortex plan and it is just too expensive. My annual cost was reduced to $360 CDN and, the Vortex plan would push it back up to $900 CDN annually.

    I should say, that I am a loyal customer of ISP#1, since early 2001? I think .. and they are based in Saskatchewan – under Canadian Law. My ISP#2 falls under the USA laws. If you don’t know what that might mean to a Canadian blogger already, there’s no reason for me to elaborate.

    I do place a few affiliate banners in my sidebars of a few blogs from hosting companies .. Globat and MidPhase.

    I can get the Terabyte Plan from Globat which is only $6.95 per month ($83.40 USD per year) which would give me 1000 GB Web Hosting Space and 1000 GB Data Transfer bandwidth for month. It can allow up to 6 domains on the plan. They even have a higher plan called the Terybyte XS plan which offers up to 5,000 GB of Web Hosting Space and 2,000 GB bandwidth per month for $18.95 per month ($227.40 USD per year). Although I can create up to 100 domains, there is a limit of only 10 MySQL databases on the big account. I do not think I would combine databases anymore now that I see the repurcussions.

    Meanwhile, I have been hearing a lot about MidPhase Hosting .. and although I do not think their plans are quite unique, the general dicussion out here seems to be that they are reliable and working to work with you.

    If my blogs and sites within the ISP#2 reseller account ever came popular – knock on wood – I might have a problem in the future and need more bandwidth. If I had less sites, I’d allocate more space and bandwidth and there wouldn’t be any future problems. At the moment .. I’m happy with the reseller account and it’s reliability, help if I need it .. and ease of setting up as many accounts as I need to (it’s at http://Ace-Host.net by the way).

    But – for the price of what I might have to pay at ISP#1 .. I can get 4 TereByte XS accounts that would more or less cover everything I need and all 40 + blogs. And, if I had to combine a few MySQL databases to make use of the extra bandwidth or space .. well .. I’m living with it now – what’s the diff?

    Crossroads .. What to do.. What to do ..

    I guess it’s time to look for a more permanent solution and perhaps, put all my eggs into one basket = the question is .. which basket?

    Any suggestions? Options? Help and assistance? >> Will be appreciated!

    // HART

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    May 13th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    I actually created an account today over at “The Good Blogs” but, after I was limited to adding only 3 of my blogs .. I decided to just delete the blogs, and the account, and don’t bother with the widget. I couldn’t figure out how to delete my account though – oh well.

    I joined “Blog Catalog” a few years back, but it’s only recently that this site seems to be trying to mimick MyBlogLog with the communities, neighborhoods and widgets. I was all for this community .. and started to load up my sites and widgets in my sidebar – then one of my sites was ‘DECLINED’ .. // Thanks! But no thanks. I removed all widgets from my sidebars. That really pissed me off for some reason. However, it’s quite hard to delete my username here as well! So, I left two sites up there that have been there for a long time anyway, and seem to have made friends and a neighbourhood all of their own. If people on Blog Catalog add me into their neighbourhood or as a friend, I will receive notification and add that person as my friend. Other than that, I don’t go to this site AT ALL.

    Except for the annoying limit of only being able to join 15 communities per day – WHICH IS FREAKING STUPID MYBLOGLOG (and I’ve mentioned that many times in email, on their blog, in MyBlogLog, etc) – It’s still the coolest social community in my opinion. Every time I see a new reader, I try to join his/her community. It’s better than adding bookmarks to your favorites .. because when I’m in the mood to surf pages .. I come here and surf the sites of people actually reading my sites. For instance, today I started to surf pages of members joined into my PetLvr community. There’s a lot of great talent out there on the www.


    So there you have it – I’m quite busy with my offline work, with my blogging, and my every day life … but for online social communities .. I don’t see the point in me joining a gajillion of other social communities that I don’t get some benefit out of it .. which is to somehow promote my own sites while I am promoting and joining the community. Sorry! I know that sounds bad and like “Me-Me-Me-Me” .. but, that’s the way I feel today.

    Curiously enough, I am joined into many other ‘social bookmark’ type of sites, which really was a result of a paid plugin I am using that posts each post I make on every blog at the time of posting, to a random 4 sites out of 20+ possible social bookmark sites .. furl, blogmarks, spurl, simpy, delicious, blinklist, rawsugar, blogmemes, linkagogo, feedmelinks, magnolia, backflip, google, jots, linkroll, looklater, markaboo, myweb, smarking, wink and a couple scuttle sites here and there. I selfishly just post my own stuff and really don’t participate or read other people’s bookmarks – except for simpy .. (believe it or not).

    I do occassionally add my own posts that I think contribute to the betterment of society (just like some might DIGG stories) .. to Reddit – from my SHARE THIS option that is on every post. When I do – I spend time reading new stuff, and most popular stuff. It’s the same with Outpost-Earth graphic in my sidebar. I have signed up and my RSS feeds go through that site. Occassionally, I start reading other Canadian blogs, and seeing if any new ones were created from Western Canada and see what people are writing in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

    Other than that – How much reading and social interaction can one person get with a full time job?!

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    May 13th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    If you have Google Adsense, then you were probably sitting in the same position I was this past week. Should I convert my login to my Gmail account?

    Quite frankly, I enjoyed Google Adsense Login the way it was a few months ago and earlier. I used to double click my mouse in the first field was, and select my login email address. My password would be remembered and I would be logged in.

    Then, suddenly that changed. Nothing happened when you double clicked the field in the login, and I actually had to type in both my user id (email) and password. This was annoying for me.

    Then .. recently, it seemed that everytime I logged in, there was a new screen asking me to convert everything to my Gmail account login. I kept “skipping” it, and wasn’t logging into my adsense account too much anyway (I know I don’t make that much worth watching it every two seconds).

    Last Wednesday, I believe, I finally converted. And, I think I like it better. As I’m always logged into my gmail account for my Google Talk and Email Alerts .. it seems that I have to log in once a day .. but if I come back many hours later or at the end of the day – as long as I’m still connected to Google Talk, that red ‘logging in’ button starts logging me in, without even showing the two fields for user id and password.

    I know .. I know .. WTF is he talking about? It’s one of those SCTV moments .. “$Dialing For Dollar$” skit .. with Walter Kronkite .. it’s not “Dialing for Dollars” .. it’s “Dollarsign Dialing for Dollar Dollarsign” and Booooy does that bug me” And, if you are NOT a fan of SCTV, then that reference would be even more obscure.

    The thing is .. it was working fine before, and they changed it. It then was annoying me to all heck. Now, not only is it back to the way it was before, but I think it’s better somehow .. and that’s good in my books. I mean .. what good are ‘cookies’ for anyway if you can’t automate your logins to your favorite sites that you go to on your computer, right?

    See? I just logged in and no UserID and Password to enter!

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    May 10th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * One word on this new look and from what I’ve seen *so far* relating to functionality …


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    May 9th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Statistics, WooHoo

    * HART-Empire Earnings for 2007 (January-April) Released .. sounds like a press release, eh?

    According to THIS POST back in 2006, I estimated that my 2006 earnings would be about $3,665 USD .. which turned out to be pretty close to actual. Actually, it was closer to about $2,200 USD plus private deals of $1,800 USD (that expired March 2007) for a total around $4,000 USD earnings.

    Don’t ask me where the money went! It just went! But keep in mind, this is EARNINGS .. not cash.

    Now .. I’ve deducted the $1,800 private deals from the lot to better represent the online earning potential and growth that I have accomplished from earning revenues online, and actually included (or ‘accrued’) revenue from sources that I have yet to receive payment from. You see, as an accountant – I’m anal like that! Not only can I tell you what I’ve earned, I can cross reference it by blog, by type of ad, and one other criteria .. but I won’t. What I do want to reflect is that without the private ads .. the $2,200 USD relates to:

    * $183.33 per month average
    * $6.03 per day average

    So .. although I have all the details for 2007 recapped and itemized in excel spreadsheets on my computer, I have created a Google Document Spreadsheet and (hope this works) set it to SHARING in case anybody is curious to see a rough summary of how I keep track of my own personal earnings, from blogging – excluding private deals.

    * HART-Empire Network Draft Earnings 2007

    Summary of Gross Earnings 2007

    * January 2007 – $344.61
    * February 2007 – $372.37
    * March 2007 – $492.41
    * April 2007 – $476.08

    ** Year-To-Date Gross Earnings (Jan-Apr/2007) – $1,685.47

    * Average (so far) $14.05 per day or, $421.37 per month


    I don’t know .. what do YOU think? Is that good? On one hand – I’ve struggled making my first $10 per month for many months .. and anything is good, right? But I’ve been blogging since May 2005 and now have over 40 blogs on 32 different domains. Also, I know of a lot of other bloggers that make about the same, or more, or less, but certainly spend a HECK OF A LOT LESS time blogging than I have been spending. But, I think the social aspect and ‘stress-release’ factor of reading, participating, commenting and just following the links is all part of the blogging process. It helps me get perspective, and lets me see what the world is doing out there online. It’s also fun too 🙂

    It was only this recent March 2007 that I finally exceeded $100 per month level on Google Adsense earnings. I personally feel that if I were to SPEND more money on advertising, I would do more – but, I wanted to avoid that at all costs. As it turns out, I’ve actually started to purchase Text-Link-Ads to advertise the PetLvr site on a few sites .. just to test the waters .. but it hasn’t been much, as I am a cheap bastard 😀

    * Advertising SPENT in 2007 – January $0, February $20, March $20, April $45 (I have also prepaid May/2007 for the same amount $45 at this point)

    I have no savings, as I have actually been “bootstrapping” my business by reinvesting these gross proceeds towards certain other online aspects of my business that, I’d rather not go into at this point in time.

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    May 9th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things

    I’m not going to lie. There was a problem .. and the problem was me.

    I was having a rough time “Getting Back Into It” since I resumed blogging from my Official Slowdown notice on May 1st .. and it’s May 9th today! I can’t believe how much time has passed since I’ve announced that “I’m Back”..

    I do feel that I am finally back in the drivers’ seat though, as in the past 2 days I probably have PRE-posted about 40 articles around my blogs. I feel like I am about half way there, before I really get back to normal. When I am finished getting a good week’s worth PRE-posted articles on EVERY blog, I will publish my recommendations to Ezine Writers … to let you “authors” out there know some of my reasons how I select ezine articles to be used in my blogs, or rejected for my blogs.


    If you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a lot of blogs and no writers. I do everything myself! I’ve tried to hire writers, and even trained a few family and friends but, that never panned out. I wish my wife would be interested, but I can totally understand why she isn’t. Meanwhile, here is how I used to blog and read blogs and comment on blogs and just have fun in the blogosphere – during my off season: I could spend a whole day working on my blogs, or reading blogs or commenting on blogs or just having fun in the blogosphere! Of course, on average .. it was working to be in range between 3-6 hours per day I think – spread out through the day or in blocks of time. For some reason, instead of doing ADMIN work for my own non-blogging business (I’m an accountant/bookkeeper/consultant by day) … I would almost prefer to catch up on everything by working all night Thursday nights, and then quitting work Friday by suppertime, and walking away from the computer.

    But – January through to June is my busy season offline, especially February to April due to income tax. I’m like a different person. What normally would be, for instance, an 8 hour day of working at my accounting and income tax business then add maybe 3-6 hours blogging, became about 11-12 hour day working at my accounting and income tax business, and then adding 3-6 hours blogging.

    Last year – (due to the “technorati incident” as I like to call it) – my traffic was cut in half, and then my offseason work caused me to slow it down to about 25% of what I thought was normal traffic. Strangely enough, I’ve found out that readers, in general, tend to NOT be loyal to blogs but .. there are always new readers out there. I lost that extra 25% of traffic last year because I practically did an official slowdown starting March 1st. This year, I managed to last as long as April 20th before I had to give in to the workload .. and prevent a heart attack or something bad to my health!

    Looking at my statistics, I think I survived the traffic meltdown, and thank everybody for being patient and sticking around my RSS Feeds during the interim!

    And then I announced, that it was time to get back into it.

    Here’s the thing

    I can’t tell you how tired I’ve been .. since April 30th. I was popping WakeUps pills and doing consecutive 24 hour shifts with maybe the odd 3 hour power nap on the sofa. (PS: THAT’S NORMAL ACTUALLY FOR TAX SEASON). I think the reason I could do that, is because my mind was always racing about work related topics. Since April 30th, I have not really been able to shut my mind down, and get a full night’s sleep .. and stop my mind from thinking about work. I could take sleeping pills, but I just don’t think I should be doing that – take wakeup pills to stay awake, then sleeping pills to fall asleep.

    It took me 4 days to realize .. after I didn’t do ANY work or blogging and just trying to recouperate .. wait-a-minute .. I’ve got a crap load of work in my ToDo list and I should STILL be very busy! I don’t know why I think I should be back to working 8 hours per day with the accounting and income tax, when I should still be working about 10-11 hours per day to catch up and finish everything by May 31st.

    The sad thing is .. I’ve been working about 6 hours per day and falling MORE behind (and, forget the first few days of May when I did only Admin stuff, or nothing) Then .. my non-computer-literate parents receiving their newly purchased DELL computer last week and who do they call? HART-Computer-Installation-Busters! And then there was the purchase of a new big screen TV on the weekend, which takes time researching, going around, installing new TV cabinets, etc etc and trying to remove old non-working Big-Screen TV to local goodwill centers ->> all takes time!

    So – Do I have it out of my system now?

    Good question. I’ve finally did a GOOD Day’s work yesterday .. and at the moment have been working all-night catching up on my blogging. Don’t worry .. there’s always time for a power nap in the morning after my wife leaves for work at 7am in the bathtub!~ .. I even vaccuumed my office (since mid-April) and can see what’s in my ToDo boxes and organized everything!

    Anyway .. That’s where I am at mentally .. previously a mess and trying to recover. And physically, I’m still a mess but I am also trying to recover .. and also get back to routine for the Battling-Obesity blog.

    I started again on the exercise bike in the basement every morning, since the weekend – and my legs are .. well, the “No Pain, No Gain” saying would apply .. Side Effect from working in a chair all hours of the day (my excuse).

    That’s all folks! But, as a sidenote..

    According to the weather channel, it is supposed to be 31c in Winnipeg today, then back to normal 15-20c temps on Thursday. Here in my Home Office, due to the computers, it’s 33c in the middle of the night .. I’m dreading what it will be like later on today.

    By the way .. and speaking of today May 9th .. is my older brother’s 50th Birthday .. He was actually born on Mother’s day, 50 years ago today. We’re having a double celebration and BBQ on Sunday, and it’s like .. almost annoying how each is trying to AVOID MENTIONING that fact….

    My Mom: Are you coming over on Sunday for dinner?
    ME: Sunday? Hmm.. Why? What’s the occassion?
    My Mom: It’s your brother’s birthday.

    Likewise .. when I last talked to my older brother

    My Older Brother: Are you coming over on Sunday for dinner?
    ME: Sunday? Hmm.. Why? What’s the occassion?
    My Older Brother: It’s Mothers’ Day

    Of course, with my younger brother .. the conversation goes like this..

    My Younger Brother: Are you coming over on Sunday for dinner?
    ME: Sunday? Hmm.. Why? What’s the occassion?
    My Younger Brother: We’re having BBQ Steak and Chicken

    (PS: I’m the middle son, in case you haven’t figured that out ..)

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    May 2nd, 2007HARTQuickies

    My “official slowdown” is officially over

    It really helped me to shut down all blogging activities these last 10 days .. and I got a lot of work done and out of the door.

    So .. what did I expect to happen?

    I thought that the world will end. I thought all of my blogs will die. I thought everybody will unsubscribe from my blogs’ RSS feed. And all that good stuff neurotic people think about!

    I expected traffic to halt, sponsors to leave, adsense and other earnings to.. Stop.

    What really happened?

    Here’s the graph.

    Okay .. I did that red and bluey things on that picture 🙂 and, the adsense is just an example what it would look like if put on a chart. That’s the whole HART-Empire Network by the way .. but, all the individual graphs from Sitemeter (found in the footers of each site) kind of look like that as well.

    How did we do?

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