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    December 31st, 2006HARTHmmmm Things

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    You are The Flash

    The Flash
    Green Lantern
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    Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

    Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

    Quiz found via Duncan’s blog

    That’s Okay With Me! I’ve Always Like The Flash!

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    December 30th, 2006HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * Optimize: Feed Flare & Feed Image Burner

    I’ve seen them around in other feeds in my Bloglines .. and I thought I would test this out with the HART-Empire Network feed first, then if I like it – I’ll put it on all the sites’ feeds.

    Feed Image Burner

    I’ve seen a few feeds that have the Feedburner Feedcount in the top right header of certain feeds .. Feedburner even offers that as a “tip” what to place in that spot. But, I thought I would plaster my handsome HART caricature as seen on the top masthead logo .. and splash my face on the top of the feed. So … watch out! I’m watching you read my feeds!

    Feed Flare

    I’ve added the “digg this” and “del.icio.us” and “email this” links to appear at the bottom of this feed. I think I will add them regardless to all the RSS feeds I have, that is displaying full feed in the RSS feed. I don’t think they are obtrusive, on other feeds that I’ve got in my Bloglines, that I’ve noticed.

    >> Of course .. this is a TEST – until I can see it – and, I can’t see it until I post and try it out.


    PS: It seems to be working fine! I like seeing HART’s caricature on the top header in my Bloglines! 😀 I will be doing this with all my sites over the upcoming week.

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    December 30th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * Good Idea! – Blog-Republic – Going With The Flow Around The Holidays

    Do you ever read the Blog-Republic? If you are blogging and learning how to be a better blogger ….. know that there are OTHER Darrens out there worth reading. Do yourself a favor and just add their RSS Feeds into your Bloglines or favorite feed reader! Do it now! Hurry!!

    MYSPACE .. Hmmmm. MySpace .. myspace .. my space on myspace~~~

    I created a PapillonLvr related Myspace site back in May 2005 but, decided to go to blogger then my own domains. Well, last April 2006 I decided to create another Myspace site under the 1800HART name .. but, I never used it and can’t even remember why I created it. Well .. after reading Darren’s post about setting up his celebrity blog on Myspace, and over a short period of time … just for the asking .. has been accumulating Myspace Friends and promoting his own domain blog from the Myspace blog! He even has his own RSS feed.

    Great idea! So .. I’ve been practicing and fiddling around and created two more sites .. for HART-Empire Network … and have been tinkering. I plan to do something in 2007 with these sites. But it was too much .. I deleted the original PapillonLvr site and the 2nd Hart Network site .. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING??

    But, I did keep the first network site (I’m not planning to link here yet – it will be for testing only) .. but here is the one site that I will be promoting and now put out into the public’s eye .. HART (1-800-HART)

    myspace.com/1800hart – HART on MySpace!

    Feel free to add me as a friend or contact or leave a comment .. and I will be sure to do same with your Myspace site! Also, feel free to subscribe to the blog over there, because come in the new year there might be summaries of existing posts around this network or entirely new content to chat about! I suspect, it might be the former though .. with a musical slant on the latter. One thing I do wish to focus on in 2007 out of Myspace (besides traffic building notions) is get a handle what’s really happening out there in the music scene .. in conjunction with The-Singers.com

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    December 30th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * Amazon Affiliated Stores (aStores) >> In case you didn’t know .. I’ve got them too!

    This was the first one set up months and months ago .. as links on The-Singers.com and 1800HART.com/picks/

    A Store about Music Software, Music Equipment and other Music Related items

    I’ve created a second store and placed a banner in the sidebar of PetLvr.com/blog/

    A Store filled with books about Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish and Horses

    I’ve created a third store and placed a banner in the sidebar of 1800HART.com/blog/

    A Store about Accounting and Income Tax Software, and other bookkeeping, payroll and related type of items

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    December 29th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * MyBlogLog – continued ..

    I mentioned earlier that I like this concept, and it’s nice to see new faces in the sidebar on the MyBlogLog widget.

    I have decided to include ALL my sites in my profile (but give me time – I’ll add them all over the upcoming weeks).

    I also plan to JOIN EVERY COMMUNITY that every reader owns! This way, when I click on your site I’ll be able to remember if I’ve visited you before – because, well – it says “Leave Community” if I’ve already joined! I haven’t figured out what I will be doing with all of these new communities, and how many I will be regularly watching .. but everytime I log in to MyBlogLog profile .. I intend to surf the “Hot in my Communities” top-10 links that exist everytime I show up in there. I’m sure if I like the sites, I will be increasing the count to my Bloglines.

    PS: I’ll continue to add people as Contacts, only if they added me as a contact – so feel free to add me a contact – if you want me to add you as a contact! I’m not really sure what that means though .. because everyone is free to ‘contact’ me anytime!

    Yup. That’s all I wanted to really say about that.

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    December 29th, 2006HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * Zone Alarm Rant and Woes

    Alternative Title

    * Zone Alarm Rave!

    The last straw with my old Norton Antivirus, Professional Edition .. was when I purchased a Wireless G Broadband Router so my laptop could access the internet and my network of a few computers back during Christmas 2004. What used to be on a renewal subscription term May to May was overridden by the installation of my new Norton Internet Security, and it took until the the end of 2005 to convince them why my recent renewal in May expires in December! I was glad when my DSL telephone company informed me that up to 3 unique installations of Zone Alarm suite was free for the taking. So I took it .. Norton just rebated me the difference.

    I started with version 6.1.737 … and I remember thinking that I was going to train my computer and network perfectly .. and thoroughly understood what I would allow, or deny when the popup came around. I was quite disappointed when I got that notice that there was an update available .. 6.1.744 .. and immediately updated (it was April) – and was horrified that it overwrote everything. All my settings were gone. I had to start all over again, and in the middle of my busiest season. I probably just clicked the “allow” just to get that freakin’ popout off of my system.

    Everything was working great .. but, I received an email (or was it a message in a forum that I saw?) suggesting that there was an issue with Eudora and Zone Alarm .. and everybody should upgrade to the latest version 6.5.722 this past summer. I made sure that my ISP reminded me the secret technique to upgrade Zone Alarm so that 100% of previous settings are NOT overwritten (hint: Ask them – there IS a way!) .. and I upgraded.

    Meanwhile – my computer system has never been worse since. I have no space left .. and I never delete any emails, except maybe 2-3 times a year I empty the trash. I’m getting around 600-800 emails a day .. so .. whenever my system hangs up on me – I always thought that it was a caching problem. And, it is a problem, because once my email freezes or starts to hang up – so does everything else. I have to wait forever if I’m successful in trying to save something. It’s been faster to just turn unplug everything and reboot. I figure enough was enough. So, I did some research last night to figure out what is really happening with my system.

    * Dumprep.exe and CPU usage 100%

    It seems that although it looked like my Eudora was crashing .. it was really just being part of everything else on my computer and hanging up (except it always seemed more aggrevating because I have it checking for new mail every few minutes). What is was .. is that my CPU usage was at 100% .. mostly because of dumprep.exe files using up 100% of my CPU usage. Most of the time, there might be two or three instances of that file .. like 37% and 41% and 22% or something like that. And, whenever I did research – Zone Alarm was always associated.

    So, I browsed the forums and instantly noticed … that there is a NEW BETA VERSION 7.0.279 … and downloaded and installed it.

    Besides the fact that I’ve been running spyware and antivirus scans daily or more (thinking that might stop the lag) .. this new version found 46 new things that I never noticed before. Also, my computer has been running with Eudora up and working perfectly, checking emails every 2 minutes .. and .. I have not rebooted since I installed this update this morning (Thursday Morning 28th) and my CPU usage has been ranging between 4% and 7%.

    OMG – it’s like the greatest invention since sliced bread, because – literally – My computer is finally a new machine tonight. It’s fast. It seems stable .. and there’s even a different Zone Alarm learning ability that makes the popups – less. It’s like night and day for me. I’m glad I figured this out. I was almost ready to think of an alternative to my long time favorite Eudora program.

    IF your are experiencing dumprep.exe and CPU 100% usage – and are using Zone Alarm … check out the beta version. What have you got to lose? Except Lag time.

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    December 28th, 2006HARTQuickies

    Can you please advise me .. What happens when you …

    (1) Type in the url of your browser … (just type it in)

    (2) Click this link …. (no link code)

    (3) Click this link …. (using link code)
    Heart and Stroke Blog

    For me … I’m getting rerouted to SEARCH.com ??? All the above links are identical. Yet, somehow .. on this blog in the “Battling-Series” of blogs in the Health and Fitness channel .. it’s getting rerouted.

    And, it’s not just here – it’s on every link that links to that blog. It’s adding an extra .com after the URL, and defaults to Search.com .. and, FOR ME at least – it seems to be doing this in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    (Q) Has anybody seen something like this?
    (Q) How the f$@#! can I stop this from happening?

    Anybody? Thoughts? comments? Suggestions?

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    December 27th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * Autometa Plugin

    For those of you using bloglines, you probably may have noticed weird categories following my name, just under the top title of each post. That’s because there has been some issues with the Autometa plugin, version 0.9 that I have been using – which was experimental – and I have been using this since about December 16, 2006 (See my Dec 21st post)

    An issue arose overnight with call HART crazy blog .. and almost crashed MySQL database .. // well, perhaps not crashed it .. but everytime you get a WordPress MySQL database error and remember you haven’t backed up your database for about a week or two – it worries you! I

    So – I will have downgraded back to the stable version 0.8 version upon posting THIS quickie blog entry and everything should be back to normal – including the top categories after my name on each posting!

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    December 27th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    * I’m not a fan of this design .. but – I’m a fan of that link option under the top right Search box!

    You can click to “Switch to Fixed Layout” or click to “Switch to Elastic Layout” .. I like that.

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    December 26th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * About Monetization and Ranting (Just discount this rant like any other Boxing Day Special~)

    I was surfing my Bloglines yesterday (Christmas day) and catching up on the ones that I haven’t read in a long while .. and I found myself reading an interesting blog entry. The author was looking back on 2006 and had mentioned that s/he was proud to finally break the 500 unique page views per day, and the unique visitors were averaging about 300 per day. Sounds good to me! The author continued, and was ‘proud’ that s/he had avoided temptation and have never used any ‘google ads’ or any ‘ads whatsoever’ on the blog and .. in a sly way, implied that people or bloggers who do have google ads or other monetization on their blogs were evil and sneaky and you should avoid reading them.

    This author left his/her public statscounter.com results to prove his/her claims of the traffic and I was looking at it a little closely.

    Yes, this blog was averaging about 450-550 page views a day, and the unique daily visitors seemed to be hovering between 275-350 unique visitors .. but this author neglected to point out one other piece of information .. that the RETURNING VISITORS were averaging between 200-250 every day!

    According to my math .. that’s about 80% of your unique visitors returning back to you everyday .. so, it’s not like you are getting about 300 new visitors each day.

    Listen .. I’m not knocking this person’s site, and 250 returning visitors is something that even I would like to achieve – but, perhaps .. just perhaps .. in this particular case .. monetization would NEVER work anyway .. seeing that it’s the same people that came back over and over each day .. friends and family will not get you rich by clicking on your ads. And, if that’s your reason to not have ads (because you wouldn’t be able to make any money from it anyway) … why are you putting down other people’s attempts to recoup financially some of their expenses?

    By the way .. that person’s site was just about movie reviews that this person would write about – after watching movies on this person’s T.V.

    Sorry for this rant .. I don’t care what people do or what they say about me (sticks or stones theory) but, just because it’s the holidays .. doesn’t mean you have to act more holier than me. I hope my ads and affiliate links and monetization attempts around my blogs are not intrusive, and if they are – PLEASE! feel free to mention that in my comments at any time .. But honestly, I’ll probably continue to have them and I do plan to try different techniques at various times to see what works for me and what doesn’t. And, if that’s your reason for you to decide to unsubscribe to my RSS feed .. that’s your choice.

    i.m.h.o. h.y.d.m.

    * And, Speaking of Rants .. in a network kind-of-way …

    Does anybody else find it odd to see a lot of b5media blogs joining the Glam Network? … I mean, more power to them I guess.

    It’s obvious some code on the sidebars and blogs are members. According to their Join Our Network page ..

    The Glam Blog Network is the premier network of editorially independent bloggers who possess unique points of view about fashion and style. Glam blogs cover a variety of topics, including apparel, accessories, beauty, trends, industry news, sales, and more!

    No offense .. but .. how does Dale Chavez and the Green Posse blog in the sports channel fit that? I mean, I can see blogs from the beauty and fashion channels, or promotion of “women’s lifestyle” bloggers ..

    >> Okay – that wasn’t a rant .. just curiousity. I really don’t expect any answers and it’s really not any of my business anyway.

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