• scissors
    June 14th, 2010HARTPlugins

    I´ll Give You All I Can...I have added the Smooth Slider plugin to this blog. You can too .. if you go to your wordpress dashboard “Plugins” section in the sidebar, “Add New”, and then search for “Smooth Slider”.

    The smooth slider is that featured box above the title of the posts. If I think a post is informative for others, or extremely interesting (opposed to just being a waste of cyberspace and me ranting and raving about nothing) then I will attach the post to be displayed in this section. I have tested several sliders and other featured content gallery type plugins because on Battling For Health blog .. everytime I try to reinitiate a paid plugin that I bought called “Action Popup” … I receive error messages on the page – something to do with the Ajax or java or some stupid thing. I know that this plugin does NOT fix that problem, but of all the features of the other plugins and sliders .. I liked this one the best and is simplest for my needs.

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