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    January 4th, 2010HARTBlogging

    In December 2009, browsing the Problogger.Community (to which I am a member) forums, I saw Simon Rogers – The Teenage Blogger, requested if anybody “got spare ad space“. At that time, I was debating whether I should convert this blog to Thesis template, or do something a little different with this blog. I mean, I like this template!

    So what I thought I would do … is replace my header image that I used to have ….

    … and replace it with seven 125×125 banner ads! (see above top below navigation)

    Well .. I offered two spots as prizes … for 3 months .. and the winners were announced December 18, 2009 and their banners now appear in my header for 90 days. I am also offering them a permanent link here by this congratulatory post!

    Congratulations Teenius Contest Winners

    SHIRLEY’S ZONE – Shirley is a 17 year old blogger, internet entrepreneur and student from Ghana and lives in the second capitol town of Ghana, Kumasi. Shirley is passionate about helping people improve their lives and helping them live a happy life through motivation, inspiration, teaching them about blogging, entrepreneurship, money, and life as a whole.

    INNOVATE YOURSELF – Where all the cool stuff happens … Deepika is interested in blogging and very eager in learning new things and sharing information. If you are a blogger without a blog and wish to guest post internet, or recent technologies .. please consider getting in touch with Deepika.

    TEENIUSMake Money With A Teenager – Simon Rogers is a teenager from the UK, just getting ready to start college to study Law, Business, Computing and one other subject. It was Simon’s idea for this contest of giving away $800 worth of free advertising – supplied by bloggers like myself and other great sites – and this is just one of the many simple blogging tips and tricks you will find over at Teenius to help bring awareness and traffic to your site!

    So check out all of these sites and Congrats again to the winners!

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