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    I have been online since March 1995, and started to host my personal websites on ISP’s since November 1995. I have had business websites up and running since 2001, and started blogging during May 2005. Since them, my need for stable Web Hosting has grown at an exponential rate. I have used single shared hosting environments, re-seller accounts, Virtual Private Servers and currently, full dedicated server as my hosting option. Currently, I have been with a dedicated server with Singlehop since September 2007.

    Almost 99% of the following recommended Web Hosting solutions are those that, while not personally engaged with – I have knowledge and recommendation from friends who use their services. Every hosting solution can be different, and you need to find one that suits your needs.

    Ask questions. Be honest. Your web hosting needs will be different if you have a single site with lots of traffic, versus many sites that use up alot of CPU resources, and sites that are blogs or sites that are ecommerce sites.

    Web Hosting Companies

    Here are some Web Hosting solutions that might help you. Every link on this page is an affiliate link, and should you continue your search and purchase web hosting – I will get a small token commission for referring you. If that is not okay, feel free to open up a new google search window and just search for the web hosting companies as you see fit!

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    Think Host


    Host Monster

    Just Host




    Blue Host

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