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    November 3rd, 2005HARTHART

    1-800-HART … Blog Design Version 2 – Complete

    1-800-HART introduces a new header picture, and a new theme! Says HART about the recent changes …

    Yep … It was time for a change .. Version 1 looked good, but had a few faults. Version 2 works. Period.

    As recalled during HART’s interview with himself

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    October 14th, 2005HARTHART

    call HART crazy

    * But .. it’s really simple. You either like it .. or you don’t.

    callHART.com is another Domain Alias to my HBSMC.com and 1800HART.com (go ahead! Try them all!)

    The story behind me registering this domain can be found here … Jokingly, I keep telling my clients and the people that I train is that .. “If there is any problems .. and they need help .. feel free to call 1-800-CALL-HART” .. Unfortunately, that is 8 numbers and phone numbers are 7 numbers so it didn’t really work that well. For some reason I just decided to break them up and register them both .. 1-800-HART and CALLHART ….

    It seemed to work out good for 1800HART.com and my blogs .. I had 1800HART.com/blog/ …. 1800HART.com/picks/ and one more that I won’t tell you for the moment (under test) … and I wanted to have some type of blog with the callHART.com domain now.

    I was thinking stuff like …

    * callHART.com/unist
    * callHART.com/andcool
    * callHART.com/pany

    UUGGH! I thought those all sucked, were too obvious and well … call me crazy .. but probably would offend people!

    And there you have it – call HART crazy … callHART.com/crazy

    This is probably a blog that you can relate to – or don’t know what it’s all about.

    * Have you ever watched a TV Show and at the end just think .. “why did I watch that!?” … or,
    * Have you ever watched a TV Show and thought .. “That was really excellent!” … or,
    * Did you really like something?
    * Does something really piss you off and you hate that?

    Well – that is the premise. NO THINKING. Whatever I’m doing, going, watching, listening to and even thinking … if I like it? I’ll blog about it. If I hate it? I’ll blog about it.

    Notwithstanding the content .. the concept has been approved by a few friends and family … and I have convinced two of them to assist me with this blog. While we might LIKE something, if there is something that’s the Cat’s Meow and greater than anything that ever was – next to sliced bread – we will RAVE about it. Likewise, it’s more than hate, disgust and annoyance .. if we see something that just makes you grit your teeth or shake your head .. well – we will RANT about that.

    call HART crazy … but

    … I think you might like this blog !

    Oh – and I’ve been linking random CRAZY stuff from Amazon.com in the top sidebar. I wonder how far I can go but, once I include all of the CRAZY stuff .. I’ll probably go with the DEMENTED stuff and then the WACKO products and so on and so on.

    By the way – if you think you know how to really RANT and RAVE about a topic you love or hate (politics, products, government workers blocking traffic, cops and police cars in donut shops not letting you have any space to park your car, etc etc … anything) .. would you want to help me? I could rename the blog to …

    call HART crazy and his friends Too!

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    October 14th, 2005HARTHART

    1 – 8 0 0 – H A R T

    * HART’s mind works in mysterious ways .. someone should take advantage of that

    For all intent and purposes, this is my “Business” blog – 1800HART.com is a domain alias for HBSMC.com .. which represents me, HART, the Proprietor of HBS Management Consultants. According to the blurb I wrote on the face of this blog (in the sidebar) …


    HART’s blog will contain matters of extreme great importance, or quite the opposite .. sheer nonsense

    HART’s blog is for anybody who finds this type of information useful .. although it is geered to help the single office home office (SOHO) individual to get organized with their business records and home office, or for the individual or accountant, bookkeeper or student eventually going out ‘on their own’

    I hope this information is of use to you .. If you have any questions .. participate in this blog

    At first, I wanted to be a great resource to all other budding accountants and bookkeepers and small businesses. When you work for somebody else, and with other people .. you have a valuable resource of people to help you get along with your day. This would mean stuff like:

    * People to talk to
    * People to go to lunch with
    * People who are interested in what you do – because they do it too

    It’s tough to be on your own. We have to rely on our own instincts and past experience, but really .. there is nobody watching over you .. your spouse will not help you get the jobs out .. you can’t just let the receptionist call the clients and send out monthly statements … nobody’s reviewing your work .. nobody is forcing you to do your expense report budgets .. No .. that’s YOU’RE job now. It is far and few between that I actually can go to lunch without it being a fast food joint, or a place where I try to get a seat that makes me look the LEAST pitiful – eating alone. When I first started out on my own, I tried the networking thingy but, it started to get too expensive buying people lunch that you may never do business with. Now, I treat my clients to lunch whenever I can and time permits, and they pay me regularly upon presentation of my invoice… it work’s out great!

    You see – I am an accountant and a consultant. If you want to read my lifestory … You can read it HERE .. But, you should know – I can’t just go ahead and discuss what I do or recommend for my clients – because

    a) My clients’ may be watching – for one thing!
    b) Information is confidential and subject to privacy acts here in Canada
    c) I am a registered Efile Preparer, and subject to additional security and confidentiality rules.

    Sorry! That goes about 90% of the good content that I originally wanted to show in this blog – my skill in problem solving.

    So .. this blog is more of a ..”What Catches HART’s Eye … and Why?” type of a blog … Some topics maybe really out there and quite off topic – but, I will usually end up with a few good topics once in a while. But, just in case I don’t .. I have two great categories created … The first is an AMUSING STUFF category, which has some interesting links to interesting people and sites and power point slideshows etc … The second is HART’s BOOKMARKS which is a living entity as I try to convert my own bookmarks into one stop place to look for stuff!

    I am reminded by a line in a BAZ LUHRMANN song .. callhart.com/crazy/2005/10/baz-lurhmann-everybodys-free-to-wear-sunscreen/ …. that stuck with me in the past years since I first heard this version …

    “Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

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    October 14th, 2005HARTHART

    HARTandYVONNE.com – Blog

    * The Personal Website of Hartley B. Singer and Yvonne Konig

    I created this website just prior to our Medieval Themed Wedding August 31, 2002. The “Reader’s Digest” version about the making of this website was to keep it forever – to document our lives and memories and vacations so many years from now we are not one of those couples that looks back and says … “Where did all the time go?

    So, here you will …

    * Find almost 1000 wedding and other pictures in our Photo Gallery
    * Find almost 300 MB of wedding videos
    * Lots of Medieval and Renaissance information and links
    * Come watch us get back in shape and lose weight with our Weight Watchers’ Diet!
    * Come find some great recipes or feel free to offer your own recipes!
    * Learn how few and infrequent we vacation and, when we do .. where we go
    * Get to know the personal side of me (HART) and my wife (YVONNE)

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