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    July 7th, 2012HARTHART-Empire Network, Hmmmm Things

    In anticipation of HART’s New Computer expected to arrive July 17, 2012 … I hope to resume with “The HART Podcast” series! My first podcast #000.1 was June 18, 2008 and my last podcast was #000.4 March 4, 2010. I know that doesn’t sound like a “series” but, I hope to get this going again, since I have purchased a new microphone, headphone, and web camera and an *awesome* Dell Computer with 16GB RAM memory!!

    PS Thanks for visiting, and here are a few gratuitous French Maid pictures I found on Flickr

    French MaidsAnyway … I figured rather than include music I do not have the rights to include in a podcast, and have no sound … I thought I would try and pick some “sexy” background music to make ME more interesting! Thanks to google search, and me being an economical type of Future Podcaster … I did find and purchased two different tracks from MelodyLoops.com that I plan to incorporate into each and every podcast. Maybe I’ll put one at the beginning and one at the end? Or, maybe just loop them over and over until the podcast is over? They only cost me $10.00 USD each, and I thought that was a reasonable price for a “Melody Loop”. What do you think?

    Let Me Know In The Comments Which You Prefer Best!

    1. ‘Only Trust Your Heart’ by Mike Nowa

    This track is 00m:31s and is looped into a 10 minute track below:
    [audio: melodyloops-only-trust-your-heart-10m.mp3]

    Single Loop
    [audio: only-trust-your-heart.mp3]

    2. ‘Mountain Blues’ by Pavel Svejentsev

    This track is 01m:12s and is looped into a 10 minute track below:
    [audio: melodyloops-mountain-blues-10m.mp3]

    Single Loop
    [audio: mountain-blues.mp3]

    You can listen to my previous Podcasts here: The HART Podcast” series //

    – Which one was your favorite?
    – I looped them into 10 minutes to be sure to give you a listen to how it would sound over and over and over again! Did you get sick of one or both or none of the above?
    – What if the first (without loop) started each of my podcasts, then the second looped over and over until the podcase was over?
    – comments? suggestions?

    PS – do you podcast? What do you do for background and/or intro music? // Thanks 😀

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    June 29th, 2012HARTHmmmm Things, Home Office

    Dell Desktop #1

    In October 2002 I purchased online a “Dimension 8200” Computer from Dell Canada. It was a super computer, because, if memory serves me correctly, I took the online price of about $1,700.00 and aggressively upgraded it into a super duper $4,500.00 computer! I took the 4 year option and my final payment was in October 2006.

    Dell Laptop #2

    In June 2007 I purchased online a “Latitude D820” Laptop Computer from Dell Canada. It wasn’t a super laptop-computer, but I did take the cost from about $999.00 to about $2,400.00 before taxes mostly getting more memory and storage space plus, a few accessories. I also took the 4 year option to lease instead of buy.

    In both cases, I was happy with my purchase because I needed the computer or laptop desperately for my busines, which I couldn’t afford to outright buy at the time, and both have served me well! In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have extended it to 48 month terms, because DELL CANADA FINANCE charges you 28.99% annual rate of interest in their amortization and you almost end up paying about 70% more for the cost of the product in the long term. However, I write off my lease payments for income taxes and if I didn’t pay Dell .. who else would I pay? Capital One? Revenue Canada?

    Best Buy Desktop #3

    Somewhere in between these two purchases, late 2003 or early 2004 … I purchased a second computer for the house. We called it the “SIMS 2” computer, and I would also store backups of my work on it. It was:

    HP Compaq Presario Computer
    AMD Anthlon(tm) 64 Processor +3500
    2.19 GHz, 960 MB of RAM

    >> nothing special It was configured for a multi-media enviroment and had 180 GB hard drive.

    Well … On February 27, 2007 My first Dell Dimension 8200 Crashed and that being the day before deadline of T4 Season (February 28th) I switched computers and started to use the Compaq Presario as my main computer. In June 2007 .. I actually went online to the Dell site to purchase a suitable (read: “Better”) desktop computer for my home office, but instead was starting up with the blogging since mid 2005 and trying a new business plan to me more … ‘roving’ so I thought a laptop would serve me better than upgrading to a new desktop, and so I did.

    Well … this Compaq Presario works – but, is a nightmare for me. The 960MB Ram is just not enough with the Facebooks, Pinterest, Empire Avenue, and MS DOS and other G/L Accounting programs I use, not to mention when I use Open Office or Excel or Word Processing programs. However, the absolute worse is my Zone Alarm anti-virus/spyware control program I use (which is free from my ISP) and it is constantly checking and updating for new virus definitions and such. Basically, a full scan of this computer with this 1GB RAM and 2.19GHz processor takes about 13 hours to complete, so in the meantime .. every single file viewed uploaded downloaded clicked on is checked by the anti-virus program and causes memory up to almost half my RAM. It’s just crazy if I accidentally try to click a new tab or try loading another program in the middle – and didn’t notice – and keep on clicking and clicking and making things worse! I always get the white screen of death and time out. It’s Nuts!

    I can’t tell you how unproductive it is … but, even my wife knows it is horrible, and most of the time she is just loading her GPS Watch results onto the Garmin site!

    Well .. It’s About Time I Bought Another Desktop Computer #4!

    I just purchased a new computer from Dell Canada online .. leased over 3 years. Here are the specs!

    225-2645 XPS 8500
    317-9193 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3770
    317-9212 16GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
    318-1677 16X DVD+/-RW
    318-1872 XPS 8500/ black Chassis
    318-2249 Integrated 7.1 with WAVE MAXXAudio 4
    320-3038 AMD Radeon HD 7570 1GB GDDR5
    320-3151 Dell ST2420L 24″ Full HD LED Monitor,CDT
    331-5795 US Power Cord
    331-5886 Localization parts-English/French
    331-6145 XPS localiztaoin parts
    331-6146 Dell KB213 Wired Multimedia Keyboard
    331-6149 SHIP,XPS,L10,FXCN,8500,DAO
    342-4107 2TB SATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM
    410-0571 MCAFEE 11, 36 MONTH, CDT
    421-5693 Win 7 Home Prem 64 SP1, Eng, No Med,CDT
    421-7190 Dell SRV Software 1703
    421-7997 No PDVD
    421-8242 Software Cycle 23
    430-3628 Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet
    430-4735 DW1703 802.11b/g/n, BT4.0
    009-6800 SHIPPING FEE
    950-9797 NO WARRANTY,YRS 2/3(DIM,INSP,NBD)
    Subtotal: $1,364.99
    Shipping and Handling: $0.00
    GST/HST: $68.25
    PST: $95.55
    Total Price w/Discounts: $1,528.79

    Basically … it is an “out of the box” Canada Day Special where they gave me 25% off the price (originally worked to $1,819.97 less 25% = 1,364.99) plus taxes. Shipping is free! The “Basic” model was about $800.00 but, I took the best “out of the box” option of the bunch:

    Intel Core i5 >> upgrade to Intel Core i7
    8GB RAM >> upgraded to 16GB RAM
    1 TB hard drive >> upgraded to 2 TB hard drive!

    E.T.A. for shipment … July 17, 2012!

    I’ll post pictures once it arrives and I unpack the box!

    I happened to mention that my birthday was July 11th and, it would be a great Birthday Present to myself if arrived by then, but Dell said “highly unlikely” … oh well 😀

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    December 12th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things

    I must have received a gabillion comments in moderation from this IP address by now … IP: … and every comment in moderation has some reference or spelling similar to Viagra .. I thought I would post some of these comments in here for a laugh!

    * I can not solve. Wanna good joke? What do you get when you have a cow and a duck? Milk and quackers.

    * I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I am assured. Write to me in PM. I have a nice fresh joke for you people) What time is it when the clock strikes 13? Time to get the clock fixed.

    * I have read a good joke in internet 😉 What is Beethoven doing in his coffin right now? Decomposing.

    * I have a fresh joke for you) How do you keep a bagel from getting away? Put lox on it!

    * Nice joke! What do you get when you cross a pit bull with a collie? A dog that runs for help, after he bites your leg off.

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

    * A JOKE! ) What do you get if you cross a giant and a vampire? A BIG pain in the neck!

    * A joke for you! Did you hear about the pregnant bedbug? She had her baby in the spring.

    * Wanna very nice joke?)) Why can’t a woman ask her brother for help? Because he can’t be a brother and assist her too.

    * Nice joke! How many computer programmers does it take to change a light bulb? Are you kidding? That’s a hardware problem!

    * Fresh joke! Why does Santa have 3 gardens? So he can ho-ho-ho.

    * I have a fresh joke for you) What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Snowflakes.

    * I have a nice joke. What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved.

    * Oh, good joke) Why did the bunnies go on strike? They wanted a raise in celery.

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! What do you call an artificial stone? A shamrock.

    * Wanna good joke? Why does a turtle live in a shell? Because it can’t afford an apartment.

    * Wanna very nice joke?)) Where did the vegetables go to get drunk? The Salad Bar.

    * Oh, good joke) What happens to illegally parked frogs? They get toad away.

    * I have a nice joke for you) What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic? Sanka.

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! Why is a bell obedient? It rings only when it is TOLLED!

    * I have a fresh joke for you) A neutron goes into a barber shop and asks the barber, “How much for a haircut?” The barber replies, “For you, no charge.”

    * Do you want a joke? 🙂 Did you hear about the new restaurant that opened in India? It’s a New Delhicatessen.

    * Wanna very nice joke?)) What did the Scotsman do when he couldn’t find a pair of pants? He kilt himself.

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! Did you hear about the bandit that held up a Chinese restaurant? Half an hour later he was broke.

    * Do you want a joke? 🙂 What do you call a frightened scuba diver? Chicken of the sea.

    * Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) What does a dog get when it finishes obedience school? A pet degree.

    * I have a nice joke for you) What did the Scotsman do when he couldn’t find a pair of pants? He kilt himself.

    * I have a joke for you =) What geometric figure represents a lost parrot? A polygon.

    * A JOKE! ) What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved.

    * Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? A stick.

    * I have a nice joke for you) What do you get when you drop boiling water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies.

    * I have a joke for you =) What farm animal is a cannibal? A Cow, it eats it’s fodder!

    * I have a nice joke for you) What did the elephant say to the naked man? How can you breathe through that?

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! Which side of a dog has the most hair? The outside.

    * A joke for you peoples! What is the difference between a fisherman and a lazy schoolboy? One baits his hook, while the other hates his book.

    * A joke for you peoples! What did one cloned sheep say to the other? I am ewe.

    * When you order frogs legs at a restaurant what do they do with the rest of the frog ? – Well surely they just throw the rest of the frog away and take it to the tip.

    * Nice joke! Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because there were no chickens in those times.

    * A joke for you! What day does a fish hate? Fry day.

    * I have a nice joke for you people! 🙂 How can you tell if a planet is married? It has a ring around it.

    * A JOKE! ) What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? The taste.

    * I have a joke for you =) How do you get a frog off the back window of your car? Use the rear defrogger.

    * Oh, good joke) Why is a turkey more evil than a chicken? Because a turkey is always a gobblin (a goblin)

    * I have a joke for you =) How can you make a slow horse fast? Stop feeding him!!

    * I have a fresh joke for you) What has four legs, is big, green, furry, and if it fell out of a tree would kill you? A pool table.

    * Wanna joke?) Why did the garbage look sad? Because it was down in the dumps.

    * Nice joke! What do you call a day that follows two days of rain? Monday.

    * I have read a good joke in internet 😉 What do ghouls wear on their feet in the rain?!? GHOULOSHES!!!

    * Nice joke! What has more lives than a cat? A frog. It croaks every night.

    * A joke for you peoples! What do you call a nun who walks in her sleep? A roaming Catholic.

    * I have a joke for you =) What do sea monsters eat for lunch? Fish and ships.

    * A joke for you peoples! What’s happening when you hear “woof…splat…meow…splat?” It’s raining cats and dogs.

    * A joke for you peoples! What city has the largest rodent population? Hamsterdam.

    * Do you want a joke? 🙂 What is the most popular wine at Christmas? “Can’t we open the presents yet?”

    * I have a nice joke. Samantha: Doctor, my son thinks that he is a TV channel changer. What are the odds that you can save him? Doctor: Remote!!

    * Wanna joke?) What did one rabbit say to the other rabbit? Nothing. Rabbits can’t talk.

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! What type of fish play poker? Card sharks.

    * I have a nice joke for you people! 🙂 What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches? A nervous wreck.

    * I have a nice fresh joke for you people) Why is an evil witch like a candle? They are both WICKED

    * Wanna joke?) What do you get when you drop boiling water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies.

    * I have a nice joke for you) Why do elephants trumpet? They don’t know how to play the violin.

    * I have a nice joke for you people! 🙂 Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve?Because it SOOTS him!

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! Who is Dracula’s favorite person on the baseball team? The BAT boy!

    * Do you want a joke? 🙂 What did the sailor say when he saw a boat loaded with ewes? Sheep ahoy!

    * How much money would an average college philosopher make?

    * Do you want a joke? 🙂 Why did Willie Nelson get hit by a car? He was playing on the road again.

    * Fresh joke! Why do carpenters believe that there is no such thing as stone? Because they never SAW it!!

    * Good joke 🙂 Did you hear about the butcher who accidentally backed into the meat grinder? He got a little behind in his work.

    * A JOKE! ) What do you get when you play a country music song backward? You get your wife back, you get your job back, you stop drinking …

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! What kind of music do ghosts listen to? Sheet music.

    * A joke for you peoples! The dreaded Amish flu: First you get a little hoarse. Then you get a little buggy.

    * I have a nice joke for you) What do you call Santa’s helpers? Subordinate Clauses.

    * I have a good fresh joke for you! Where does satisfaction come from? A satisfactory.

    * I have read a good joke in internet 😉 Why did the man put wheels on his rocking chair? He wanted to rock and roll.

    * Good joke 🙂 What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care.

    * I have a joke for you =) What is the difference between a photocopier and the whooping cough? One makes facsimiles and the other makes sick families.

    * I have a nice joke for you) What insect does well in school? A spelling bee.

    * I have a nice fresh joke for you people) Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage? Ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dump Dump DUMP!!!

    * Fresh joke! Why is a bell obedient? It rings only when it is TOLLED!

    * Do you want a joke? 🙂 How do crazy people go through the forest? They take the psycho path.

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    November 18th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, reorganization

    The father of an 11-year child on Facebook has given me some concern to rethink my “Facebook” activity. The father is a “Friend” in real life and his children is on facebook and they also “Friend”‘ed me.

    In conversation with the father yesterday, he mentioned that the child was concerned because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings .. apparently I am spamming him! He is just getting started on Facebook, and although he might have over 100 friends himself .. I’m his only friend that posts more than once a day.

    Actually – I just looked – over one 24 hour period – I have published 23 posts on Facebook! I think looking backwards and forward, the posts in any given day could amount between 20-35 extra posts, depending on how much extra time I have to write and create new content and promote them!

    As you can see there are a lot of posts! Of the 23 posts .. 8 of them are manually posted by me either on Facebook, or via Twitter which is posted automatically to twitter. The rest are automated posts to my twitter account either directly from my blogs and their feeds, and/or manually posted from my SU.PR account which, posts to Facebook and Twitter separately, so when the twitter post goes through – it posts twice to Facebook! (There were 2 instances of this above).

    I’m guessing that probably NONE of them really were really interesting to my Friend’s 11-year old child and while we are friends and able to keep in touch in Facebook, I don’t expect him to be a reader of my blogs et al.

    My plan is to get my content out there .. to market my stuff, market myself, and find new traffic. But, I already know that I am on the cutting edge with my blogs. I monetize them to the max. I try to promote the posts to the max. I have a popup trying to obtain newsletter subscribers to the max. I post all of my posts directly to twitter to the max. I’m a “Maxxie” type of guy!! (my Papillon dog is named Maxxie! :D)

    Well .. good news – I don’t have my @HARTmarket twitter account posting here to Facebook. If I did .. it would post another 60-70 more posts a day!!

    About Facebook Fan Pages

    I’ve been on Facebook for a while, and have a slew of friends without even using Facebook (or, was that a gaggle of friends? a flock of friends?) Anyway, When I finally decided that I really wanted FAN Pages and set up 5 fan pages for each section of my network of blog sites … I really did not know what to do with my “Personal Account” to which the fan pages are attached to! At first, I had all these NEW friend requests, and ignored them hoping to only get fans. But, I wanted to follow people back, and they do not all have Fan pages themselves! If I were to follow interesting people on Facebook, then I would have to add them as a friend to do that. The next thing you know, I just started accepting all friend requests and even sought out friends myself!

    Something Has To Be Done

    In the next week or so, I am going to try figuring out a better way to not spam my Facebook readers, while still trying to get the word out – so to speak. I think I learned my lesson now. I have only been tying into the Facebook crowd since post-summer 2009 and have a lot to figure out. Questions that I am concerned with right now are:

    1) Do I really need to replicate twitter updates over on facebook?
    2) Do I really want to replicate twitter updates over on facebook?

    Granted, I might have a lot more sites than the average person on Facebook, but how do other people manage their facebook profiles?

    Feel free to offer me some sage advice, tips and suggestions! // Thanks… HART

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    August 30th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things

    This is a TRUE Story. After reading and following the timeline of HART and the INTERNET, you can only come to ONE CONCLUSION! This is HART’s official entry in BlogCatalog’s Give Away contest to Blog World and New Media Expo 2009 .. and HART needs to win .. HART *must* win! 😀


    15,000,000,000 BC

    – The “Big Bang” Theory
    – The universe was created so HART could fulfill his destiny

    3000 BC to 2500 BC

    – Construction of the Egyptian pyramids at Gizeh

    2500 BC

    – Stonehenge was built


    January 1995

    – Discovers something called “The Internet”

    March 1995

    – signs up with Compuserve

    July 1995

    – realized what a douche Compuserve was and obtains own host provider and 56k dial-up service

    August 24, 1995

    – win95 was released to the world and becomes HART’s preferred operating software

    September 1995

    – HART creates his award winningHART’s Homepage

    November 30, 1996

    – HART travels around the world from Winnipeg, Manitoba to London UK to meet internet friends for fun and gathering

    December 3, 1996

    – HART visits Stonehenge, after being mugged on a train on his first night in London UK, and miraculously finds his passport and belongings returned in another city 100 miles away with a letter from the mugger that said: “I like Canadians .. you guys are smart not to carry your money with your passport. Here is yours back. Cheers.”

    March 8, 1997

    – While watching A&E or the TLC channel history of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids at Gizeh, a woman named Yvonne decides to initiate a chat with HART on PowWow

    August 31, 2002

    HARTandYvonne.com was created to memoralize HART and YVONNE’s medieval wedding on this date


    May 31, 2005

    – HART’s first blog, PetLvr.blogspot.com/ was created

    July 14, 2005

    – HART moves everything from Blogger to his own servers and to become PetLvr.com/blog/ and begins creating multiple blogs and websites and starts to build and ’empire’ online

    August 10, 2005

    – HART creates a profile and joins Blog Catalog directory

    October 16, 2005

    – HART creates the HART-Empire Network and officially embarks on to build up his blogging empire
    – Coincidentally, the birth of the HART-Empire Network and subsequent anniversaries fall directly in the middle of the famed BlogWorld New Media Expo conference, of which had solicited the HART-Empire Network to join and participate in an exhibit since 2006 and subsequent years

    July 2006

    – During rapid expansion of the HART-Empire Network, HART experiences growing pains and while a mega account containing 5 major blogs starts becoming a burden, HART moves all the expansion blogs to new hosting service plans.

    November 10, 2006

    – Joins MyBlogLog and discovers that a social community will be the future of forums and other catalog and directories, and creates a popular presence and standing in the community

    Sometime in January 2007

    – BlogCatalog is purchased from those bloggy guys and is under new ownership. In addition to a directory, there seems to be growing activity in a forum type of website

    May 13, 2007

    HART gives up all social communities online and decides to concentrate on the blogging

    May 13, 2007 at 11:59am

    Antony Berkman from BlogCatalog personally requests to HART …
    ” Don’t leave blogcatalog. We love a community made of characters. Check out the new discussions…. you’d be a welcome addition blogcatalog.com/discuss
    – (and HART never left!)

    July 2007

    – Receiving growing pains again, HART Consolidates all host providers into one single dedicated Server, at substantially higher fixed costs, however the upgrade solved a lot of downtime problems due to excess CPU Resources bringing the server down (not traffic levels).

    August 30, 2007

    – the HART-Empire Network impresses thegoodknife

    September 27, 2007

    – HART and the PetLvr Blog unites with bloggers around the world blogging against animal abuse and receives one of five honorable mentions of all the bloggers around the world contributing to this worthy cause by Copywrite, Ink

    March 24, 2008

    – TonyB commented on BlogCatalog that the HART-Empire Network was on the verge of going big, and enquired if I was going to SOBcon08

    August 31, 2008

    – HART receives an extended 3-month upgrade to his existing membership here at BlogCatalog for his excellent suggestion and valuable input to the betterment of the community

    September 3, 2008

    – TonyB is desperate for HART to find a way to make it to BlogWorld Expo Sep20-21/08, although timing just was not right – again in 2008, as it was in 2007

    October 16, 2008

    – HART and the PetLvr Blog participates in the first annual Pet ‘Net Adoption Event

    January 4, 2009

    – After registering record gross revenues for the calendar year ended December 31, 2008 .. HART still reflects whether or not it cost him NOT to go to any SOBcon events, BlogWorldExpo events, or any other blogging events during the year and reflects on the results over the next few months.

    March 1, 2009

    – The HART-Empire Network consolidates 16 health blogs into one mega BattlingForHealth.com blog

    April 1, 2009

    – The HART-Empire Network consolidates 12 do-it-yourself improvement blogs into one mega AndYouWill.com blog

    August 6, 2009

    – While away on summer vacation, during a typical Manitoba summer day (NSFW), and assessing the HART-Empire Network and its finances, HART recognizes that although traffic levels were maintained over the past 7 months in 2009, revenues have declined by approximately 30% since the consolidation of the 28 blogs into 2 mega blogs.

    August 19, 2009

    – BlogCatalog announces that they are Giving Away Full Access Pass to BlogWorld 2009 which includes a free 3-day, full access pass (valued at $1,195) for this year’s event being held October 15-17, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV… PLUS 1 million ad impressions for your blog on BlogCatalog!

    August 30, 2009

    – HART (aka PetLvr on BlogCatalog) decides to enter BlogCatalog’s contest entry with this post as his official entry.


    Friday September 19, 2009

    – Blogcatalog announces that HART (aka PetLvr on BlogCatalog) wins the grand prize of a 3-day full access pass for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009, and a dinner in Las Vegas with the BlogCatalog team!
    – HART scrambles around trying to raise money to pay for travel and hotel expenses to be able to learn and meet many smart bloggers and new media personnel that will be in attendance.

    October 15-17, 2009 in Las Vegas

    – HART has the time of his life in Las Vegas and … (oops, can’t say … what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas)
    – October 17, 2009 – HART remembers to call his folks to wish them a Happy Anniversary

    October 19, 2009

    – HART starts first thing Monday morning with STAGE TWO of the life and times of the HART-Empire Network

    January 3, 2011

    – HART reports the largest and most success year ever! for the HART-Empire Network, with one of the largest list of online and offline friends one can have!

    December 21, 2012

    – Who would have thought … but, in the Bizzaro World, the forecast based primarily on what is claimed to be the end-date of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, which is presented as lasting 5,125 years and as terminating on December 21 or 23, 2012, along with interpretations of assorted legends, scriptures, numerological constructions and prophecies .. actually happened! Bizzaro World is destroyed by a meteor.
    – Hello.

    December 22, 2012

    – On our planet Earth, everything is alright and everybody prepares to have a safe and happy Holiday season!
    – Goodbye.

    This is HART’s official entry in BlogCatalog’s Give Away contest to Blog World and New Media Expo 2009.

    In the event that HART is awarded this prize, and unable to finance this venture (travel and hotel etc), HART will give away any free prize at the earliest convenience to a lucky and regular reader of the HART-Empire Network.

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    March 26th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    Have you been receiving this error message?

    Downloading update from wordpress.org/extend/some-plugin.zip
    Download failed.: name lookup timed out
    Installation Failed

    Ever since I upgraded all my blogs to WordPress 2.7.1 .. I have been getting this error message. I was seeing it sometimes on a few 2.6+ upgrades except the error message said:

    Downloading update from wordpress.org/extend/some-plugin.zip
    Download failed.: Could not create Temporary file
    Installation Failed

    This also occurs when I was searching for NEW plugins with the new Plugin Browser/Installer functionality. What I have been doing since 2.7.1 is just keeping all the plugins current on my hard drive in a folder called .. c:\2009-latest-wordpress\wp-content\plugins\ and using FTP to just upgrade all the various blogs that I have. I suppose you can still do it this way, but it’s nice to be able to upgrade from within your wordpress without an FTP program.

    You can really get frustrated trying to find the solution in the wordpress forums because the moderators really suck in their ability to communicate with people who are really having problems – not too mention you are lucky if you can even find a solution from a moderator because they are so under-manned….

    But – I did find one possible solution

    – venik4 –

    WP 2.7 has a bug that has to do with DNS name resolution. As a workaround, add the following to your local /etc/hosts: downloads.wordpress.org

    Unfortunately for me – I personally tried to add this to my local /etc/hosts file and this did NOT work for me. So, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    However … this did work for me – and I am using Firefox:

    Top Menu
    – TOOLS
    —- EXCEPTIONS (where you allow cookies)
    And I added this line in the field:
    —- Click Allow

    I am now able to automatically upgrade my plugins and older versions of WordPress and this worked as a fix for me. I would normally add a disclaimer like “I hope this doesn’t screw anything up for me” but, it’s just too annoying NOT to be able to upload and upgrade plugins at will – so I don’t care.

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  • scissors
    March 21st, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    Canon PowerShot A2000 IS Digital Camera


    Inside its sleek, pared down design, this top-of-the-line PowerShot A2000 IS is packed with easy-to-use features. You’ve got a 10.0-megapixel resolution and a 6x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer for big, beautiful prints and superb stability. To keep subjects looking their best, the DIGIC III Image Processor with Canon Face Detection handles the technical details – automatically. An Easy Mode allows you to concentrate on your scene, while Easy Playback lets you screen your images on a super-sized 3.0-inch LCD.

    I saw this camera during Boxing Week 2008 and actually took a picture of the camera store fooling around and shaking the camera – and it took a perfect picture despite that fact. I was impressed. The only thing I am not impressed with .. is the two “AA” batteries that is needed. Apparently they only last about 250 pictures or so (and during display of images) .. so I will have to watch out and conserve battery energy.

    In Canadian Dollars, it was $199.99 CDN plus taxes .. but, I had $150 in christmas gift cards to deduct from this figure.


    SanDisk Extreme III SD Card – 2GB (times two)


    * Designed to meet the critical speed and performance needs of serious professional photographers-lets you quickly capture, view, upload and transfer large image files Ideal for demanding photo shoots under severe weather conditions-heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, etc.
    * Built to perform in the most extreme environments and temperatures-from -13º F to 185º F -25º C to 85º C
    * Min 20MB/second sequential read and write
    * Durable, reliable and thoroughly tested-temperature tested (heat and cold)
    * shock and vibration tested
    * Data recovery software-ensures your photos will always be there (even if you delete them accidentally)
    * Dedicated, priority technical support hotline for direct customers of SanDisk Extreme products
    * Included travel case keeps your memory cards organized

    I wanted to buy a memory card that holds 1000 images, and apparently (so the salesman says) a 4GB SD card will do that. I have never had cards, and my last camera I was limited to the 22 images I could hold in memory of the camera. I figured I would get two 2GB cards though, so one will always be in the camera and one available – in case full.

    In Canadian Dollars, these were $19.99 x 2 = $39.98 CDN plus taxes


    ATP Pro Max USB 2.0 Card Reader


    This NEW Multi-Card SDHC Reader offers the convenience of plug and play ability with all of today’s common flash card formats. It’s fast USB2.0 interface is complemented by it’s sleek, compact design.

    I hope to conserve battery power by using this, and one of the reasons I purchased two 2GIG SD cards instead of one 4GIG SD Card. I will keep one in my computer in this card reader and one in my camera at all times! I can’t remember how many times I attached my USB cable to my camera, plug it into the computer and forget about it .. and then drained the lithium battery. I was able to recharge the battery, but it was a nuisance. With this new camera, being it uses AA batteries – this could become costly! I might have to buy some rechargeable batteries and a charger in the future.

    In Canadian Dollars, this was $22.99 CDN plus taxes


    Lowepro Recycled Camera Pouch – Terraclime 30


    The Lowepro Terraclime 30, in Plum is a soft-sided, protective, multi-purpose shoulder bag. The Terraclime 30 was designed expressly for the eco-conscious, fashion-savvy consumer. The Terraclime 30 reduces environmental impact by virtue of its materials—over 95% recycled. All of the fabric is 100% post-consumer Cyclepet®: recycled 16 oz. PET bottles turned into sturdy, water-and-abrasion-resistant material (3.5 bottles in Terraclime 30). Multi-purpose styling makes it easy to carry compact point-and-shoot cameras as well as small personal electronics and gear.

    My last camera pouch was “just the right size” but, when I added the extra battery and the USB cable, it always seemed a little tight. This pouch is a little bigger, and should hold the card reader, the memory cards, extra batteries, the USB cables and more in there!


    All together … with taxes … less gift cards … this upgrade cost me about $164 CDN and I am happy with that price in my budget. My old camera still works, so I will be donating it to a worthy cause ..

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    February 17th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    There’s never enough time in the day, but there are a few things that I seem to do over and over again, that I think I can save a little time each day.

    Currently .. I have over 100 google alerts set up. Each is set as follows:

    * Type – “Comprehensive” (vs News, Blogs, Web, Video, Groups)
    * Deliver to – “Email” (vs Feed)
    * How Often – “As-It-Happens” (vs Once-A-Day, Once-A-Week)

    I find it necessary to have all of these google alerts. If people are talking about any of our domains, or writers, or on topics that are related to our blogs .. I want to know about it.

    But, I find that with all this information, I’m not really looking at these alerts that come into my email. I mean, I eventually look at them … and maybe browse through them a little – because I get a popup notice everytime I see a new email coming in on my Google Talk IM chat client. When I look inside my gmail, for terms that are curious to me, I also take a quick peak and see what the alert was all about.

    But – even if it is worth me looking into, and doing a follow up – (unless it’s something I really should take care of immediately, like mention of an author interview or something) – I tend to just mark it as “starred” and when I have time late at night, follow up on them anyway.

    Time Management Step: Reduce Time Reading These Emails Twice

    For the reasons .. I have decided to change all of my Google Alerts to “ONCE-A-DAY” delivery in my email.

    I’ll let you know how it goes for me .. Currently, I receive at least 70 email alerts a day.

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    January 4th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies, WooHoo

    WARNING: Unless you are blogging for money, have a multitude of sites, or basically bored out of your skull for the next 20 minutes .. I would probably read the NEXT post~! (boring alert)

    Net Income – 2008 – And Reflection

    Gross Earnings – $19,864.31
    Gross Expenses – $16,707.39
    Net Income – $3,156.92

    *ugh* .. where do I begin? Is this good? Or, is this not so good?

    Honestly .. I was hoping that I would break $25k revenues in 2008, and actually reach closer to $30k .. more than 4 times that of 2007. My traffic has doubled over the past year, and I was hoping it would be about 8 times more than in 2007.

    However, I still cannot quit my day job and still continue this HART-Empire Network as a part-time venture, despite the amount of time and involvement I have and spend online during the days, months and years. I think that if I had savings, or at least no debt obligations, and able to just spend 100% of my time on my online ventures .. I would be in a much better position that I am today. Basically I find myself putting out flames, and patching up holes and getting sidetracked on the little things … which take up time in my alotment of free time to be spending on the bigger things. In other words .. I’m not doing what I should be doing!

    Now, don’t get me wrong – you do see me out here – and I am having a ball doing this! Whenever I find myself in a situation that, well – I can’t really do anything productive or move forward with my network – I have been spending my time chatting, socializing, forum hopping and even tweeting! I surf, I help promote some of my sites, a lot of other people’s sites, and generally just “hang loose” while I try to imagine a better and wealthier life created because of all this.

    Yet – I think I am in a position that many have yet to achieve online with their blogging, and I also believe I *still* have great potential for greater success in 2009 and beyond with the HART-Empire Network. For these reasons, I have decided to share with you all of the juicy details of where my money came from, and where it went out to.

    Think of it as something my father would say to me growing up .. “Watch what I do .. and do the opposite!” Of course, I have great respect for my dad and actually worked with him in Public Practice between 1985 and 2003 and in a way, everything I learned has greatly been influenced by him, and my background.

    Meanwhile, I am very grateful for what I have and what I have built .. and I thank and appreciate all my online friends and supporters that have either helped me directly or inspired me indirectly to succeed and become better and I will never forget my friends and I mean that.

    So, besides just publishing what my 2008 earnings were this year, I have decided to expand into details to show where the money really has been coming from and where it has been going, and some of my insights that I have seen along the way. This post may soon become extremely long and boring .. so, in case you want to leave or get a fresh cup of coffee .. now is the time 🙂

    Reflection Of My Earnings 2008

    Except for the Halloween store of the HARTmarket series .. I really didn’t start to promote my other stores until Mid November. As such, the earnings are horribly embarrassing for the amount of time that I have spent against what I have earned. However, since about Christmas I have initiated random postings (1 per hour) from each of the stores to approximate (hopefully) one extra post per hour submitted to my Twitter account. Since Christmas, I have earned an extra $50 in commissions .. but, do not know how long that will transpire. I am very happy with Shareasale, and Pepperjam networks, and also use Commission Junction. I must say, though, that I hate CJ because I have to access the site from IE – it’s not too FF friendly.

    My Text-Link-Ads revenues made up 56% of my annual revenues in 2008. This scares me a little, because although for a few months I had broken the $1k mark, it is slowly declining each month. Not only that, there are some blogs that I really haven’t been blogging much on, that are earning the most revenue! I guess that’s good for me .. but, you think the advertisers would wise up more 😛 (jes keedeeng).

    I have pretty much -NIL- private sponsorship. Everything has been going through a 3rd party. It kind of bothers me that I have earned about $12,500 in 2008 – which represents about 50% because it is shared with the media company that finds, manages and maintains the advertising portion towards my blogs (TLA, LW, etc). I have started to place my own ads on my blogs that go through ‘Acrux Ads’. They do not take 1/2 and just charge me a handling fee. This enables me to charge less, yet earn more … but I have to handle all the promotion and bring the advertisers to me. (PS if interested, give me a shout!) I must say it is harder than it seems. I have yet to sell any ads, however I did mention once or twice that advertising options were available. I hate to beg or sound like I am needy. I have to change this attitude for 2009 and build on this part of my earnings.

    Revenue By Topics Series

    I consider the HART-Empire Network broken into four distinct “series” of blogs and sites, and then everything else. Here is how my revenue was broken down by series:

    @ HART Market Series – 1% of my revenue
    And You Will series – 10% of revenues
    Battling Series – 25% of revenues
    LVR series – 35% of revenues
    Everything else – 29% of revenues

    This was a shocker for me .. because in my mind “PetLvr” is the major part of my network and I consider it to be subsidizing everything else. But, in reality – although about 44% of my traffic (uniques) are from PetLvr blog itself ..there is a lot of traffic going to alot of other sites and the little earnings of the individual blog, do add up in the whole. I feel that if I spent time developing the “everything else” sites and the “Battling” and “And You Will” series .. there is much potential.

    I wish I could find CPM rates for all my blogs, but although 56% of my traffic that is not on CPM sounds good – when you spread it out to about 60 blogs it’s not that good. Advertisers are not jumping to get me on board, and quite frankly the lower traffic blogs make more money with google adsense actually.

    Reflection on My Expenses

    I’ve got three major expenses that are bringing down my profits dramatically. The first is my EVDO access fees. EVDO is my hi-speed wireless internet access for my laptop. Unfortunately (for my online business that is), we have a cottage on Lake Winnipeg and go every weekend between the May long-weekend and Canadian Thanksgiving. During the summer months, we take 3-4 weeks straight vacation out there continously. When I say “every weekend”, my wife begins to take Friday off and and we try to make it into a 3-day weekend. This has been hell for me – internet wise – because there is no internet out there. Already, I need about 5-6 days a week for my offline accounting and income tax business, and forced to fit this into a 4 day week – with the minor online activities and time spent. There isn’t any internet access at the cottage, unless we invest into a mega satellite dish .. which isn’t going to happen. So, I signed up for EVDO and every summer, go about 16 GIG transfer over my limit and bring about a huge bill. I recently renegotiated this back in November, so I’m hopeful to reduce this expense for 2009.

    Hosting costs. I have a super duper dedicated server and it is costing me. I wouldn’t need the super duper part, if I didn’t have the 60-70 blogs and sites on my server. I do not upgrade because of traffic growth, it’s for sheer CPU resource usage management. I really appreciate all the advice from many friends who think I should be paying half the fees with a magical system. I find it curious that, as an accountant and someone who has been online since March 1995 and blogging since 2005 and with all my sites and paying over $400 per month – every month – why they don’t think I have considered lowering my hosting costs? I have tried pretty much everything that has been suggested to me, and its unrealistic to think that I will move my accounts every 2 weeks to a different host provider to save $25-$50 per month without assurances. I believe my server is now able to handle most of the traffic now, although I am at a situation where I can upgrade this server two times more before I must look for more economical alternatives. I am using Singlehop and like their support and services.

    Writers Analysis for 2008

    I started the year with 2 writers providing me with content at the beginning of the year .. and ended up with 7 writers at the end of the year providing me with content. Altogether, I have gone through 22 writers this year in total. It is hard finding and keeping good writers and I felt that I have had great writers in the past, and all had better reasons to leave for their own benefit than to stick around for my benefit. I have been subsidizing writers for other blogs out of my own pocket and PetLvr blog earnings. Although, I didn’t start adding writers to the PetLvr blog until late June 2008, I earned about $4,300 more revenue for PetLvr blog that I paid out to writers, that went to support other writers.

    Not one other blog supported the cost of its writers – but, I honestly didn’t expect this to happen for at least 6 months. There are two blogs in the network that survived the 6 months and came close however, and feel each was just picking up steam before the sails were let out and time to look for a new writer.

    But – something strange happened in July 2008. On one blog, I decided to stop writing and just let traffic come to old posts that were doing well in the search engine. Surprising, this was on Battling Obesity blog and my traffic kept GROWING until about end of November 2008, and it was the highest grossing revenue in the Battling series. I will be resuming posting on this blog, and the other Battling series blogs without writers currently, and hope to focus 2009 into building up the “And You Will” series of blogs with content and writers.

    As for Domain renewals .. this includes a few domains that I have selected to renew for 3-5 year terms, plus obtain the .net .org domains as well. As for new registrations, I seem to have had a brain fart in the summer and registered a bunch of new domains for no reason … although, I did manage to turn one of them into a positive domain – x22c.com to shorten URLs for myself 🙂

    As for the advertising costs .. I would much rather put my money into content and writers’ fees than risk spending again with e.g. Yahoo Ads to promote my Halloween store or christmas stores. I hope the stores catch on over time in the HARTmarket – but, the whole idea for me to create them in the HART-Empire Network themed template and in the form of a blog is to avoid advertising.

    A Few Sitemeter Graphs from 2008

    Overall, traffic increases approximately 50% growth per month what it was at the beginning of the year … That’s good, right?


    PetLvr traffic blog traffic approximately doubled in 2008 per month, which a lot of hard effort and new writers were involved to help boost this growth


    1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T traffic is very negligible, although about the same every year .. builds up a little during tax time, then settles off during the summer vacation and rest of the year, when I just post fluff Canada Revenue Agency news releases mostly


    Raw Data – Summarized by ANAL-HART

    Here are the final gross revenues (by source) that my HART-Empire Network earned for 2008, 2007 and 2006 .. side by side for comparison





    Google Adsense $4,181.58


    Linkworth $806.68


    Chitika $592.32


    Amazon $25.28


    Text-Link-Ads $11,150.71


    Adify $2,661.23


    Cafepress $0.00


    Affiliate/Commissions $245.27


    Kontera $21.24


    Private Ads $30.00


    Rebuild Your Vision $150.00




    TOTAL $19,864.31





    Here is the allocation of the 2008 Earnings – By Blog – which only includes blogs and sites that have earned revenues in 2008


    LVR Series

    AndYouWill Series

    Battling Series

    HARTmarket Series

    Everything Else

    BirdLvr.com $97.75




    CatLvr.com $64.95




    DogLvr.com $325.98




    FishLvr.com $65.86




    HorseLvr.com $27.68




    PapillonLvr.com – Blog $10.51




    PetLvr.com – [The Blog] $6,434.31




    And You Will [Portal] 0.00




    And You Will Garden $0.00




    And You Will Have Kids $0.00




    And You Will Marry $0.00




    And You Will Play Poker $0.00




    And You Will Renovate $0.00




    And You Will Retire $0.00




    And You Will Travel $0.00




    Battling For Health [Portal] 0.00




    Battling Addiction $0.00




    Battling Alzheimer $0.00




    Battling Arthritis $0.00




    Battling Cancer $0.00




    Battling Depression $0.00




    Battling Diabetes $0.00




    Battling Healthcare $0.00




    Battling Hearing $0.00




    Battling Heart and Stroke $0.00




    Battling Multiple Sclerosis $0.00




    Battling Obesity $0.00




    Battling Schizophrenia $0.00




    Battling Stress $0.00




    Battling Vision $0.00




    HARTmarket [Portal] 0.00




    Classified market 0.00




    Shop @ Birthday 0.00




    Shop @ Christmas 0.00




    Shop @ Furniture 0.00




    Shop @ Halloween 0.00




    Shop @ Lingerie 0.00




    Shop @ Medieval 0.00




    Shop @ Pet Care 0.00




    Shop @ Software 0.00




    Shop @ Tools 0.00




    Shop @ Vision 0.00




    Shop @ Wedding 0.00




    1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T 0.00




    1800HART’s Picks 0.00




    62-151 Media Group 0.00




    call HART crazy 0.00




    Corydon Clock Repair 0.00




    Curling Blog 0.00




    Easy Spyware Tools 0.00




    HART-Empire 0.00




    HART-Networ 0.00




    HART-Empire-Network 0.00




    Planet Earth Peace Party 0.00




    Planet Earth Research Foundation 0.00




    The Singers 0.00










    TOTAL $7,027.04












    Here are my expenses for 2008 – paid on a cash basis (e.g. Jan/08 includes Dec/07 expenses and I have not included some Dec/08 items that I will not pay out until Jan/09 like writers etc)



    Domain Renewals $684.80
    Domain Registrations $234.70
    Dedicated Server and Hosting $3,771.59
    EVDO Access $1,859.42
    Advertising – Links $60.00
    Advertising – Halloween $176.58
    Advertising – Writers $50.00
    Software / Plugins / Support $706.40
    Content and Sub-Contract $933.00
    Writers and Sub-Contract $8,099.39
    Commissions Paid $6.51
    Design and Sub-Contract $125.00
    TOTAL $16,707.39

    Here is the breakdown – by topical “series” of what I paid to writers for these blogs in 2008, in aggregate



    LVR Series of Blogs $2,136.42
    Battling Series $5,592.01
    AndYouWill Series $370.96
    TOTAL $8,099.39
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  • scissors
    January 4th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    Well .. I really liked the old template, because it had sentimental value for me. It was the first template that I replicated on multiple blogs of mine, since October 2005. I first installed it on this blog when wordpress was at version 1.5+ and haven’t done much with it since.

    But, today I noticed for the first time that the front page seemed to only display up to July 2008! Accessing a permalink and blog post was not an issue – as it showed up no problem – but, I often come to this blog and never noticed this template flow.

    So …

    I have now converted this blog to the HART-Empire Network template … and upgraded the blog from version 2.2.2 to the latest version 2.7 .. as well as upgrade the plugins needed.

    HART-Empire.com is my blog that I used to talk about my network, like earnings etc, and anything blogging related that I may feel like venting about. This is not to be confused with the main HART-Empire-Network.com site that introduces news about my network to the world. For this reason .. I have also modified my tagline to now read:

    Welcome to the Secret Life of the HART-Empire Network .. You Are Here … So Shine On!

    If you find any errors, or discrepancies .. feel free to bring it to my attention, using the HART-Empire.com/contact/ form.


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