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    April 13th, 2007HARTAnnouncements


    * I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now … How would this look?


    It’s no secret that pictures makes the blog more interesting and catches people’s eyes when scanning through their RSS Feed Reader of choice, or just following the links! I’ve been thinking of doing this more often, but quite honestly – you have to have the time to do this – and I don’t! So, I don’t really bother to include pictures on every post. But, now that I think about it, all I really need is two pictures .. and I can embed the picture directly into the index.php file of the template!


    Of course, that’s just hearsay, because I don’t know how I would actually go about to do this – however, if I were to do this? I’d probably use the same image for the author (like this site is using) but create a mirror image that alternates between posts to mix it up – something like this example! And, it is just an example – I’ve alternated it to both to be on the right side alignment, but it could be both left alignments, or even alternating left and right… Hmmm

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    April 9th, 2007HARTAnnouncements


    * Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog

    Actually, I can’t remember what this site looked like before – but, it is the site where that “How Much Is My Blog Worth” project is. I am a subscriber in my Bloglines.com and surprisingly browse the articles at least once weekly, but I must say that I don’t recall any new design being introduced .. (or am I wrong?)

    I like the new logo and this site lools really clean. I like the color choices, meaning that the screen wide top header fits and matches that bar above the actual logo and content section. The text size and color of the permalinks works well with me too – that I can recognize it! It almost looks … magazine’ish?

    As a side note, Dane also places the recent comments inbetween the first and second post – which is odd, because it’s usually seen in the sidebars. It kind of makes you scroll down the page even more – if you scrolled down past the fold in the first place.

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    February 26th, 2007HARTAnnouncements


    * Health Cafe, Be Good Today
    * Natural Vision Improvement


    * To expand this section to allow “Lifestyle’ish” sites too .. besides your usual Rant, Rave and political discussions


    * Adventures In Goldenland
    TagLine: Getting Back to Nature: Oranic And Natural For Babies, Mommies and Puppies

    * Get With A Natural Lifestyle
    TagLine: For The Love Of People, Pets And Our Planet


    * Miraculous Cures
    TagLine: Miraculous cures of old folklore and other modern medical miracles


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    February 26th, 2007HARTAnnouncements

    * Congratulations to Team Canada for winning the 2007 Scotties Tournaments of Hearts

    * 2007 M & M Meat Shops Canadian Juniors – Congrats to Stacie Devereaux Won the Canadian Junior Women’s Championship and Charley Thomas Wins the Canadian Junior Mens Title (again) – February 3-11, 2007

    * 2007 Scotties Tournaments of Hearts Women’s Championship – Congrats to Kelly Scott and Team Canada – February 17-25, 2007

    I decided to place a “News” script at the top of the CurlingBlog.com for visitors, and readers who found their way to the site via the search engines or bookmarks. At least this way – there was current news on the site every day you would visit. Despite the two major tournaments listed above, offline work obligations have been keeping me away from updating this blog. In fact, most of my blogs have been pre-posts scheduled in advance except for the odd couple of posts on the PetLvr blog and 1800HART blog (and this blog) .. but, definately a slowdown.

    Despite my terrible efforts to keep up .. two things have come to my attention:

    (1) Surprisingly – the CurlingBlog.com site – seems to have the highest count of subscribers according to Feedburner at the moment!

    I am definately have to take better care of my readers next month .. because there are a few upcoming major tournaments in the Curling ‘o-Sphere happening in March 2007 …

    * 2007 Tim Hortons Brier – March 3-11, 2007
    * 2007 World Juniors – March 3-11, 2007
    * 2007 Strauss Canada Cup of Curling – March 13-18, 2007
    * 2007 World Women’s Curling Championship – March 17-25, 2007
    * 2007 Canadian Seniors – March 18-25, 2007
    * 2007 World Seniors – March 25-31, 2007
    * 2007 Ford World Men’s Curling Championship – March 31-April 8, 2007


    Q) Does anybody want to Guest Post or Live Blog during any of these tournaments next month? If so .. please give me a shout via email .. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. I will give you lots of link love .. (i.e. it’s non-paying gig – but curlers of the world will adore you!)

    * And what was the second thing that I’ve noticed in my slowdown of online posting?

    Well .. I’ll leave that for another post!

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    February 13th, 2007HARTAnnouncements


    I’ve automatically translated this site to English. What I like about this site, are two things:

    1) The flexible content with left sidebar content, plus an additional 2nd sidebar for other stuff. I do like this concept and you might see something like this when it ever comes time to upgrade these templates of mine!

    2) The actual content inside that 2nd sidebar. This blog doesn’t really have many categories, but it is showing each category separately and adding its very own RSS feed for it, plus the last 3 entries in that category.

    I have segregated the categories on my own 1-800-HART’s Picks Blog giving the option for some to subscribe. I’m not really sure if anybody is actually doing that though – because I have too many categories, besides my existing Feedburner accounts .. it just would have been too much to maintain.

    There says some good things for a small limited category list. It’s become much much worse since I’ve been upgrading to wordpress version 2.1 because on some blogs the links are being combined with the categories, making a terribly long listing in the sidebar.

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    February 2nd, 2007HARTAnnouncements

    I am now in the process of backing up this blog and its database and proceeding with a full upgrade to the latest wordpress version 2.1

    Please note .. this blog is currently on 1.5.2 and special issues are involved with this blog – so, it might take a while ..

    I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


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    January 26th, 2007HARTAnnouncements


    Every once in a while I see a design that looks interesting, is unique, or unusual .. I look at the credit and follow the links. This template isn’t that hot .. but you know what? It sure has potential .. maybe for an affiliated product showcase or shopping blog .. with a little tweaking 🙂

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    December 27th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    * I’m not a fan of this design .. but – I’m a fan of that link option under the top right Search box!

    You can click to “Switch to Fixed Layout” or click to “Switch to Elastic Layout” .. I like that.

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    December 16th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    I was trying to figure out what the frick I was watching when the lights when out this morning and found this site about the show:

    What I liked about this site, is that it takes human scribblings and uses them as art and structures in the website .. like the entire box, as you can see is not just a box .. the scroll bar .. the type of stuff you can do with the mouse when you go to “stuff” or “characters” section .. etc.

    It’s not a blog, it’s just neat. Thumbs up to the designers!

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    December 5th, 2006HARTAnnouncements


    * When you look at the archives by category, down the front page .. I am getting used to something like the above .. just the title in big bold letters. I think I would also add the date, author and alternate categories .. and I would have as many as 10 or 20 of these (instead of just 4) because I have a lot of crap in my sidebars!

    Currently, when you click any category from my sites .. say even THIS CATEGORY that I’m posting this entry in .. it will list all posts in the category. Some sites suppress pictures, or have the Evermore (“more”) and/or excerpt as a teaser. But, in retrospect .. if I’m searching for articles by browsing the categories in the sidebars – I don’t need to see that much detail. That’s what SEARCH fields are for!

    Yup. Just a list of the articles in a category is something that I would find useful in other sites around the ‘www.

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