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    October 9th, 2009HARTHART-Empire Network

    You might be seeing a new author around my network of sites … “HART KAHUNA” .. that’s me!

    Well, actually, that isn’t me – it’s an automated service providing my blog with fresh content .. for Free!

    Bloggers – Get FREE Content For Your Blogs

    I’m trying Syndicate Kahuna on a few blogs – in particular, blogs that have been dormant or to prevent a blog from being dormant. For instance, on the “And You Will” blog I have a little store included and drip feeding product selections (books) into the blog automatically. Currently, there is no full time writer on this blog anymore, and I wanted some fresh content to mix in with the store content. This is a great alternative for me than (1) hiring another full-time writer or (2) writing fresh content every day myself.

    How Does It Work?

    There is no cost to the blogger using the service and content. I have included an affiliate link with the banner et al because authors have to PAY to submit content to Syndicate Kahuna and if you are an author and go through my link, I might earn a little commission. This is a quality HUMAN edited service that make sure that that quality of the content coming in, is also going out to quality sites (like mine! :D). This assures the author that their links included in the articles do generate GOOD backlinks for them. Reading the site’s Terms of Service, I’m unsure whether or not I am technically allowed to modify the content – I PRESUME THAT I AM ABLE TO – as long as the links are left in tact. This way, like PLR articles, if I had the time, I could change the title of the article and reword it in a way and manner suitable to my liking and tone of voice. However, I’m quite lazy and if I did that – I would have a stack full of Draft posts needing to be edited.

    The identical articles may be found in other sites, but they will limit the number of blogs they will redistribute content. But, it’s not like the free ezine article sites that distribute everywhere and have those resource box endings that stuff keywords and adds an extra 200 words to your post! For my “And You Will” blog, with the automated drip feeds and now the automated syndicate kahuna articles .. I will still occasionally go into the blog and provide additional and original content myself just to mix it up a little more for the google bots!

    How To Use Syndicate Kahuna

    Inside the website there is a list of “Sites Needed” ..

    If you are a writer, you can see that there is a need for articles to be distributed to people wanting content on women’s world, fun stuff, other, writing and speaking, etc etc. There may be opportunities for you to write articles and submit and get many backlinks to your site if you are an authority on these topics!

    For bloggers like me, I would look at the bottom of the list and see that there are many articles available per site like mine, under technology and gadgets, food and drink, and insurance topics. This will give me an opportunity to find selected topical articles that may be suitable for my blog because you can specify specific keywords that articles must have before any are selected for you. I thought I would do a mini-tutorial here, how I would go about selecting content for a brand new site in my network.

    Tutorial: Case Study How To Syndicate Content With Syndicate Kahuna

    For my “TEST” .. I thought I would try this on The Beef Jerky Shop @ HART Market because it is the first store in alphabetical order that is food related (ratio of 18.3 articles available per blog).

    * Step One: Create an author with “Author Permissions” on the blog in question. You probably do not want to use a password you generally use for this . You also have to go into your “Settings” and then “Writing” and enable/tick the box for “Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols”.

    * Step Two: Log into Syndicate Kahuna and go to: “My Sites”, then click the “Welcome” link. There is a link below their step 6, just after the “if you don’t want to mess with uploading the script” part. Set up the details of your site, URL and author username and password that you just created.

    * Step Three: Select the category that you want the article to be selected (it looks like the above image) .. For this case, I have ticked the box “Food and Drink” but, I can select up to 10 categories .. so I have decided to ALSO tick the boxes “Fun Stuff” and “Health and Fitness”. Click ‘next’ button.

    * Step Four: Assign categories – this is already tied in directly with your blog, and you should see all of your categories. In this case, I created a new category called “Beef Jerky Notes” although, on my “And You Will” blog I integrated this into the various existing categories that I have over there.

    * Step Five: Add Keywords and keyword phrases – As you can see, I don’t want any old food and drink article thrown on my site .. just related to the store topic – which is Beef Jerky.

    * Step Six: Select Your Post Settings – I already have 2 posts a day on this and each blog that I have, so I will select only 1 post per day maximum, and “Publish” it immediately. The alternative post status was to save “Pending Review” if I wanted to review it more closely. What I have decided to do is publish immediately, and if the content is not what I want – redo the keyword section or, add keywords to exclude etc.

    * Step Seven: Add Site > you’re done!

    Feel free to follow my progress with articles in the “Beef Jerky Notes” category to see how this shapes up over the next little while.


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  • Hi Hart. You know, when I first landed on your sites, I was confused. How could one person own so many blogs and domains and keep them all updated and fresh. Until today, I didn’t even realize something like kahuna even existed! wow.. impressive. I’m eager to try it out myself 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!

  • I just started using them recently, as mentioned in the article above .. On one site the articles are coming in pretty nice, but on another article I have had to tweak the keywords to my likings. I don’t plan on using this as a replacement – just a supplement 🙂

    Good luck on using it and hope you get good results. I would be interesting in know how it works for you (and how you use it for your own needs)

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