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    July 15th, 2009HARTBlogging, HART-Empire Network, Plugins

    Anaglyph-meI’ve decided to add TweetMeme’s “Retweet Button” to all my sites. I am a fan of twitter, and although I have added the Wp-To-Twitter wordpress plugin which, included with other social media buttons appears at the bottom of each of my posts, I think this is complimentary. I remember looking at this plugin early on, and didn’t want anything to do with it because I never saw the RT’s .. it was all going to @tweetmeme, but they changed that. Also, I was receiving a conflicting cron error message with my other twitter plugins (tweet this and wp-to-twitter) so I assumed having more than one twitter plugin will always conflict. This one doesn’t conflict!

    The tweetmeme button shows the number of retweets of the post, so I can see how many people LUV the post 😀 .. plus I have configured it to mention @PetLvr (me!) so I know our posts have been retweeted. It’s easy to install – just like all wordpress plugins .. go into your dashboard, click Plugins, then click Add New .. and search for “Tweetmeme” .. and install, then activate. Simple 😀

    A few things of note ..


    When I activated the plugin for the first time, the plugin appeared next to every post on the front page. Personally, I think that is overkill, because I am using the “Evermore” plugin to show only a few paragraphs of each post with the [more] link, and the button seemed to overwhelm the front page!

    So – this is what I did. I’ve edited the single.php page (or appropriate file where the single post is being displayed) and placed the following code .. just before the content is displayed:

    < ?php if (function_exists('tweetmeme')) echo tweetmeme(); ?>
    < ?php the_content(); ?>

    In the Tweetmeme settings, I ticked “Manual” instead of automatically placing the icon at the top or bottom of the post because I manually added the code to the template. I also added the RT @PetLvr so I receive notice everytime someone retweets one of our posts!


    Usually, when people RT one of my posts .. I tend to include that person in my #followfriday posts on twitter! 😀 and, naturally we will become bestest of best friends!

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  • i had Tweetmeme button and then moved over to Twittley. I think Twittley will be the next big thing, go have a look at it.

    It depends solely on you which one you would like to use though 🙂
    .-= ** Check out George Serradinho´s last blog .. Serious Monday Roundup #1 =-.

  • Thanks George for the suggestion .. will definitely take a look!

  • I just looked at Twittley (and retweeted your last post) ..// actually – don’t like it.

    I like that this TweetMeme STOPS after it fills your twitter box with what to post, and gives you an opportunity to edit it, than to just post it automatically like that. For a tweeter, it’s nice to be able to modify that .. maybe add an opinion, or mini-review if possible.

    But, as a publisher, I can see that it’s also nice to maintain the correct URL, add hashtags or @replies as you indicate I suppose.

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