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    February 17th, 2009HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    There’s never enough time in the day, but there are a few things that I seem to do over and over again, that I think I can save a little time each day.

    Currently .. I have over 100 google alerts set up. Each is set as follows:

    * Type – “Comprehensive” (vs News, Blogs, Web, Video, Groups)
    * Deliver to – “Email” (vs Feed)
    * How Often – “As-It-Happens” (vs Once-A-Day, Once-A-Week)

    I find it necessary to have all of these google alerts. If people are talking about any of our domains, or writers, or on topics that are related to our blogs .. I want to know about it.

    But, I find that with all this information, I’m not really looking at these alerts that come into my email. I mean, I eventually look at them … and maybe browse through them a little – because I get a popup notice everytime I see a new email coming in on my Google Talk IM chat client. When I look inside my gmail, for terms that are curious to me, I also take a quick peak and see what the alert was all about.

    But – even if it is worth me looking into, and doing a follow up – (unless it’s something I really should take care of immediately, like mention of an author interview or something) – I tend to just mark it as “starred” and when I have time late at night, follow up on them anyway.

    Time Management Step: Reduce Time Reading These Emails Twice

    For the reasons .. I have decided to change all of my Google Alerts to “ONCE-A-DAY” delivery in my email.

    I’ll let you know how it goes for me .. Currently, I receive at least 70 email alerts a day.

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