• I Survived My Tax Season!

    May 3rd, 2008HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    If you weren’t aware, I am an accountant and income tax preparer in my ‘day-job’ and the first half of the year is always more concentrated for me .. for instance:

    February – I do most of my client’s T4/T4A/T5/WCB reporting
    April 30th – Deadline for personal income tax
    June 15th – Deadline for Self-Employed personal income tax
    June 30th – Final Deadline for Corporations with December 31 year ends.

    Although you don’t have to file until 6 months after the corporate fiscal year end, most covenants by banks and lenders request to receive their financial statements within 90-120 days after the year end. Also, sometime before I can complete the T4’s and file personal tax returns, I need to actually complete company’s year ends first .. so, you can imagine how busy it can get!

    Well .. this year was one of my busiest. However, for blogging purposes – I think I survived. Thankfully, I have a great team of bloggers in the Battling For Health series of blogs (which I hope to expand upon over the next couple of months) and help with my PetLvr blog this past week by Ruth .. and April 2008 was only a slight set-back.


    Surprisingly, when I look back at the same period, February 2007 to May 2007 .. the traffic didn’t really slow down as much as I remember it did – although, the numbers is much less 🙂 At least I can say that after a year later.


    Meanwhile …work-ethics-wise .. I’m still beat, and finding it tough to get back into the ‘blogging’ arena again. I averaged about 2.5 hour sleep per day for April, and that includes getting the odd 6 hours once every 3 days ..

    I am burnt out. I still have lots of work that should have been finished April 30th. I still have lots of work planned and scheduled for post-April 30th.

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