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    March 19th, 2008HARTHART-Empire Network

    I was looking around my sites this week – because I had 8 domains that were coming up for renewal and I had to be sure it was okay to let some lapse, or be sure NOT to make some of the domains lapse.

    You see .. if you recall, last September/October I consolidated a lot of my network. I had two hosting ISP’s and consolidated them down to just 1 ISP … and I consolidated two of my “series” of blogs and domains to subdomains … where I had 26 domains before, I now have 2 domains with at least 13 subdomains on each (BattlingForHealth.com and the AndYouWill.com sites)

    Now – that’s a lot of domains, and I took shortcuts in creating most of them over a Sunday Afternoon. I will give you a real-live example I fixed today.

    And You Will Travel

    The current URL for this blog is … travel.AndYouWill.com ..
    The old URL for this blog was … AndYouWillTravel.com

    the MySQL database was created under the AndYouWillTravel domain (I’ll call it “travel”) and associated with the “AndYouWillTravel.com” domain. However, it can be used with any of my accounts, and that’s what I did. I created a new blog in a subdomain of AndYouWill.com (I’ll call it “andyou”) and just linked the config.php file of “andyou” to the “travel” mysql database. Because that database had lots of references to the “AndYouWillTravel.com” domain and URL, I had setup a 301 redirect .. and nobody would know the difference. You would go on the “AndYou” domain and access the blog which referred to “travel” URL domain, but the 301 would send people back to the “AndYou” domain without them even knowing it.

    But – there was a catch. You see, this “travel” MySQL database is associated with that “travel” account which is associated with the domain. If I were to let go of this domain, the association with the MySQL database would be broken, and I would never be able to access that database again on the current configuration blog!

    What I had to do, was take a proper backup of the existing blog at this point in time on the old MySQL database associated with the old domain, then create a new database and restore the database and associate it with the new domain/subdomain.

    So – I did this yesterday, and it took me about 15 minutes .. as I also had to rename all the source content that linked to the old domain URL. I have the instructions all documented in THIS POST. And, I believe 5 of those 8 domains that were due today has lapsed. No regrets.

    My OnLine ToDo List

    Well .. Speaking of above .. I have about 15 more blogs to convert .. Most of these blogs relate to the “AndYouWill.com” series .. and I do not want to keep the old domains. I will let them expire. I know for the “BattlingForHealth.com” series of blogs, I have decided that (for now anyway) I am keeping them and not letting them expire. The old domains are too similar to the name of the blog (e.g. Battling-Cancer.com for the Battling Cancer blog) and I think I want to keep that ‘in the family’ … so-to-speak. At least for now.

    * #1 – Catch Up And Make Sure All MySQL Databases are Local To Each Domain/Subdomain (takes about 15 minutes each blog, plus checking time)

    UPDATE #1 – (Assessment) – After review of all my configurations, it appears that I have 13 MySQL databases to convert still .. 7 on the BattlingForHealth domain and 6 on the AndYouWill domain

    The rest of my todo list is something that I’ve been working on for months, over time – but it seems that time is getting scarcer and scarcer and hardly any advancement has been made on my next few tasks ..

    * #2 – Finish upgrading all the remaining blogs from WordPress v2.2 to v2.3+ (takes about an hour each blog with proper backups)

    * #3 – Finish installing network template on remaining blogs (takes about 2-3 hours per blog, with all right codes and setup e.g. analytics, social sites, google adsense channels, etc)

    My goal is to complete this all by March 31st. I have many domains coming up for renewal in April and, that is quite a busy month for me.

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