• Looking Back – How’s Our Hosting Package Going?

    November 14th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    Between June and August 2007 the HART-Empire Network experienced growing pains and downtimes .. due to bandwidth issues, and CPU resource limits. Having many blogs affects the CPU resources by constantly accessing out MySQL database.

    I started with a “mega corporate site” with Blacksun.ca, a Canadian server in Saskatchewan .. and was quite happy with them. My PetLvr site was on there, as well as my 1800HART site, the HARTandYVONNE site, the PapillonLvr site and the CorydonClock site. These were the most popular of my sites, and also used the most physical space to store videos, pictures, and other files.

    I then obtained a “reseller Pro account” at Ace-Host.net which allowed me to create as many sites that I needed as I was growing and expanding ‘The Empire’. By June 2007, I had over 40 blogs on the reseller Pro account. I have a few friends on the site, but I wasn’t reselling anything. All sites created were for my own personal use.

    In May 2007 my PetLvr site reached a combined bandwidth and traffic overage cost that made it financially out of my reach to continue hosting at the Canadian Site. There was a solution – and ultimately, I’m probably paying just as much for a comparable solution now – but, all it would have accomplished was to cover the initial 5 blogs and not leave me any room for growth, or independence in creating new accounts whenever the impulse urged me to do so.

    So – June 2007 I moved to … MIDPHASE HOSTING.

    Although it’s all related, when I say “Midphase” .. I really mean to include the 3 arms of Midphase.

    (1) Midphase Hosting – this is for the individual shared account hosting
    (2) An Hosting – this for the larger accounts and virtual private servers (larger shared accounts)
    (3) Singlehop Hosting – this if for the dedicated servers and large accounts.

    The HART-Empire Network is being hosted on Singlehop Hosting dedicated server right now. I had to upgrade the basic service to increase the RAM to 2GIG .. plus I have opted for a general management package. You can see my costs in my monthly “WooHoo” posts where I post my earnings each month.

    Since September 1, 2007 .. everything seems to have been working smoothly, and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I think my sites are loading fast, and I noone has really reported that any of my sites are hanging up or anything like. So, HI-FIVE to Singlehop for that.

    And, it’s mid-November 2007 now .. so I think I feel confident in actually making a recommendation if you are looking for a new host provider .. at least, do not REMOVE Midphase and the other brands from consideration. And, as an affiliated user … they have brought to my attention some deals that may help you in your consideration and thought I would just post the banners in here:

    MidPhase Hosting

    AN Hosting

    SingleHop Hosting

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