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    July 1st, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    Okay .. so, it’s really no big deal being the first post under the “so-called” NEW Name for this blog .. which, is the same name that’s been on the header image since Day-one!

    July 1st marks an important day every year for me .. June 30th has come and gone! That means, that there should be much less stress on the offline work giving me much more time to concentrate on the online work!

    And – this summer will be different than last summer, because I now can access Hi-Speed internet on my laptop at the beach with my new EVDO card! .

    My wife takes every Friday off during the summer, as part of her vacation schedule planning to get a long-weekend EVERY weekend, plus we take two weeks off as well. Since my mother-in-law passed away last May 2006 .. we’ve been going out to the ‘cottage’ that my wife inherited with her sister … it’s a shared cottage arrangement, where my wife’s mother only had 1/3 share … but, we’ve been going out every weekend! 🙂

    At least, now I can blog in the evenings, or whenever .. while I am out at the beach! I’m soooooooo happy.

    I was going to update all of my “HART-Empire Network” Earnings … since it’s online with the shared Google Documents .. however, I forgot to bring the database of mine that has all the links and passwords to the sites that I am earning information from! So .. I will not update the June 2007 earnings until mid-Week.

    I don’t expect any big monetary improvement for June 2007 .. and I know my traffic levels decliend

    If you haven’t been aware .. during the month of June 2007 … I closed down my reseller account at ace-host.net (ISP#2) and moved 42 blogs to my new ISP#3. This was brought about a decision created by my mega host provider Blacksun.ca (ISP#1), who I have been dealing with for about 5 years or so. All of a sudden in May 2007, my bandwidth traffic doubled my normal ordinary limits, and I was to be charged for this .. plus they wanted me to upgrade to a plan that was about $1200 per year. Currently, I downgraded last year from a $960 plan to a $360 per year plan and started the reseller account to take off the burden.

    What got me – was that I ended up being charged $180 for the extra bandwidth of May 2007… and this new upgraded plan $960 they wanted me to switch, covered LESS Bandwidth than I actually achieved in May! The next step was a dedicated server, which is a costly move on my part – given my earnings at this stage.

    So /// Shopped around .. looked within deep of blogs that I read, and opinions that I trusted .. and decided that I would move everything to Mid-Phase .. midphase.com – That was in the last week of May 2007. Based on all of the information, the sales reps, the websites and everything I was familiar with in obtaining information about online web hosting (WHICH OBVIOUSLY SUCKS) .. it because apparent that the Technical Team at MidPhase didn’t know what to do with me! There was NO WAY IN THE WORLD all of my accounts would have fit that “Pro-Phase” Plan that I ordered .. (about $215 USD per year). Instead, I ended up getting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) account … at a cost of $195 USD per quarter year.

    I am in the process of documenting my move and combination of two host server providers into one host provider and will discuss more of the details on that in a later series in this blog

    Meanwhile .. I think 95% of my blogs have been restored .. I’ve now got EVDO high speed internet access (where ever you can access a cell phone) .. my offline workload deadlines have mostly come and gone … and it’s about time I started paying more attention to the HART-Empire Network!

    I should note, that after moving everything over to midPhase on my VPS account .. it seems that I am taxing the resources somewhere between 70% and 90% depending on traffic, and when the smoke clears .. I will probably have to move everything once again to a dedicated server .. before the year is out.

    Oh well .. that’s Growing Pains!

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