• Upcoming Name Change And A New Home For The HART-Empire Network

    June 25th, 2007HARTQuickies

    Effective July 1st, 2007 ….

    When I moved both of my servers to the new server .. I received the opportunity to get another domain ‘for life’ and I did just that.

    So .. effective July 1, 2007 .. this is how I will be referring my sites as ..


    OLD NAME: HART-Empire Network
    NEW NAME: HART-Empire

    “HART-Empire Blog”

    This is where I will continue to talk about everything and anything that is related to blogging and my so-called blogging empire I call the .. HART-Empire Network. Besides what my thoughts are and the things that I do in running a network of sites .. eventually I will be going back to promoting the sites within the network itself in the “EMPIRE” blog.


    OLD NAME: HART-Empire Network II
    NEW NAME: HART-Network

    “HART-Network Blog”

    I will be using this domain to aggregate all of the many sites in different channels into the individual channel feeds. So, if someone is interested in seeing all the posts of my pet category channel in one feed, this is where you get it.


    OLD NAME: HART-Empire Network III
    NEW NAME: 1800HART on MySpace

    “1800HART on MySpace”

    Actually, I’m still in denial what can be done over at MySpace .. but continue to look around and add friends, receive comments, and so on! I don’t really have a specific theme what I want to do, although – I sort of do. I just don’t have the time to do that – yet. It sits, accumulating friends.


    OLD NAME: (n/a – this is a new domain)
    NEW NAME: HART-Empire Network

    “HART-Empire Network” (aka the NEW HOME PAGE)

    I will be using this domain as the general reference for all HART-Empire Network stuff, like a sitemap. There will be more PAGES in this blog, than Blog Entries. For instance .. the advertising pages will be moved here, the bios, an updated “About the Empire” page .. and stuff like that. Anything and everything network related as a reference source, will end up on that page. When you link to the “HART-Empire Network” .. I hope that you link to HART-Empire-Network.com from now on ..

    Yes .. I know that sounds confusing… Hopefully it will all make sense in the next few months.


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