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    May 23rd, 2007HARTHmmmm Things

    My ISP#2 (the reseller PRO account) renewal becomes due on May 28th. Currently .. I’m allowed to create an unlimited number of sites, within my monthly combined allocation limit of:

    * Disk Space 20,000 MB >> I have 1,500 MB unallocated
    * Bandwidth Monthly 200 GB >> I have 15 GB unallocated

    Of the allocated 185 GB of monthly bandwidth, the sites created on this ISP only used 10GB in the month of May 2007 – so far to date … and that’s on 36 hosted sites. My annual cost is $479.40 USD.

    My ISP#1 (the mega PetLvr account) renewal becomes due July 15th. Currently .. I’m on the NOVA plan which allows me up to 15GB of traffic per month. There are a five sites included in this one site as domain aliases (1800hart.com, Papillonlvr.com, cordyonclock.com, petlvr.com, hartandyvonne.com) and unfortunately, like an idiot – I created one MySQL database that houses all these blogs and its growing.

    I was just informed that my ISP#1 has reached almost 21 GB of traffic for these 5 sites for the month of May 2007, and is expected to reach about 28GB for the month. They are requesting that I move UP two plans, to the VORTEX plan, which allows up to 35GB traffic per month. Last year, I was going to move everything away from ISP#1 because I *HAD* the Vortex plan and it is just too expensive. My annual cost was reduced to $360 CDN and, the Vortex plan would push it back up to $900 CDN annually.

    I should say, that I am a loyal customer of ISP#1, since early 2001? I think .. and they are based in Saskatchewan – under Canadian Law. My ISP#2 falls under the USA laws. If you don’t know what that might mean to a Canadian blogger already, there’s no reason for me to elaborate.

    I do place a few affiliate banners in my sidebars of a few blogs from hosting companies .. Globat and MidPhase.

    I can get the Terabyte Plan from Globat which is only $6.95 per month ($83.40 USD per year) which would give me 1000 GB Web Hosting Space and 1000 GB Data Transfer bandwidth for month. It can allow up to 6 domains on the plan. They even have a higher plan called the Terybyte XS plan which offers up to 5,000 GB of Web Hosting Space and 2,000 GB bandwidth per month for $18.95 per month ($227.40 USD per year). Although I can create up to 100 domains, there is a limit of only 10 MySQL databases on the big account. I do not think I would combine databases anymore now that I see the repurcussions.

    Meanwhile, I have been hearing a lot about MidPhase Hosting .. and although I do not think their plans are quite unique, the general dicussion out here seems to be that they are reliable and working to work with you.

    If my blogs and sites within the ISP#2 reseller account ever came popular – knock on wood – I might have a problem in the future and need more bandwidth. If I had less sites, I’d allocate more space and bandwidth and there wouldn’t be any future problems. At the moment .. I’m happy with the reseller account and it’s reliability, help if I need it .. and ease of setting up as many accounts as I need to (it’s at http://Ace-Host.net by the way).

    But – for the price of what I might have to pay at ISP#1 .. I can get 4 TereByte XS accounts that would more or less cover everything I need and all 40 + blogs. And, if I had to combine a few MySQL databases to make use of the extra bandwidth or space .. well .. I’m living with it now – what’s the diff?

    Crossroads .. What to do.. What to do ..

    I guess it’s time to look for a more permanent solution and perhaps, put all my eggs into one basket = the question is .. which basket?

    Any suggestions? Options? Help and assistance? >> Will be appreciated!

    // HART

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