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    May 13th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    If you have Google Adsense, then you were probably sitting in the same position I was this past week. Should I convert my login to my Gmail account?

    Quite frankly, I enjoyed Google Adsense Login the way it was a few months ago and earlier. I used to double click my mouse in the first field was, and select my login email address. My password would be remembered and I would be logged in.

    Then, suddenly that changed. Nothing happened when you double clicked the field in the login, and I actually had to type in both my user id (email) and password. This was annoying for me.

    Then .. recently, it seemed that everytime I logged in, there was a new screen asking me to convert everything to my Gmail account login. I kept “skipping” it, and wasn’t logging into my adsense account too much anyway (I know I don’t make that much worth watching it every two seconds).

    Last Wednesday, I believe, I finally converted. And, I think I like it better. As I’m always logged into my gmail account for my Google Talk and Email Alerts .. it seems that I have to log in once a day .. but if I come back many hours later or at the end of the day – as long as I’m still connected to Google Talk, that red ‘logging in’ button starts logging me in, without even showing the two fields for user id and password.

    I know .. I know .. WTF is he talking about? It’s one of those SCTV moments .. “$Dialing For Dollar$” skit .. with Walter Kronkite .. it’s not “Dialing for Dollars” .. it’s “Dollarsign Dialing for Dollar Dollarsign” and Booooy does that bug me” And, if you are NOT a fan of SCTV, then that reference would be even more obscure.

    The thing is .. it was working fine before, and they changed it. It then was annoying me to all heck. Now, not only is it back to the way it was before, but I think it’s better somehow .. and that’s good in my books. I mean .. what good are ‘cookies’ for anyway if you can’t automate your logins to your favorite sites that you go to on your computer, right?

    See? I just logged in and no UserID and Password to enter!

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