• HART-Empire Earnings for 2007 (January-April) Released

    May 9th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Statistics, WooHoo

    * HART-Empire Earnings for 2007 (January-April) Released .. sounds like a press release, eh?

    According to THIS POST back in 2006, I estimated that my 2006 earnings would be about $3,665 USD .. which turned out to be pretty close to actual. Actually, it was closer to about $2,200 USD plus private deals of $1,800 USD (that expired March 2007) for a total around $4,000 USD earnings.

    Don’t ask me where the money went! It just went! But keep in mind, this is EARNINGS .. not cash.

    Now .. I’ve deducted the $1,800 private deals from the lot to better represent the online earning potential and growth that I have accomplished from earning revenues online, and actually included (or ‘accrued’) revenue from sources that I have yet to receive payment from. You see, as an accountant – I’m anal like that! Not only can I tell you what I’ve earned, I can cross reference it by blog, by type of ad, and one other criteria .. but I won’t. What I do want to reflect is that without the private ads .. the $2,200 USD relates to:

    * $183.33 per month average
    * $6.03 per day average

    So .. although I have all the details for 2007 recapped and itemized in excel spreadsheets on my computer, I have created a Google Document Spreadsheet and (hope this works) set it to SHARING in case anybody is curious to see a rough summary of how I keep track of my own personal earnings, from blogging – excluding private deals.

    * HART-Empire Network Draft Earnings 2007

    Summary of Gross Earnings 2007

    * January 2007 – $344.61
    * February 2007 – $372.37
    * March 2007 – $492.41
    * April 2007 – $476.08

    ** Year-To-Date Gross Earnings (Jan-Apr/2007) – $1,685.47

    * Average (so far) $14.05 per day or, $421.37 per month


    I don’t know .. what do YOU think? Is that good? On one hand – I’ve struggled making my first $10 per month for many months .. and anything is good, right? But I’ve been blogging since May 2005 and now have over 40 blogs on 32 different domains. Also, I know of a lot of other bloggers that make about the same, or more, or less, but certainly spend a HECK OF A LOT LESS time blogging than I have been spending. But, I think the social aspect and ‘stress-release’ factor of reading, participating, commenting and just following the links is all part of the blogging process. It helps me get perspective, and lets me see what the world is doing out there online. It’s also fun too 🙂

    It was only this recent March 2007 that I finally exceeded $100 per month level on Google Adsense earnings. I personally feel that if I were to SPEND more money on advertising, I would do more – but, I wanted to avoid that at all costs. As it turns out, I’ve actually started to purchase Text-Link-Ads to advertise the PetLvr site on a few sites .. just to test the waters .. but it hasn’t been much, as I am a cheap bastard 😀

    * Advertising SPENT in 2007 – January $0, February $20, March $20, April $45 (I have also prepaid May/2007 for the same amount $45 at this point)

    I have no savings, as I have actually been “bootstrapping” my business by reinvesting these gross proceeds towards certain other online aspects of my business that, I’d rather not go into at this point in time.

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