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    April 21st, 2007HARTQuickies

    If you didn’t know this .. offline I am an accountant, bookkeeper and income tax preparer (besides “consultant and blogger and pet owner” titles) .. and here in Canada, personal income tax returns (T1) are due April 30th. That is, of course, unless one is self-employed .. then the deadline to file a return is June 15th, but payment is due by April 30th. Corporation income tax returns (T2) are due six months after the year end, although payment is usually due by the end of the third or second month following the company’s year end (depending on circumstances).

    As I look at my TO DO LIST … it would seem that I’ve got 87 items in my “To Do” list to be completed before April 30th .. and every day new items are being added! The biggest problem is NOT the actual work or workload .. it’s the scheduling of the meetings and getting the work out of my (home) office and out to the client!

    As I look on my Pre-posting Schedule of Blog entries that I have coming due this week .. I suddenly realize that I have ABSOLUTELY NO PRESCHEDULED POSTS available for the next 10 days!

    Quite honestly, this is just too time consuming for me to catch up with the postings for the remainding month of April, so I’m officially on SLOWDOWN NOTICE – TEMPORARILY – UNTIL MAY 1, 2007.

    Although I may or may not be posting periodically during this time on PetLvr.com/blog/ or 1800HART.com/blog/ these will strictly be for “instant blogging” reasons such as “income tax news” or “if I don’t post it now it well get lost in my email” reasons or my weekly “fat blogging summaries”.

    Unfortunately, I can’t quit “my day job” yet from blogging 😀 … so, I just HAVE to concentrate on my “Meat and Gravy” .. which is accounting and income tax.

    But my blogs do not have to be deadspace …

    If anybody is interested in GUEST POSTING articles in ANY of my blogs in my sidebar ON ANY TOPIC, please contact me at …. hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com ..

    Just provide me the following:

    * Let me know which blog you would like to guest author for
    * Please provide a write-up about yourself to describe you to my readers
    * Don’t forget to include resource line for end of article to promote your site or product/links!

    I figure .. it never hurts to ask, right? Anybody interested?


    HART (1-800-HART)
    Google Talk: 1800hart (at) gmail (dot) com


    cc HART-Empire.com
    cc PetLvr.com/blog/
    cc 1800HART.com/blog/
    cc Battling-Obesity.com

    But, I will not be cc’ing this anywhere else .. so I don’t seem to spam any services with similar posts, like Outpost-Earth.com etc etc etc

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