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  • Hi There Hartley,

    Glad you’re utilizing our “FeedMedic” alerts. Our service can only tell you when something is wrong with your source feed. We look to your source feed periodically to ensure that we’re delivering the most recent content, so if during one of those intervals, your source feed goes down, we can notify you.

    We think it’s a great way to tell you that we can’t access your source feed.

    We love feedback, so if there’s anything we can help on, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

    Jake Parrillo
    Publisher Services Team

  • Hi Jake .. thanks for finding this post and leaving a comment! The Feed Bulletin is a great thing, snd the only thing I can suggest as feedback is to possibly look at the source feeds more than just periodically, so if it goes down – we get informed.

    I can give you one example that has affected me .. I have received emails from Outpost-Earth.com advising me my feed is not working before Feedburner had, as it affected his service as well.

    Take care.

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