• I wish AKISMET would UN-Spam-Block me GrrrRrRrrrRrr

    March 18th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * Alternate Title: Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just Ranting.. Feel free to click NEXT

    [Rant On] – in fact, I have no intention of even reading this after I type it, nor will I even spell check or be concerned about my grammar!


    It’s getting frustrating.

    Am I a Spammer? Is someone out there using my email to comment spam?

    Then – why are my comments in moderation?

    Problogger .. 901am .. blogherald .. successful-blog just to name a few.

    .. and about 15 others that I was actually testing to see if I’m being blocked by Akismet ..

    It seems that my hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com is being blocked by everybody. Half of the time if I link the URL to PetLvr blog but use my other email, I may be blocked .. and I may not be blocked.

    IF this keeps up – I might just stop commenting. It’s irritating.

    I’ve sent queries and comments (2) using Akismet’s contact form – but, no one ever replies back to me. How the heck do I even know if they received it?

    Now .. this brings a great question of interest to me … WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN I AM IN MODERATION?

    Basically, I’ve got over 40 blogs and receive tons of spam and moderated entries. I never unmoderate them actually. In fact, about 90% of the time the notice from my wordpress blogs don’t really tell me what was in moderation, and in fact just informs me that there might be about 20 in moderation since – yesterday. It is very infrequent that it will actually inform the contents of the comment in moderation.

    When ever I do go into my blogs, if there is a notice of items in my Dashboard letting me know that there is comments in moderation, I usually go to Spam Killer and either decide whether the entries are truly spam or not and designate it – or leave it in moderation.

    There are currently two people in moderation (if you know who you are – contact me!) who have been spamming about 10 different blogs of mine – and maybe 5% of the comments actually could be legitimate comments … the rest are obviously spam. The almost legitimate one are held in moderation and I never unmoderate it. If that person emails me, I would.

    So – is that what I should be doing? Contacting the blog owner when my own posts are caught in moderation?

    I don’t feel like I should do that. I will mention something, however, if there is a good reason for me to be in moderation. For instance, if I deliberately post 2 or more active links in a comment .. the wordpress default automatically thinks the comment could be spam. That’s different. I triggered the possibility of moderation.

    I just don’t think that my email address should be the criteria for me to automatically be banned or put into moderation at my favorite blogs – and worse yet – if the reason is because I’m on a “hit-list” at Akismet.

    [/rant off]

    Ok. I feel better now.

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