• Quickies – February 25, 2007

    February 25th, 2007HARTQuickies

    * MyBlogLog – my PetLvr Member Profile

    I was “HOT” for about 10 seconds yesterday February 24th .. probably because of my comment on their blog about limiting the joining of communities to 15 per day .. and my subsequent post about that

    * And speaking of communities found in MyBlogLog ..

    I joined JTChandler OutPost-Earth Community because I thought it was interesting idea. If you go to the site, you can sign up your site into the directory, by location and even city .. and then again by various topics. The site then aggregates your RSS feed with an avatar as you post. People can find new content by category or by city .. which I liked a lot. There was only one other blogger in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and I thought Winnipeg should be represented!

    If you add more than one blog to the directory .. be sure to use DIFFERENT avatars for each, or else risk getting removed. I initially wanted them all to show off my lovely HART caricature .. but ended up getting suspended when all the feeds started to show up on the page – for spamming! Fortunately, JTChandler was patient with me as I replaced these avatars with brand new avatars that I found online and everything is up and running.

    I’ve added 12 sites to the feed directory. Including this site, I’ve added the PetLvr site, the 1800HART site, the Retirement site .. and all of the 8 battling-series sites. At this time, I didn’t bother to add the sites that are more like shopping sites, or with videos, and graphic intensive. I’d like to see if this generates any new traffic for these sites. Although, even if it doesn’t – I’ve found a few new sites that I never had before in my bloglines!

    So .. check it out .. I’ve been more curious looking at feeds and sites of bloggers from specific cities and regions, than by the actual categories .. but once there are a lot of sites added to this directory .. well .. it’s got potential i.m.o.

    Here’s the graphic you will see in all the sites added .. to help promote them.


    Greetings .. from Outpost-Earth-Canada-Manitoba-Winnipeg!

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