• Dear MyBlogLog: Boooooooo!

    February 24th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies


    Source: mybloglogb.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/02/mybloglog_knock.html

    In order to reduce the practice of making contacts and joining communities just to spread their face around, we’ve instituted a limit of 15 community joins , 15 new contacts and 5 co-author requests in a day. Straight up, this is a quick-and-dirty approach and these numbers may not be the optimal numbers. We’re going to rely on you to help us tweak these over time so that it maintains a balance of usefulness to members while keeping people from trying to game the system to everyone’s detriment.

    Lastly, and this wasn’t part of the original plan, we patched a stupid cookie hole that allowed people to impersonate other members. While you couldn’t use this exploit to gain access to other members’ accounts, you could show up on other sites as someone else. And that ain’t cool.

    To MyBlogLog: YES .. closed up holes and fix thing .. don’t deter things or people or the Yahoo investment will go down the tubes because people like me won’t like you anymore.


    That’s right. I’m Boo’ing you ..

    This is my official policy for MyBlogLog (updated February 21, 2007 in my profile page!) I get more than 15 readers a day you know.

    Greetings .. and welcome to VERSION 2.0 of HART’s ABOUT Page! (created Feb/2007)

    MyBlogLog policy is to immediately join the communities of readers and faces that appear on any of my blogs. At this time, I might also be adding your site to my Bloglines and following your RSS feed.

    I will also add everybody as a contact who adds me as theirs, so feel free to add me as a contact. I will also join your communities and do the same if we are contacts!

    If I keep coming back and seeing you as a regular face on one or more of my blogs, I should note that I will probably just add you as a contact anyway .. to remind me that you are not just a passing statistic to my sites, and that I value your readership of my stuff .. even if it’s periodically, or out of curiousity and just surfing!

    Sometimes I just join communities of the sites that I like!

    Feel free to message any of my communities or the PetLvr main section and leave a comment.

    HART (1-800-HART)

    – aka –

    HART (PetLvr)

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