• Don’t You Hate It When You Lose Your Password?

    February 10th, 2007HARTQuickies

    I stopped using Google Analytics long long ago .. yet, I seem to have the code on practically every site that I have (blog and non-blog).

    But – since I’ve started using a few google @gmail.com email addresses .. for the life of me – I can’t remember what the frick my old password or what email I used to access the statistics!


    Yup. You can see how important Google Analytics Statistics are to me.

    Currently, I have been relying on two types of statistics – that mean something to me, in my own world..

    * The Sitemeter Codes on the bottom of each page or my network public stats
    * The basic “refer” statistics on all my sites like this one

    So .. Back to Square One – Trying Something New .. erm, Old!

    * WordPress Reports Plugin – I’ve just decided (today) that on all newly upgraded blogs to latest wordpress version 2.1 that I am going to install this plugin. What it does is tie into my Feedburner’s Standard (but expanded) stats in the Analyze tab. And, I’ve created a brand new google analytics account with one of my newer @gmail.com accounts and will be replacing 100% of the older code (goodbye to a year’s data I guess – since I was there from inception) and inserting the new code into all of my headers.

    It might be nice to have the ability to see some of that information directly in my Dashboard – maybe I will utilize it in the future….. we’ll see! There’s a REPORTS button directly inside this wordpress and I don’t have to remember to log in anymore or decipher how to read all that crap. This way .. I’ll just have to figure out a way to remember how to decipher all that crap in my Reports from my Dashboard!

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