• Problems with the Upgraded Blogs on WordPress Version 2.1

    February 8th, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    So far – this is what I have noticed “HALF-WAY” into my upgrades ..

    * 2 blogs post new articles – but, when you “PUBLISH” .. you get the white screen. I’ve learned that if I just go into another tab or window .. the post is there. If I hit REFRESH .. the post will double post.

    * 3 blogs will not accept new categories either in the write section itself, or under the categories in the Manage section

    >> ALL FIVE BLOGS WERE UPGRADED 2.0.4 version blogs … prior to the upgrade to wordpress version 2.1

    I think that is more than a coincidence and I will have to read up and find a solution. The biggest annoyance is that one of the white screen posts is my PetLvr blog – which has a lot of postings. All the other blogs do not have much new postings, but whatever. It’s broken – and I have to fix that today.

    I did notice one other thing that was bugging me – but I have determined what plugin was causing the wierdness and once I deactivated it – it started to work fine. Goes to show that it takes a while to test these newly upgraded blogs!

    >> And Speaking of Categories .. (well, I am now)

    It’s pissing me off that there is no more defaulted category. In most cases, I post under a specific category for each blog and have set that as the default in my options. It’s not that I can’t go back in and edit the “uncategorized” post to a specific category. It’s that I have been adding the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin to all new installations .. and now I have to go to options and reclassify the uncategorized tag (which may contain many different desired categories) .. and move into another category. It’s annoying. I think I saw a plugin somewhere that might fix? I’m not sure though ..// if anybody knows how to stop this.. please! Let me know! // Thanks.


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