• Blogger Job Payout Option Scenarios #1

    January 23rd, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * Yup – Still in the Network Mood (thinking outloud .. please don’t laugh)

    I’ve yet to take that “REAL” first step to actually place an ad to hire bloggers, although I’ve kind of hinted it around on the blogs. But, I am serious, and need to hire bloggers to push forward in 2007.

    Some of the problems that I feel is holding me back in pushing for that elusive Hunt for the Greatest Hired Blogger in the world .. is that I want to be sure that opportunities really do exist for a hired blogger to earn revenues here at the HART-Empire Network, and build up ways to increase traffic all around. I believe I have what it takes to assist in the promotion and crosslinking and other SEO stuff, besides the technical hosting, maintenance and other stuff. But, you know what bothers me the most? Stuff like this:

    * Is my Reseller account big enough? I’ve been adding many blogs and using up my bandwidth. Will I underestimate what I might eventually need? Currently, I have my blogs set with approximately between 0.5Gig and 3.0Gig bandwidth per month. Is that enough? It is now. WAY (to quote Wayne’s World). But will it in the future?
    * Content and rights issues .. not just for “the right thing to do” socially, but for blogger protection, content of the network, and maybe subsequent opportunities for hired bloggers with eBooks, stuff like that. What happens if a blogger leaves after a short period of time, or if he stays .. stuff like that.
    * The actual Hiring process .. term, contract, number of posts, duties, responsibilities of both parties, stuff like that. I don’t want to hire someone every 2 weeks, and would much want to have some sort of long-term relationship (I hope) with one blogger who is earning money
    * Pricing points. Like any employer, you want to be able to have your workers earn money and enjoy their work. And for those working harder and making more efforts to be better rewarded.
    * Review and Hiring process .. You want the right fit for a blog and the writer I think. I always hated when I was growing up that you couldn’t get jobs without experience, but to get a job you needed experience. I’m sure there are untapped talent out there and I would want to be able to objectively give everybody a chance, that wants one .. On the other hand, once I start hiring – it’s not a hobby or me or myself or my wantings anymore – it is a business … my business .. and issues have to be considered.

    So .. I’ve been thinking “OF STUFF” .. but, not really looking at the details .. so I thought I would start sometime this week – during my backup and upgrading procedures .. and today I started an Excel Spreadsheet on my desktop

    Scenario #1 – prices to pay bloggers

    I have disregarded the pay per post or by the word scenarios. I don’t want that.

    I’d love to be able to pay a firm monthly salary only because then both the blogger and myself would know exactly what the score is. However, if the blog doesn’t take off .. I’m out the money and chances are I would have to start from scratch to repair the damage. And if the blog takes off – I could be shorting the blogger’s opportunities. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer any guaranteed amount of earnings at this point in time.

    So – after watching other people do it .. I think either one of the two ways is probably the best way for me to proceed:

    * 100% of the first $100 monthly earnings to the blogger, and the rest split 60% blogger 40% network
    * 70% to the blogger and 30% to the network from the first penny of earnings.

    The breakeven for this .. is $400.00 gross earnings, where earnings below this amount the first option benefits the blogger the best. For earnings over $400.00 gross per month, the second option earns the blogger more. So the question becomes whether or not each of these blogs can earn $400 gross per month, and how long it will take to do that.

    My goal – is currently to monetize with text link advertising, contextual advertising, blogger advertising and affiliations and even recommended amazon and other stuff like that – in other words, any way I can .. within reason. I have to keep in mind that although this is my goal in the longer term .. the first goal is traffic building. I think if the traffic is built, the other will come afterwards. That has been working for me – but, having a blogger .. who is doing this as a living or part of a bunch of other ‘gigs’ ..money has to come sooner over later.

    I wish I was able to afford to become a full-time “problogger” and my efforts can support my living habits, but it cannot. As such – I must continue with my offline work, and busy tax season comes back into full swing in the next couple of weeks (until mid June). I sure respect all other blog owners and mini-blog networks that are hiring people to blog for them for what they are doing. .. and the social promotional efforts they do .. it is very time consuming.

    Just in case you were interested ..

    I’ve always figured .. it never hurts to ask .. but, these are the blogs I am considering looking for bloggers:

    * Every one of the Battling-Series of Blogs
    * SEO blog
    * Retirement Blog
    * Curling Blog
    * Music Blog
    * Certain of the Shopping blogs
    * I’ve got about 8 domains that I have yet to put blogs online
    * I’m pretty much willing to back new blogger ideas’ and setup blogs for them

    I am pretty much willing to consider options and nothing is written in stone. Although, if someone asked about the Pet Related blogs I think I would want something different in place (multiple blogs included LVR Series) as it’s really the only one earning at this moment. On the other hand, if I do this by myself and I will have to be able to earn enough from my efforts to replace a portion of my offline efforts, because it is very time consuming. Otherwise, I will just let it slip like I did last year and come back in the fall and build it back up to where it was (just look at the sitemeter graphic under the network code).

    Anyway .. I guess .. [/RANT OFF]

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