• Another Pay Per Post .. or rather Pay Per Link

    January 23rd, 2007HARTHmmmm Things, Quickies

    * A New Pioneering Link Placement Service

    That’s what the email says ….

    Some big news from V7N: contextual.v7n.com

    This is our new, pioneering blog link placement service. Link builders get access to thousands of quality blogs, and blog publishers earn cash by placing links in their blog posts.

    We’ve got over $50,000 to give away, so get involved now!

    I like V7N .. they have interesting things happening, and I do frequent there once in a while. In fact, the great logo for 62-151 Media Group was designed and compliments by JuggoPop and V7N.com / v7design.com.

    But, now they are finding advertisers who publish links in their blogs as a regular post, something like $10.00 per link. The link can’t be in the same post as a competitor. Although, apparently there is no obligation to give any review, be it good or bad .. you are supposed to write a couple sentences or a blog entry and slip in the link. Then you get paid.

    Oh – it gets better.

    You can’t tell anybody that it is a paid-for link. And, if you are an advertiser, you cannot disclose that you are advertising on a person’s blog.

    There’s even a non-disclosure agreement that has to be something .. (acknowledged? Signed? I’m not sure). And, if you disclose that you were paid to insert a link in your blog – which, by the way has to remain for at least 1 year and/or the life of your blog – you can be fined $1,000 per violation.

    To Each His/Her Own I guess …. If you are interested .. Sign up here .. and then watch this forum.

    Didn’t they make a new law about disclosure? I’m not sure. But, I won’t be participating, just like I never participated in the Review Me, the Pay Per Post, and so on and so on. Although, at $10 a pop .. if there are many advertisers wishing to do this – I think there will be a lot of bloggers making some extra money, and I’ll be reading these articles or blog posts with only 1-2 paragraphs with more skepticism.

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