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  • One of the things that Mybloglog needs, or if it has needs to be more obvious, is the ability to hide other people who have added you as a contact from showing on your profile, similar to your ability to hide yourself from showing on other people’s.

  • There are probably a few more things that can be tweaked in MyBlogLog .. but, actually .. I’ve been enjoying surfing the sites of members of communities that I have either joined because viewers arrived on my sites or we are “contacts”.

    To me .. it’s like surfing random sites on a sidebar, but somehow slightly related in a way.

    Maybe – they need the ability to “X” out your face, just like you can when you visit a site? Hmmm

  • BTW .. it seems that “amnezia” was shut down and all his 9000 contacts deleted .. he’s back with the same userid, and wrote a “conclusion” story on his website. MyBlogLog removed him from my contacts too. I never bothered to join his community.

  • Yeah, I really like the ability to surf through and read people’s blogs and see what the people who read my blog are also reading. I also really like the widget that shows recent visitors. It’s nice to see the same “faces” coming back in a way that seems more personal than just a log file.

  • Hmm.. thats a very good angle that I never thought about… I gotta check up on who I’m adding myself!

  • haha .. My Evil Plan to take over ze world begins! I’ve joined your community FriedBeef 🙂 but, I still think that’s a good thing – in addition to having your RSS feed in my Bloglines – I can now check out new people and blogs I have never even thought to check out.

    There’s some good and I’m sure there’s some bad. For now, I think it’s mostly good.

  • oh – but hopefully .. it will work vice versa. People scanning my profile on MyBlogLog may find your way to all of your sites!

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