• Quickies – January 5, 2007

    January 5th, 2007HARTQuickies

    * Oh Right! “Page Rank” is not the same as “Google Pagerankâ„¢”

    I’ve been reading around my bloglines in sites wondering if there is another “google dance” is in progress, and personally .. I really don’t care. I know my sites suck, and it’s not like I’m doing that much better in resulting efforts to consciously try to improve my page rank.

    But .. My Google Toolbar on my internet explorer (IEv7) browser seems to be fluctuating with other calculations. For instance, one of my sites .. The-Singers.com .. once had a Page Rank of PR=6. And this was just in the past summer 2006. After the google dance last fall, (I never noticed it until October 23, 2006) .. the page rank was reduced to PR=2. In fact, a lot of my sites were reduced .. and a several with no ranks were increased – but, as a net my sites went down.

    In the past week .. my Google Toolbar on The-Singers.com is now showing PR=6. I have at last 6 other sites with similar (and increased) page ranks.

    Yet .. for all calculations from every page rank calculation site in my bookmarks .. the rank should still be PR=2.

    It’s quite weird. But, oh well .. I’m certainly not going to lose any sleep over this. In my own mind, this site SHOULD be still at PR=2 because, since I’ve lost the rank from PR=6 down to PR=2 .. I’ve slowed down on the postings … and then when Google purchased YouTube .. about 1/3 of the videos included on that blog are now dead links.

    In doing a net search to find out where there are discrepancies .. I found myself to this pretty interesting article:

    SOURCE: Page Rank vs Google Page Rankâ„¢

    Fact 1. “Page Rank” is not the same as “Google Pagerankâ„¢.”

    Fact 2. “Google Pagerankâ„¢ shown in the Google Toolbar is not the same as the actual “Google Pagerankâ„¢” number or value used by Google to determine the “Page Rank” of a page for a specific key phrase.

    Fact 3. “Google Pagerankâ„¢” value is for a specific page or document on the web and the “Page Rank” value is for a specific web page/document and keyword phrase combination.

    * While I’m at it .. What Page Rank Checking Sites Do You Use?

    These are the ones that I use … the first one is my favorite, because I created a text file of all my site URLs listed on a separate line for each URL .. and just copy and paste all of my sites into the box and calculate all of the sites’ rankings at once.



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