• I’m Also Going With The Flow on MySpace

    December 30th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * Good Idea! – Blog-Republic – Going With The Flow Around The Holidays

    Do you ever read the Blog-Republic? If you are blogging and learning how to be a better blogger ….. know that there are OTHER Darrens out there worth reading. Do yourself a favor and just add their RSS Feeds into your Bloglines or favorite feed reader! Do it now! Hurry!!

    MYSPACE .. Hmmmm. MySpace .. myspace .. my space on myspace~~~

    I created a PapillonLvr related Myspace site back in May 2005 but, decided to go to blogger then my own domains. Well, last April 2006 I decided to create another Myspace site under the 1800HART name .. but, I never used it and can’t even remember why I created it. Well .. after reading Darren’s post about setting up his celebrity blog on Myspace, and over a short period of time … just for the asking .. has been accumulating Myspace Friends and promoting his own domain blog from the Myspace blog! He even has his own RSS feed.

    Great idea! So .. I’ve been practicing and fiddling around and created two more sites .. for HART-Empire Network … and have been tinkering. I plan to do something in 2007 with these sites. But it was too much .. I deleted the original PapillonLvr site and the 2nd Hart Network site .. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING??

    But, I did keep the first network site (I’m not planning to link here yet – it will be for testing only) .. but here is the one site that I will be promoting and now put out into the public’s eye .. HART (1-800-HART)

    myspace.com/1800hart – HART on MySpace!

    Feel free to add me as a friend or contact or leave a comment .. and I will be sure to do same with your Myspace site! Also, feel free to subscribe to the blog over there, because come in the new year there might be summaries of existing posts around this network or entirely new content to chat about! I suspect, it might be the former though .. with a musical slant on the latter. One thing I do wish to focus on in 2007 out of Myspace (besides traffic building notions) is get a handle what’s really happening out there in the music scene .. in conjunction with The-Singers.com

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  • Interesting that you mention Darren setting up his Celebrity blog on MySpace… I know a thing or two about celebrities on MySpace šŸ˜‰

    You should check out what MySpace Mastership members all over the world have been doing with their profiles. It’s been a real blast to see so many people go from absolute obscurity to becoming total celebrities with thousands of fans worldwide.

    Why don’t you drop by some time? I’d love to see you there and share with you my MySpace secrets. You can find it at www.myspacemastership.com/

    Your friend,

    His Mastership
    George Levy

  • Hi George, I mean .. “His Mastership!” Thanks for dropping by .. I am looking over your site right now.. and see if I can figure out who these members are worldwide! Sound interesting!

    I uh, hope I don’t need a paypal account .. cuz it’s empty now.

  • Well, I was right – I signed up “to continue” and ended up being schmoozed for $$$$$$$ I guess I will pass – at least at this time .. and see if I can pick up my own secrets = which I would just give away for free here, or in one of my other blogs… Good Luck!

  • Hart – you and Darren (the Republic Darren) have perked my interest in MySpace as a marketing tool.

    Hmmm, I can see an infoproduct in this. šŸ™‚

    I’m off now to really check out MySpace for myself – I’ll catch you at MySpace.

  • Martin .. it should be interesting! I you and I can be the experiment .. I don’t think Darren is experimenting, as I see he’s already got over 500 friends now! I wonder if it can be done without the use of a paid tool .. Hmmm

    MyBlogLog .. and MySpace .. couldn’t hurt the “Press” or the “Empire”! See you there šŸ™‚

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