• Merry Christmas Everybody .. and Happy Holidays too!

    December 23rd, 2006HARTQuickies

    * Alternate Title: Quickies – December 23, 2006

    (but I like the next subject title better …..)

    * Christmas Slowdown – Traffic Wise

    In about 2 hours .. our own local Food Festival begins and ends on Wednesday December 27 for Brunch by joining our families and relatives for lunches, dinners and yes – christmas too.

    This past week, I wouldn’t call it a “Food Fest” .. but, more or less a “Chocolate Festival” and/or “Cheese Ball & Cracker Festival” because, well .. my wife found a few good recipes and is now off work here at home until the new year 2007!

    We have been visiting people .. lots of people! And, everybody has food or treats on the table!

    MENTAL NOTE: Include “dieting” on 2007 New Year’s Resolution List

    But – I still am finding bits and pieces of time to log into my email, check my bloglines, read my daily reads of blogs, add a comment here and there, surf MyBlogLog readers blogs .. but, I am seeing less posting .. and also noticed that what is happening to other people’s blogs .. also is happening with our blogs .. a SLOWDOWN. I still am reading many posts .. but, they are also ‘QUICKIES’ (like this one) .. basically wishing their readers a happy holiday and merry christmas.

    Yup … there’s lots of traffic at the local shopping sites and malls around time and the main routes .. but the traffic sure is slowing down here on the internet.

    Actually – everywhere I look (that has public stats) .. it seems that the traffic peaked Thursday .. and is now crawling to a standstill – hopefully until Xmas and Boxing Day .. and then will get back to normal levels. Well, at least that’s what CLUE I am getting from this all, and will try to stay away from the computer until Boxing Day … even to check for new Spam Emails!! ~~

    Traffic This Week at HART-Empire.com

    The nice thing about not having much traffic, is that the graph doesn’t have to fall as hard in its downward direction like these two sites 😀

    Traffic This Week at Problogger.net

    Traffic This Week at Gawker.com

    * It’s nice to see that in general, people are getting off the computer and slipping back into reality mode and (hopefully) celebrating the holidays with their family, friends, loved ones and PETS!

    Merry Christmas Folks! See you on Boxing Day!

    (wow … look at the traffic on those OTHER two graphs, eh? We’ve got a long way to go!)

    oh .. and ALL THE BEST IN 2007 .. but, I’ll probably add that on my New Year’s Eve Posting

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