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    December 22nd, 2006HARTHmmmm Things

    uuumm …. nope! Don’t look at me~ They’re not MY tips!

    I’m one of those “instant messenging” type of people who honestly believe that one should type like you talk. I guess the first major platform that I chatted the most was with PowWow .. where you can actually SEE the other person typing as they type it. It’s not like the MSN Messenger of today that you have to click SEND before the other person sees it. It was soooooooo annoying to watch people correct their spelling while they type!

    I’m lucky – I can type really really fast – as fast as I can talk, with almost 99% accuracy. I left off the 1% because, I am not perfect and do type mistakes – but, I immediately recognize when my fingers hit the wrong keys … even when I’m not looking at the screen.

    I do have some guidelines that I give myself with respect to my blogs .. that is to click SAVE AND CONTINUE before I click the PUBLISH button. This way, I can give it AT LEAST a once over.

    If I’ve taken the time to do a lot of research, linking, created supporting data, and added extra calculations and other important items to my blog post .. then, YES .. I go out of my way to double check my grammar and spelling and also save it as a draft to leave overnight. This way, I give it a fresh look in the morning. But, honestly .. that’s not too often that I do that.

    You know what? It’s good to find sites like the following, to refresh your thinking and embed some techniques to help you “get it right”- most of the time – in the first place! I highly recommend that you bookmark these two pages from the Dumb Little Man – Tips For Life blog … and if you don’t – at least give it a ONCE OVER read!

    I know that I’ve started to and plan to read every word – at least once! There is some great tips and advice here.

    40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation

    50 Tools that can Increase your Writing Skills

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