• Quickies – November 19, 2006

    November 20th, 2006HARTQuickies

    About Backups

    * For most of my blogs, I use the two plugins WP-CRON and WP-DB-BACKUP to backup MySQL Database and email it to my gmail account. Currently, I am at 9% capacity. Google is great that way! And, when space starts to become a factor, I will just delete the oldest backups.

    * For some of my blogs, the WP-CRON does not work and I have to manually perform the backup of this plugin myself, to my gmail account.

    * For one of my blogs that the WP-CRON didn’t work, I had managed to set up a wp-cron script directly through my cPanel of my server to do this automated backup automatically .. but I never documented how I did it .. and have yet to figure it out on the other ones I do a manual backup.

    * My PetLvr account is a mega account with many domains and domain aliases. I wish I did it differently, but when I created my first blog – I created a MySQL Database and left the tables to start with “wp_” .On my next one, for instance for 1800HART.com/blog/ .. I use tables to describe the blog .. so, in my config.php file the tables start with “1800HART_” .. and so on and so on. Despite what I do – there is no way any wp-cron or wp-db-backup plugin will either manually or automatically backup my entire MySQL Database. So what I do .. is just do daily backups of the core files of the blog only – for each blog. It seems to work, but it’s quite fragmented and I’m not backing up all the tables .. like the stats, the refer files, some I probably don’t use anymore, and others.

    * So – for this mega MySQL Database – once a week I manually backup the database through MyPHPadmin tool, from my cPanel on my server. I carefully follow the same directions that I always do when I want a “good” backup ..

    * This MySQL Database is 223 MB in size. Sometimes I worry about how big it can go .. although, my ISP suggests that it can be as big as 2-4 GIG in size … and I shouldn’t worry yet – although, it might not be a good idea to creating new series of database tables created by any new wordpress installation – which, I stopped doing last September 2005.

    * I’m more worried about me forgetting to backup the database one weekend, and then forgetting the next weekend – and so on and so on – and then something bad happens.

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