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  • Hey Hart, just to be clear, b5 didn’t “acquire” anything with this deal. We’ve decided to simply work together.

    While there’s more to it, think about the Federated Media advertising network. The blogs that participate are not “acquired” by John Battelle. Those blogs are simply outsourcing advertising.

    At a minimum, that’s really all this is too (except Federated Media has crappy terms in comparison). But, I’m looking forward to doing much more than that with b5, because as I said in my post, they are great people with great ideas. And I like that. 🙂


  • Thanks for clearing that up Brian (and dropping by!)

    I predict that in three months .. your feed subscriber base will be in mid 5 numbers and overcome even Darren’s count! I will still be reading your stuff in my Bloglines regardless of whether or not you are in the sidebar of other blogs!

  • HART,

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Look at it this way: we have plenty of new blogs in the channel as well. Most of the blogs we launched today were brand new blogs that were not even on any (much less “the”) map three months ago. Even an existing blog that will be brought into the network (i. e. mine) does not have a huge readerbase.

    b5media is more concerned about the blogger and the content he or she can produce. We’re fairly certain that if we have those two elements, we can help get you the subscribers. 🙂

    – Douglas

  • Doug .. I’ve got the attention span of a kid in a candy store out here on the ‘www.

    And, I hardly worry about anything .. 🙂 well, except if I’m able to make it before everyone goes to sleep on Open Mic Nite … then I like to think that others worry for me.

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