• Quickies – November 14, 2006

    November 14th, 2006HARTQuickies

    * I’ve guess you’ve heard the news … b5media spawns a new business channel ..

    Well, there’s now seven new blogs out there in the long awaited business channel … I’m sure there’s more blogs out there that we don’t even know about yet .. so like everybody else .. I hope hat this channel gets bigger and better over time.

    BUT – was it only ME that was HUGELY SURPRISED by the announcement that Brian Clark of CopyBlogger fame has joined b5media and its business channel?

    It’s just that … well, I thought that the b5media plan was to “make heroes of its bloggers” .. Brian is probably one of the blogosphere’s biggest heroes out there, with almost as many subscribers as Darren of Problogger fame himself! I guess he has his reasons .. and it just goes to show that money does help make the world go round, the rich get richer and all the other cliche’s out there that I can think of – are true.

    I can’t really put my finger on it .. but somehow this merger of the famous blog into the famous blog network is disturbing for me, the smaller network of blogs owner .. and semi-part time blogger .. searching for some validity out there wondering if what I’m doing out here is all right .. and the world is spinning correctly on its axis in my part of the world (and mind’s eye).

    I mean – I won’t – but, what if I ever wanted to apply for a job at this or any other blogger network? or, try to sell this or any other of my sites out there? .. How can we even compare or be in the same class? What would us little guys need to be considered to be acquired by such a great network as b5media …. 6000 feed subscribers? It’s like a new bar to reach .. you have to get famous or be famous .. to become more famous.

    OH WAIT – I just thought of the “WHY” this news sort of irks me in the slightest of ways .. I’ve kind of decided in my own mind that if b5media can’t MAKE heroes out bloggers .. it can buy them. More and more often with every new blog out there .. I personally am not seeing bloggers with passion out there … I’m seeing bloggers and associations with credentials.

    * And speaking of blog networks .. InstaBlogs Live .. launches today … Good Luck! I have to check them out today

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  • Hey Hart, just to be clear, b5 didn’t “acquire” anything with this deal. We’ve decided to simply work together.

    While there’s more to it, think about the Federated Media advertising network. The blogs that participate are not “acquired” by John Battelle. Those blogs are simply outsourcing advertising.

    At a minimum, that’s really all this is too (except Federated Media has crappy terms in comparison). But, I’m looking forward to doing much more than that with b5, because as I said in my post, they are great people with great ideas. And I like that. 🙂


  • Thanks for clearing that up Brian (and dropping by!)

    I predict that in three months .. your feed subscriber base will be in mid 5 numbers and overcome even Darren’s count! I will still be reading your stuff in my Bloglines regardless of whether or not you are in the sidebar of other blogs!

  • HART,

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Look at it this way: we have plenty of new blogs in the channel as well. Most of the blogs we launched today were brand new blogs that were not even on any (much less “the”) map three months ago. Even an existing blog that will be brought into the network (i. e. mine) does not have a huge readerbase.

    b5media is more concerned about the blogger and the content he or she can produce. We’re fairly certain that if we have those two elements, we can help get you the subscribers. 🙂

    – Douglas

  • Doug .. I’ve got the attention span of a kid in a candy store out here on the ‘www.

    And, I hardly worry about anything .. 🙂 well, except if I’m able to make it before everyone goes to sleep on Open Mic Nite … then I like to think that others worry for me.

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