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    November 7th, 2006HARTQuickies

    A New Plug-In …. that I purchased!

    I have purchased my first plugin last month for use with most of my blogs. I have been reluctant to use such “Paid-For” tools .. as I use the free WordPress for all my blogs, and the free plugins, as well as the free wordpress templates that are out there.

    But on October 27, 2006 I was a little discouraged when I looked at my PetLvr blog … reaching 2000 posts .. and subscriptions sliding downwards in my feedburner count to 38.

    On November 1, 2006 in the morning, I purchased the following plugin .. for $127 USD .. after I received my monthly Text Link Ads payment. In recent months, as I break $100 USD per month in earnings, I have been reinvesting the funds into domain names and the like .. and I figure .. what the heck!

    A Friend pointed me to this page earlier this month

    Webmaster’s Earn Money Here!

    * Please note: I signed up as an affiliate and if you click on the above graphic and purchase this yourself, I will receive a commission.

    There was only 999 of these plugins offered for sale (apparently) and there’s lots left.

    Here is some of the blurbs that peaked my interest …

    It’s a wordpress plugin that will automatically add your blog posts to multiple bookmarking sites.

    1) It submits your new blog posts as it’s posted to your blog

    2) It requires no intervention on your part to submit your sites. Just post to your blog as normal and it will add the tags and the links back to your post.

    3) It deters spamming. Honestly what good is a piece of software that just dumps all of your urls into a bookmarking site at once? Even if you have good content, you are spamming and it will be noticed. Abuse!

    This plugin doesn’t submit hundreds of pages of your site to bookmarking sites. I”m sure you will agree that this is just plain spam and you won’t get much benefit from it.

    I really think this tool is needed as people are going towards abusing T&P and social bookmarking and they need to realize that if you really want long term traffic, play by the rules: Provide quality content and submit that content to the SB sites like a normal human!

    You don’t have to dump thousands of urls into an account in a day. The smart way to stay white hat is just to go wide. Have a few hundred accounts and a few hundred quality blogs. Submit one post to each account a day. So simple and much more effective.

    This plugin was created to manage “tagging” hands free. When your blog posting software posts an article to your blog, the plugin does it’s thing without you and then just emails you a report when done.

    Here are some other VERY POWERFUL features:

    1) You have the option to Use pre-set tags for all blog posts. If you have a niche blog that uses similar tags each post, now you can specify the tags ahead of time, and then each time you post the plugin will automatically grab X number of tags and use those to bookmark your post. This is truly hands free bookmarking!

    2) Instead adding your post to all bookmarking sites each time you add a blog post, you can now choose to add the blog post to X number of random bookmarking sites. If you specify 2, then the plugin will randomly select 2 of your bookmarking sites and add the post to those sites only. Next time you post, it will choose another 2 random sites.

    3) Randomly select X number of keywords to post to your bookmarking site. Instead of posting all tags to your bookmarking sites, the plugin now allows you to choose a random number of tags to use when bookmarking your posts.

    4) When using option #3, the plugin will choose a different set of random tags to add to each bookmarking site!

    5) Option to automatically convert your tags to Technorati Links. No need for a separate plugin to do this.

    I’ve had those social bookmark icons on some of my blogs .. but I don’t click them .. and I don’t think anybody has ever clicked any of them. I know the code is in my sites and it works (I tried clicking it myself) but does it really work getting traffic?

    So – November 1, 2006 I purchased the plugin – mainly for my PetLvr blog – and just started to continue as I did normally. You are allowed to setup 10 different social sites, where one is a scuttle .. (some script where people create their own social sites) so I’m not really sure exactly how many social sites are out there … but I’ve set up 6 sites:

    * Furl
    * Blogmarks
    * Spurl
    * Simpy
    * Del.icio.us
    * Reddit

    I didn’t bother to setup the other 4 sites (at least not yet – no other reason except I’ve never heard of them yet)

    * blinklist
    * magnolia
    * myweb
    * shadows
    * scuttle (any of them)

    Is this effective?

    I’m not sure – yet, from PetLvr.com/blog/ site …

    Memo: This is what I saw October 27, 2006 (screenshot -38)

    Memo: This is what it is at this moment in time (it was 61 at time of writing) … (live)

    I will look back at the end of November 2006 and see how effective this plugin program really is and if it helps my blogs and traffic .. and by default .. see if posting my own blog entries to these social bookmark sites makes any sense and helps increase traffic for me. I have activated this plugin on half my blogs only. It’s nice because once you set up your sites with the logins and passwords .. you just copy that file into all the other sites and it’s already preset to go.

    Update November 9, 2006

    This plugin has an unlimited timelife with support, that never expires .. although sometimes changes are made. It was good to see this in today’s email:

    Please note that I have disabled posting to reddit.com due to a change in their posting methods. BUT I have added 3 new bookmarking sites:


    The next version will have more bookmarking sites as well.

    That’s good to know //

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